1. (facility) 
I was impressed by the ease with which she expresses herself.Me causó impresión la facilidad que tiene para expresarse.
2. (lack of constraint) 
I noticed their lack of ease with each other.Noté la falta de soltura que existía entre los dos.
3. (comfort) 
She will be able to live a life of ease in her retirement.Podrá llevar una vida de comodidad cuando se jubile.
transitive verb
4. (to mitigate) 
a. aliviar 
Painkillers did not ease the pain.Los analgésicos no aliviaban el dolor.
b. calmar 
The doctor gave me something to ease the pain.El médico me dio algo para calmar el dolor.
I tried cracking a few jokes to ease the tension.Intenté contar unos chistes para hacer disminuir la tensión.
d. paliar 
I wanted to do something to ease their suffering.Quería hacer algo para paliar su sufrimiento.
5. (to make less strict) 
a. relajar 
Our country has begun the process of easing sanctions against Cuba.Nuestro país ha empezado el proceso de relajar las sanciones contra Cuba.
b. aligerar 
The budget does not ease the burden for hard-up families.El presupuesto no aligera la carga para las familias con escasos recursos.
6. (to facilitate) 
a. facilitar 
It is hoped these measures will ease the transition to a market economy.Se espera que estas medidas faciliten la transición a una economía de mercado.
7. (to move with care) 
a. no direct translation 
She eased herself out of the chair.Se levantó con cuidado del sillón.
The crane gently eased the statue into position.La grúa colocó la estatua suavemente y con cuidado en su lugar.
8. (to loosen) 
a. aflojar 
I eased the rope and lowered the sail.Aflojé la cuerda y bajé la vela.
intransitive verb
9. (to diminish) 
a. calmarse 
I waited in vain for the pain to ease.Esperé en vano a que se calmara el dolor
b. disminuir 
The tension that has gripped the city is beginning to ease.La tensión que se apoderó de la ciudad está empezando a disminuir.
c. bajar 
Borrowers are waiting for interest rates to ease.Los prestatarios están esperando que bajen las tasas de interés.
1. (facility) 
a. la facilidad (F) 
with easecon facilidad
2. (peace) 
a. no direct translation 
at easea gusto
to put somebody at easehacer que alguien se sienta a gusto
to put or set somebody's mind at easetranquilizar a alguien
a life of easeuna vida desahogada
transitive verb
3. (alleviate; pain, anxiety) 
a. calmar 
4. (relax; pressure, tension) 
a. disminuir 
5. (move carefully, slowly) 
a. no direct translation 
she eased the heavy box into the cardespacio y con cuidado, trasladó la pesada caja al interior del coche
intransitive verb
6. (pain, pressure) 
a. remitir 
the wind/the rain has easedel viento/la lluvia ha amainado un poco
ease [iːz]
1 (effortlessness) facilidad (f)
the ease with which he found work la facilidad con la que encontró trabajo; for ease of reference para facilitar la referencia; the camera's ease of use la facilidad de uso de la cámara
ease of entry
with ease con facilidad
she was capable of passing her exams with ease he stood up with grace and ease she could read with ease at a young age
2 (relaxed state)
his ease in these settings will serve him well
his ease with money su soltura or ligereza con el dinero
freedom from worry to feel [at] ease it's essential to feel at ease with your therapist
people immediately feel at ease with her la gente inmediatamente se siente a gusto or cómoda con ella
he was completely at ease with himself se encontraba completamente a gusto consigo mismo; I would feel more at ease if I knew where she was me sentiría más tranquilo si supiera dónde está
he'd always been at ease with technology to be [ill] at ease
to put sb at his/her ease hacer que algn se relaje; tranquilizar a algn
the princess soon put everyone at their ease they made no attempt to put her at her ease
to put or set sb's mind at ease tranquilizar a algn; if it will put your mind at ease I'll tell you si te tranquiliza te lo digo
his ease of manner su naturalidad
there was an ease of manner between them as if they were family, say, brother and sister or close cousins everything about his dress and his ease of manner suggested that he had done well for himself whenever men had been in the company of Chinese women they displayed an ease of manner and quiet dignity that was a pleasure to observe
to take one's ease descansar
he preferred to take his ease with the younger society in the bar the seat of honour where a monarch would take his ease
3 (comfort) comodidad (f)
happiness, wealth and ease
a life of ease una vida cómoda or desahogada
to live a life of ease vivir cómodamente
4 (Mil)
the men were standing at ease in the courtyard
stand at ease! stand easy! (Mil) ¡descansen!
at ease, Sergeant descanse, Sargento
transitive verb
1 (relieve, lessen) [+pain, suffering] aliviar
I would do anything at all to ease her suffering aid is needed urgently to ease the suffering of thousands of people
[+pressure, tension] aliviar; relajar
a small amount of steam let off would ease the pressure considerably he is keen to ease the pressure on elderly homeowners they're hoping for 60 million from the Government to help ease the pressure
[+burden] aligerar; [+impact, effect] mitigar; paliar; [+sanctions, restrictions] relajar
I gave him some brandy to ease the pain ways to ease arthritic pain
these measures will ease the burden on small businesses estas medidas aligerarán la carga de las pequeñas empresas
she gave them money to ease her conscience les dio dinero para quedarse con la conciencia tranquila
they are looking for ways to ease the effect of economic sanctions this will ease the impact of the new tax a method of paying your gas bill that will ease the burden he was only apologizing to ease his own guilt Israeli assurances of cooperation failed to ease concerns in Washington something must be done to ease overcrowding in prisons
it will ease her mind to know the baby's all right le tranquilizará saber que el bebé está bien
aid to help ease the plight of refugees ayuda para paliar la difícil situación de los refugiados
attempts to ease traffic congestion intentos de descongestionar el tráfico
this will help to ease the workload esto ayudará para hacer menos pesado el trabajo
she tried to ease the tense situation she tried to ease the tense situation with small talk there have been no moves to ease [sanctions] as yet
2 (facilitate) [+transition, task] facilitar
economic stability was needed to ease the move towards democracy the Chancellor said he would not ease interest rates again
3 (loosen) aflojar
he eased his belt out a notch
4 (move carefully)
he eased the car into the parking space aparcó el coche en el aparcamiento con cuidado; she eased her foot off the clutch soltó el pie del embrague con cuidado
I eased my way towards the door to ease o.s. to urinate or defecate
he eased himself into the chair se sentó con cuidado en la silla
to ease something [into] to ease in the [clutch]
intransitive verb
1 (diminish) [+pain] ceder; disminuir; [+tension] disminuir; [+wind, rain] amainar; [+interest rates] bajar
if the pain does not ease, consult your doctor as talks progressed, the tension was easing Gradually the tension eased Harriet made a funny face at him, and for a moment Brian felt some of the tension easing his anxiety/depression began to ease a little the heavily falling snow had eased we were held up for 30 minutes waiting for the rain to ease there are signs that interest rates will ease in coming months
2 (improve) [+situation] calmarse
standards of living should be raised and /the housing situation will ease/ as a result of these measures it looks as if the crisis may be easing somewhat
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