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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to fasten)
a. sujetar
The painting wasn't attached well to the wall and it fell to the floor.El cuadro no estaba sujetado bien a la pared y cayó al suelo.
b. atar
Take this rope and attach it to the tree.Toma esta soga y átala al árbol.
c. amarrar
Don't forget to attach the boat to a post when you reach the bank.No olvides amarrar la barca a un poste cuando llegues a la orilla.
d. fijar
The backpacker uses hooks to attach water bottles to his backpack.El mochilero utiliza ganchos para fijar botellas de agua a su mochila.
e. pegar
I attach sticky notes to my computer monitor to remind myself of my appointments.Pego apuntes pegajosos a la pantalla de mi computadora para recordarme de mis citas.
2. (to include with an email)
a. adjuntar
She attached the photos of her trip in the email.Adjuntó las fotos de su viaje al correo electrónico.
3. (to invest emotionally in)
a. pegarse (in someone)
Don't get too attached to someone you just met last night.No te pegues a alguien que acabas de conocer anoche.
b. apegarse a (in something)
Don't attach yourself to the idea of working from home.No te apegues a la idea de trabajar desde casa.
c. unirse a
He was attached to his dog from the moment he picked her up from the pound.Estaba muy unido a su perra desde el momento que la recogió de la perrera.
4. (to assign)
a. adscribir
They are going to attach me to the unit at the air base in a few days.Me van a adscribir a la unidad en la base aérea dentro de unos días.
5. (legal)
a. embargar
The court attached their property when the company went bankrupt.El tribunal embargó su propiedad cuando la compañía fue a la quiebra.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
6. (to append)
a. adjuntar
Information about your pay and benefits is all attached in the contract.Información sobre su pago y beneficios está adjuntada al contrato.
7. (chemistry)
a. unirse
The scientist observed as the two hydrogen molecules attached.El científico observó mientras las dos moléculas de hidrógeno se unieron.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (label, check)
a. sujetar, fijar
2. (document)
a. adjuntar
3. (blame, responsibility, importance)
a. atribuir
to attach oneself to somebodypegarse a alguien
to be very attached to something/somebodytenerle mucho cariño a algo/alguien
attach [əˈtætʃ]
transitive verb
1 (fasten) sujetar; (stick) pegar; (tie) atar; amarrar; (LAm) (with pin etc) prender; (join up) [+trailer etc] acoplar; (put on) [+seal] poner
you attach it to the wall with rings se sujeta a la pared con argollas; to attach o.s. to [+group] agregarse a; unirse a
They attached themselves to various expeditions and won plaudits and prizes for their films Unlike Baader-Meinhof, which focused on external issues like the US presence in Vietnam, the Red Brigades attached themselves to the trade unions
he attached himself to us se pegó a nosotros
2 (in letter) adjuntar
the document is attached enviamos adjunto el documento; the attached letter la carta adjunta; please find attached details of ... les adjuntamos detalles de ...
3 (attribute) [+importance, value] dar; atribuir;to a
The Chinese authorities have attached much significance to Mr Maude's visit ...the stigma attached to mental illness
4 (associate, connect)
to attach conditions (to sth) imponer condiciones (a algo)
Magistrates will be able to attach conditions when juveniles are remanded The administration is expexted to attach some conditions to China's Most Favored Nation status
5 (Jur) [+property] incautar; embargar
intransitive verb
to attach to (correspond to) corresponder a; pertenecer a; certain duties attach to this post ciertas responsabilidades corresponden a este puesto; no blame attaches to you no tienes culpa alguna
2 (Chem) [+compound, atom] unirse;to a
These fats are defined by the number of hydrogen atoms which attach to the carbon atoms
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