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Affirmative imperativeconjugation ofsit. There are other translations for this conjugation.


Imperative (Commands) 
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An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
1. (to place oneself)
a. sentarse
Where are you going to sit at the concert?¿Dónde te vas a sentar en el concierto?
b. posarse (bird)
A goldfinch came and sat on my windowsill.Vino un jilguero y se posó en el alféizar.
2. (to be located)
a. estar sentado (person)
She was sitting on the floor next to her dog.Estaba sentada en el suelo junto a su perro.
b. estar situado (thing)
The church sits on the river.La iglesia está situada junto al río.
c. estar colocado (thing)
The book sits on the shelf.El libro está colocado en la estantería.
d. estar encima (thing)
Where are the keys? - They're sitting on the table.¿Dónde están las llaves? - Están encima de la mesa.
3. (to appear for a portrait)
a. posar
She'll sit for the portrait in the living room.Posará para el retrato en la sala de estar.
4. (to settle in one's stomach)
a. sentar (food)
I'm not feeling so hot. Something I ate must not be sitting right.No me siento muy bien. Algo que comí me estará sentando mal.
5. (to suit)
a. sentar (clothing)
I liked the other dress more. That one doesn't sit very well on you.Me gustó más el otro vestido. Este no te sienta muy bien.
6. (to incubate)
a. empollar
The hens are in the barn sitting on their eggs.Las gallinas están en el granero empollando los huevos.
7. (to do nothing)
a. quedarse
It all happened so fast that all I could do was sit there staring.Todo pasó tan rápido que lo único que pude hacer fue quedarme allí mirando.
8. (to gather)
a. reunirse (committee)
The Senate will sit tomorrow to discuss the health care system.El Senado se reunirá mañana para debatir sobre el sistema de salud.
9. (to represent in government)
a. ser diputado
Those who sit in Congress are the ones with the real power to change the law.Los que son diputados del Congreso son los que tienen el verdadero poder para cambiar la ley.
10. (to take an exam; used with "for") (United Kingdom)
a. presentarse a
You must all be here to sit for the exam at 9 am on Friday.Todos deben estar para presentarse al examen a las 9 am el viernes.
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
11. (to place)
a. sentar
My aunt used to sit me on her lap and read to me.Mi tía solía sentarme en su regazo para leerme cuentos.
b. colocar
The stewardess sat us in first class.La azafata nos colocó en primera clase.
12. (to take an exam) (United Kingdom)
a. presentarse a
If you don't sit the exam, you've certainly no chance of passing.Si no te presentas al examen, seguro que no tienes posibilidad de aprobarlo.
13. (to have space for)
a. tener capacidad para
The theater sits 300 people.El teatro tiene capacidad para 300 personas.
b. tener cabida para
I'm sorry, the car only sits four people.Lo siento, el carro solo tiene cabida para cuatro personas.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (general)
to sit a child on one's kneesentar a un niño en el regazo
2. (exam) (United Kingdom)
a. presentarse a
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
3. (person; be seated)
a. estar sentado(a)
4. (sit down)
a. sentarse
don't just sit there!¡no te quedes ahí (sentado) sin hacer nada!
5. (colloquial)
to sit tightquedarse quieto(a)
6. (assembly, court)
a. reunirse
to sit on a juryformar parte de un jurado
7. (object)
to be sitting on the radiatorestar encima del radiador
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sit [sɪt] sat (past)
intransitive verb
1 (be seated) [+person] estar sentado; [+bird] estar posado; [+hen] (on eggs) empollar
she was sitting at her desk estaba sentada delante de su mesa; don't just sit there, do something! ¡no te quedes ahí sentado, haz algo!; are you sitting comfortably? ¿estás cómodo (en la silla)?; that's where I sit ese es mi sitio; to sit at home all day pasar todo el día en casa (sin hacer nada); they were sitting in a traffic jam for two hours estuvieron dos horas metidos en un atasco sin moverse; we're sitting on a fortune here estamos ante una mina de oro
I just sat there and cried The flight engineer sits behind the pilots Julie sat quietly for a moment while the realization sunk in Students were sitting crosslegged around candles on the bridges to sit doing sth Janet sat working at her desk They just sit there and do nothing while the women do all the work 11 birds are sitting on a telephone wire noticed a beautiful bird sitting in a tree
he sat over his books all night pasó toda la noche con sus libros; to sit still/straight estarse or quedarse quieto/ponerse derecho (en la silla); (LAm) will you sit still! ¡te quieres estar or quedar quieto (en la silla)!
she found it hard to sit still. Were you taught to sit straight, eat right, bathe often?
to sit and wait esperar sentado
She says she can't go on sitting and waiting and doing nothing Peter could do nothing but sit and wait to sit on the fence If you sit on the fence, you avoid supporting a particular side in a discussion or argument. The government should stop sitting on the fence
to be sitting pretty estar bien colocado or situado
to sit tight
"sit tight, I'll be right back" —no te muevas, ahora vuelvo; we'll just have to sit tight till we hear from him tendremos que esperar sin hacer nada hasta recibir noticias suyas
you will have to sit tight until house prices pick up again Those who want to sell should sit tight for a couple of years if they can The policy in Kuwait suggests that Iraq is sitting tight in face of new diplomatic openings Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady, urged him to sit tight and ride out the recession
2 (sit down) sentarse; (alight) [+bird] posarse
sit by me siéntate a mi lado; siéntate conmigo; sit! (to dog) ¡quieto!
He came into the room and sat in his usual chair come and sit here with me We sat together and planned our next move In the morning and evening birds sat in the trees and called
3 (Art) (Fot) (pose)
models sometimes sit for artists for long periods of time
to sit for a painter/a portrait posar para un pintor/un retrato
she sat for Goya to sit for one's portrait
4 (Educ)
to sit for an examination presentarse a un examen
5 (Britain) (Pol)
to sit for Bury representar a Bury; ser diputado de or por Bury; to sit in Parliament ser diputado; ser miembro del Parlamento
6 (be in session) [+assembly] reunirse; celebrar sesión
the House sat all night la sesión de la Cámara duró toda la noche
The court sat to hear evidence against him The committee sat to consider the recommendations The local Council has not sat for several months to sit in judgement (on sb) The disciplinary committee, sitting in judgement on the affair, will decide what punishment he will get I was young, very inexperienced, and there was a feeling that there were always people sitting in judgement
7 (be situated) [+object] estar colocado; [+building] estar situado
the house sits next to a stream la casa está situada junto a un arroyo; the hat sat awkwardly on her head llevaba el sombrero mal puesto; the car sat in the garage for over a year el coche estuvo aparcado en el garaje más de un año
the house sits in several acres of garden the old bench now sat rotting at the end of the garden She looked at the telephone sitting on the table beside her. The fax machine sits in Patrick's study next to a coffee machine while he worked, the coffee sat on his desk, getting cold The nut was sitting so awkwardly that she couldn't turn it The ball was sitting badly and from then on everything was against me A cochlear implant is a device that sits right inside the ear Barcelona sat in a misty haze the wind sat in the east all day
8 (weigh)
that pie sits heavy on the stomach esa empanada es muy indigesta; it sat heavy on his conscience le pesaba en la conciencia; le producía remordimientos de conciencia; her years sit lightly on her los años apenas han dejado huella en ella
9 (be compatible)
his authoritarian style did not sit well with their progressive educational policies su estilo autoritario era poco compatible con la política educativa activa de ellos
his latest proposal will not sit well with his constituents the idea of being a pacifist country does not sit well with all Japanese to sit comfortably uncomfortably with sth The planned new rules sit uncomfortably with these existing arrangements to sit easily alongside sth Democracy does not sit easily alongside the principles of hierarchy and management organised by the business world
10 (to fit) [+clothing] sentar
to sit well/badly (on sb) sentar bien/mal (a algn)
that jacket sits well on you
11 (babysit) cuidar a los niños
if you want to go out, I'll sit for you I used to sit for my neighbours when I was a teenager
transitive verb
1 [+person] sentar; [+object] colocar
she sat the vase on the windowsill colocó el jarrón sobre la repisa de la ventana; to sit a child on one's knee sentar a un niño sobre las rodillas
The waiter sat us at a non-smoking table in the corner She sat her daughter on her knee and comforted her we sat ten round this table last week
he sat himself on the edge of the bed se sentó en el borde de la cama
2 (have capacity for)
this table sits 12 (people) en esta mesa caben 12 (personas); the concert hall sits 2,000 (people) el auditorio tiene cabida or capacidad para 2.000 personas
3 [+exam, test] presentarse a
to sit an examination in French presentarse a un examen de francés; examinarse de francés
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