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An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
1. (to be in agreement)
a. estar de acuerdo
If we don't agree, we probably shouldn't get married.Si no estamos de acuerdo, seguramente no nos deberíamos casar.
b. coincidir
John and I get along even though we don't agree on everything.John y yo nos llevamos bien aunque no coincidamos en todo.
2. (to consent)
a. aceptar
We asked the fisherman to lend us his canoe and he agreed.Le pedimos al pescador que nos prestara su canoa y aceptó.
3. (to match)
a. coincidir
The results of both calculations should agree.Los resultados de ambos cálculos deberían coincidir.
b. concordar
Your version and the victim's version of events don't agree.Tu versión de los hechos y la versión de la víctima no concuerdan.
4. (grammar)
a. concordar
The gender of adjectives and nouns usually agree in Spanish.El género de los adjetivos y los sustantivos normalmente concuerda en español.
5. (to grant permission)
a. consentir
I asked him if I could leave early and he agreed.Le pedí permiso para irme temprano y consintió.
b. acceder
My father agreed when I asked for permission to go to the concert.Mi padre accedió cuando le pedí permiso para ir al concierto.
6. (to get along with)
a. congeniar
Unfortunately, my last boss and I never agreed.Desafortunadamente, mi último jefe y yo nunca congeniamos.
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
7. (to be in agreement)
a. acordar
They agreed that the park needed to be cleaned up.Acordaron que había que limpiar el parque.
8. (to admit)
a. reconocer
I agree I have a very short temper.Reconozco que me enojo fácilmente.
9. (to consent)
a. aceptar
The service in the restaurant was so slow that the manager agreed to give me a discount.El servicio en el restaurante fue tan lento que la gerente aceptó darme un descuento.
b. consentir en
Dennis agreed to take me to the train station.Dennis consintió en llevarme a la estación de tren.
10. (to reach an agreement)
a. ponerse de acuerdo
My sister and I have agreed to sell the business.Mi hermana y yo nos pusimos de acuedo para vender el negocio.
b. quedar en
We agreed to hold the meeting at Jim and Debbie's house.Quedamos en celebrar la junta en casa de Jim y Debbie.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (reach agreement on; price, conditions)
a. acordar, pactar
(are we) agreed?¿(estamos) de acuerdo?
2. (concur)
to agree (that)…estar de acuerdo en que…
it is generally agreed that…se suele admitir que…
3. (consent)
to agree to do somethingacordar hacer algo
we agreed to meet at sixquedamos a las seis
he agreed to payestuvo de acuerdo en pagar él
we'll have to agree to differ on thattendremos que aceptar las discrepancias en cuanto a eso
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
4. (be of same opinion, concur)
a. estar de acuerdo
I quite or entirely agreeestoy completamente de acuerdo
I'm afraid I can't agreelo siento, pero no puedo estar conforme
I couldn't agree more!¡estoy completamente de acuerdo!
at least we agree about thatal menos estamos de acuerdo en eso
I don't agree with all this violence on televisionno me parece bien toda esa violencia que aparece en televisión
5. (match; statements, facts, opinions)
a. coincidir, concordar
6. (grammar)
a. concordar
7. (accept)
a. acceder, consentir
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agree [əˈɡriː]
intransitive verb
1 (consent) consentir
eventually he agreed por fin consintió; you'll never get him to agree no lograrás nunca su consentimiento
to agree to sth consentir en or aceptar algo
he'll agree to anything se aviene a todo; I agree to your marrying my niece acepto que usted se case con mi sobrina
2 (be in agreement) estar de acuerdo; (come to an agreement) ponerse de acuerdo
I agree estoy de acuerdo; estoy conforme; I quite agree estoy completamente de acuerdo; don't you agree? ¿no está de acuerdo?; ¿no le parece?
to agree about or on sth (be in agreement) estar de acuerdo sobre algo; (come to an agreement) ponerse de acuerdo sobre algo
we can't agree about where to go tonight
I don't agree about trying again tomorrow no estoy de acuerdo con lo de volverlo a intentar mañana
they agreed [in] finding the film a bore we haven't agreed on a price yet
to agree with [+person] estar de acuerdo or coincidir con; [+policy] estar de acuerdo con; aprobar
3 (accord, coincide) concordar
these statements do not agree (with each other) estas declaraciones no concuerdan
his reasoning agrees with mine su razonamiento concuerda con el mío
4 (get on together) [+people] congeniar
we simply don't agree simplemente no congeniamos
to agree with
(approve of) aprobar
I don't agree with women playing football no apruebo que las mujeres jueguen al fútbol
(be beneficial to) [+food, climate]
garlic/this heat doesn't agree with me el ajo/este calor no me sienta bien
this heat doesn't agree with me
6 (Gram) concordar;with con
transitive verb
1 (consent)
to agree to do sth consentir en or aceptar hacer algo
2 (be in agreement, come to an agreement)
"it's impossible," she agreed —es imposible —asintió; to agree that estar de acuerdo en que; everyone agrees that it is so todos están de acuerdo en que es así; it was agreed that ... se acordó que ...; it is agreed that ... (on legal contracts) se acuerda que ...; they agreed among themselves to do it (todos) se pusieron de acuerdo para hacerlo; it was agreed to se acordó; we agreed to meet up later quedamos en vernos después; to agree to disagree or differ estar en desacuerdo amistoso
3 (admit) reconocer
I agree that I was too hasty reconozco que lo hice con precipitación; I agree that it was foolish reconozco que era insensato
4 [+plan, statement etc] aceptar; llegar a un acuerdo sobre; [+price] convenir
the plan was speedily agreed el proyecto fue aceptado sin demora
salary to be agreed sueldo a convenir
at a date to be agreed en una fecha (que queda) por determinar or concertar
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