throw off

throw off(
A transitive verb phrase is a phrase that combines a verb with a preposition or other particle and requires a direct object (e.g. Take out the trash.).
transitive verb phrase
1. (to send away)
a. expulsar
The elders threw Ines off the compound when they found out she was pregnant.Los mayores expulsaron a Inés del complejo cuando se enteraron de que estaba embarazada.
b. echar
Sierra was thrown off the game show for swearing at the host.Echaron a Sierra del concurso por haberle dicho palabrotas al presentador.
2. (to divert)
a. hacer que se pierda
The confusing signs threw us off, and we ended up in New Mexico.Las señales confusas hicieron que nos perdiéramos, y terminamos en Nueva México.
b. despistar
We retraced our steps in the snow to throw off the king's guards who were pursuing us.Volvimos sobre nuestros pasos en la nieve para despistar a los guardias del rey que nos cazaban.
c. hacer que pierda
Maybe if we cross the river, that will throw the dogs off the trail.A lo mejor si atravesamos el río, eso hará que los perros pierdan el rastro.
3. (to confuse)
a. desbaratar
The home team's fans behind the basket tried to throw Johnson off while he was shooting his free throws.Los hinchas del equipo de casa que estaban detrás de la canasta trataban de desbaratar a Johnson mientras tiraba los tiros libres.
b. dar al traste con
The problems with the projector threw off my whole presentation.Los problemas con el proyector dieron al traste con mi presentación entera.
c. hacer que pierda
The defender bumped into Yolanda, which threw her off balance.La defensora se golpeó contra Yolanda, que hizo que perdiera el equilibrio.
4. (to overcome)
a. librarse de (cold, image, bad rap)
I can't throw off this premonition that something awful is going to happen.No consigo librarme de este presentimiento de que algo horrible va a pasar.
b. deshacerse de
The singer had thrown off her shyness and truly blossomed as an artist.La cantante se había deshecho de su timidez y estaba hecha toda una artista.
5. (to take off)
a. quitarse (clothing)
Albert threw off the raincoat, and he was wearing a clown suit underneath.Alberto se quitó el impermeable, y por debajo llevaba traje de payaso.
6. (to jump off; used reflexively)
a. arrojarse
Charlie looked down from the top of the building at the firemen with the trampoline, took a deep breath, and threw himself off.Charlie miró desde lo alto del edificio hacia los bomberos con el trampolín allá abajo, respiró profundamente, y se arrojó.
b. tirarse
When we were kids, we would climb that great big rock and throw ourselves off into the water.Cuando éramos niños, solíamos escalar esa roca enorme y nos tirábamos al agua.
7. (to overthrow)
a. derrocar
The peasants rose up and threw off their overlords who had abused them for so many years.Los campesinos se levantaron y derrocaron a sus señores que los había abusado durante tantos años.
b. librarse
The Haitians threw off the yoke of their oppressors.Los haitianos se libraron del yugo de sus opresores.
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throw off
transitive verb
1 (remove) [+clothes, shoes, disguise] quitarse a toda prisa
she threw off the dress she was wearing
2 (get rid of) [+depression] salir de
he couldn't throw off his depression
[+cold, infection, habit] quitarse; [+burden, yoke] librarse de; quitarse de encima
I can't seem to throw off this cold no consigo quitarme este resfriado
Miss Melville had not thrown off the ingrained habits of a lifetime in order to see her feelings in perspective and throw off the burden of gloom, she also needed to move to totally different surroundings the final struggle of Russia trying to throw off the yoke of Communism East European nations throw off Soviet domination
3 (escape) [+pursuers] zafarse de; dar esquinazo a
4 (make wrong) [+calculations, timing] desbaratar; dar al traste con
when any one person fails to engage, it throws off everybody's timing this error threw off all our calculations
5 (emit) [+heat] despedir; emitir; [+sparks] echar
as the wheel spins, it throws off tiny sparks the star threw off radiation Mount Unzen threw off red hot rocks and pumice
6 (write quickly) [+poem, composition] improvisar
he can throw off a poem in half an hour
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