fill out
fill out
transitive verb phrase
1. (to complete) 
a. rellenar (form or application) 
You will not be considered for the position if you do not fill out the entire application.No podremos considerarte para el puesto si no rellenas la solicitud entera.
b. llenar 
Don't fill out the last section. That's for administrative use only.No llenes la última sección. Es solo para fines administrativos.
c. completar 
You need to fill out this form and hand it in at reception.Tiene que completar este formulario y entregarlo en recepción.
2. (to make more substantial) 
a. rellenar 
If you filled out your supporting paragraphs on the second page, your argument would be stronger.Si rellenaras los párrafos de apoyo de la segunda página, tu argumento sería más fuerte.
intransitive verb phrase
3. (to gain weight) 
a. engordar 
She filled out so much that I barely recognized her.Ella engordó tanto que apenas la reconocí.
4. (nautical) 
a. hincharse 
The strong winds caused the ship's sails to fill out.Los vientos fuertes hicieron que las velas del barco se hincharan.
fill out
transitive verb phrase
1. (form, application) 
a. rellenar 
intransitive verb
2. (person) 
a. engordar 
fill out
transitive verb
1 (complete) [+form, application] rellenar; llenar; [+details] completar; (write) [+one's name] escribir; poner;
2 (occupy all of) [+garment] llenar
she's too thin to fill out that dress Her weight was not yet such to fill out the garments her height required
3 (make more substantial) [+essay, information] rellenar
his account has done much to fill out the patchy information we had they need some good altos to fill out the choir's sound a superficial piece of writing, filled out with endless quotations
[+person] engordar; [+face] rellenarse; redondearse; [+sail] henchirse
a boy may grow before he fills out and appear skinny Lord, how you've grown! you've filled out a bit, too Florrie's face seemed to fill out, put on another layer of flesh you need a hairstyle that helps to fill out your rather thin face
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