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1. (platform for a public event) 
Everyone clapped when the actors came on stage.Todos aplaudieron cuando los actores salieron al escenario.
The speaker moved from one side of the stage to the other.El orador se movía de un lado a otro del tablado.
The interpreter positioned himself next to the lecturer on the stage.El intérprete se colocó junto al conferenciante en el estrado.
2. (profession) 
a. el teatro (M) 
She finally retired from the stage due to her illness.Al final se retiró del teatro debido a su enfermedad.
3. (step in process) 
a. la etapa (F) 
Being pregnant is a beautiful stage in a woman's life.Estar embarazada es una etapa bonita en la vida de una mujer.
b. la fase (F) 
Contestants have to answer five questions in the first stage of the game show.Los concursantes tienen que contestar cinco preguntas durante la primera fase del concurso de televisión.
4. (of a rocket) 
a. la fase (F) 
NASA is preparing a two-stage rocket for the upcoming launch.La NASA está preparando un cohete de dos fases para el próximo lanzamiento.
transitive verb
5. (to orchestrate) 
a. montar 
The prisoner staged the perfect escape from Alcatraz island.El preso montó la fuga perfecta de isla de Alcatraz.
6. (to hold) 
a. montar 
The New York theater company staged a wonderful performance.La compañía de teatro de Nueva York montó un espectáculo maravilloso.
b. organizar 
The association stages a charitable event each month.La asociación organiza un evento benéfico cada mes.
c. hacer 
My friend staged a demonstration of magic tricks using cards and a wand.Mi amigo hizo una demostración de trucos de magia con cartas y una varita.
The firemen staged a mock rescue operation in an abandoned building.Los bomberos llevaron a cabo un simulacro de una operación de rescate en un edificio abandonado.
7. (theater) 
The National Company stages Romeo and Juliet this weekend at the local theater.La Compañía Nacional representa Romeo y Julieta este fin de semana en el teatro local.
My son's classroom staged West Side Story.La clase de mi hijo puso en escena Amor sin barreras.
1. (platform; in theater) 
a. el escenario (M) 
2. (more generally) 
a. el estrado (M) 
to go on the stagehacerse actor m/actriz f
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to set the stage for somethingpreparar el terreno para algo
stage designerescenógrafo(a) m,f
stage directionsacotaciones fpl
stage doorentrada de artistas
stage frightmiedo escénico
stage managerdirector(ora) de escena, regidor(ora) m,f
stage namenombre artístico
stage whisperaparte m
4. (phase) 
a. la etapa f, fase (F) 
at this stage in…en esta fase de…
to do something in stageshacer algo por etapas
stage (coach)diligencia f
transitive verb
5. (play) 
a. llevar a escena, representar 
6. (fig) 
a. llevar a cabo (demonstration, invasion) 
stage [steɪdʒ]
1 (platform) tablado (m); (in conference hall) estrado (m)
they had rigged up a makeshift stage in the garden to put on plays for their parents several fans were injured when part of the stage collapsed at a country pop festival
2 (Teat) escenario (m)
I get nervous on stage me pongo nervioso en el escenario; to put a play on the stage poner una obra en escena
She has been accused of being too flamboyant on stage I had seen Ralph quite often on the stage before I got to know him
to go on stage salir a escena or al escenario; you're on stage in two minutes sales (a escena) en dos minutos
he drank whiskey to clear his throat before going on stage
stage left/right la parte del escenario a la izquierda/derecha del actor (de cara al público); the stage (as profession) el teatro; he writes for the stage escribe para el teatro
he gave his life to the stage
to go on the stage hacerse actor/actriz
have you ever thought of going on the stage?
to set the stage for sth crear el marco idóneo para algo
the stage was set for a political showdown se había creado el marco idóneo para una confrontación política
the conquering of inflation set the stage for years of economic growth this freedom also set the stage for the emergence of new social tensions and conflicts The agreement will set the stage for UN-supervised elections next year
3 (scene) escena (f)
he occupies the centre of the political stage ocupa el centro de la escena política
this may not appear as a major factor on the stage of world events a quick survey of \the European political stage\ The Republic appears on the international trading stage mainly as a supplier of raw materials those insignificant attendant figures swept up in the train of the great and rudely thrust upon the stage of major events
4 (step) (in process) etapa (f); fase (f)
That cyclist won the second stage of the Tour de France the child is at the toddling stage
at this stage in the negotiations en esta etapa or a estas alturas de las negociaciones; we can't cancel at this late stage no podemos cancelarlo a estas alturas; problems could arise at a later stage podrían surgir problemas más adelante; he's bound to find out at some stage seguro que se entera tarde o temprano
at the [committee] stage The proposed new law is still at the committee stage
the project is still in its early stages el proyecto se encuentra todavía en su fase or etapa inicial; the war was in its final stages la guerra estaba en sus últimas etapas; to go through a difficult stage pasar por una etapa difícil; it's just a stage he's going through no es más que una fase que está atravesando
the next stage
in stages por etapas; in or by easy stages en etapas or fases cortas
5 [of rocket] fase (f); [of pipeline] tramo (m)
a four-stage rocket un cohete de cuatro fases
6 (stagecoach) diligencia (f)
transitive verb
1 (Teat) [+play] representar; poner en escena
The play is to be staged at the Royal Theatre
2 (organize) [+concert, festival] organizar; montar
pop star, Gloria Estefan, staged a benefit concert over the weekend It is the most slickly staged concert since the last Madonna tour they will band together to stage an outdoor concert next week to welcome Democratic Convention-goers they are looking for a venue suitable to stage a wide-ranging festival of the arts He staged the solemn ceremony in the East Room of the White House
3 (carry out) [+protest] organizar; [+demonstration, strike] hacer; [+attack] lanzar
prisoners staged a protest on the roof of the prison workers staged a general strike unless he is given better prison conditions The trade unions have staged demonstrations, in protest against the government's plans Tens of thousands of people staged a rally in the centre of the city His troops staged raids on local customs posts allied warplanes staged more heavy attacks on the Iraqi city of Basra today Shining Path might stage some attack to rescue its captured leader
the sixties rock legend is staging a comeback la leyenda rockera de los sesenta prepara una vuelta a escena; sterling has staged a recovery on foreign exchange markets la libra esterlina ha experimentado una mejora en los mercados de divisas extranjeros
the housing market should begin to stage a recovery during the spring
4 (orchestrate) montar; organizar
that was no accident, it was staged eso no fue ningún accidente, estaba montado or organizado
The elections were staged to give the impression of a free and open society Ms Sutcliffe staged a dramatic mock faint as a pretext to open the doors
stage adaptation (n) adaptación (f) teatral
Ian Judge directed the stage adaptation of The Wizard of Oz she also wrote plays and stage adaptations of some of her stories
stage designer (n) escenógrafoaescenógrafa (m) (f);a escenógrafa
stage direction (n) acotación (f)
stage director (n)
stage manager See culture box in entry stage.
stage door (n) entrada (f) de artistas
stage fright (n) miedo (m) a las tablas or al escenario; miedo (m) escénico
to get stage fright ponerse nervioso al salir a las tablas or al escenario
stage manager (n) directoradirectora (m) (f) de escena;a directora
stage name (n) nombre (m) artístico
she appears under her stage name rather than her more correct appellation of Lady Marsha Fitzalan Howard
stage presence (n) presencia (f) en el escenario
stage set (n) decorado (m)
the room looked like a stage set for an opulent production Sam Fuller sits behind a big desk on a stage set designed to look like a detective's office
stage show (n) espectáculo (m)
"Jump for Joy" was the first stage show to lampoon racial stereotypes
stage whisper (n) aparte (m)
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