1. (better) 
a. superior 
Our company's new cellphone is far superior to any other in the market.El nuevo celular de nuestra compañía es muy superior a cualquier otro del mercado.
b. mejor 
We can't defeat them. Their team is superior.No podemos vencerlos. Su equipo es mejor.
2. (topmost) 
My shirt is good, but yours is superior.Mi camisa es buena, pero la tuya es de primera calidad.
b. supremo 
His superior intelligence and excellent memory helped him win the contest.Su suprema inteligencia y excelente memoria le ayudaron a ganar el concurso.
3. (pejorative) (haughty) 
a. arrogante 
We are tired of your superior attitude.Estamos cansados de tu actitud arrogante.
Ever since Charles won the tournament, he's been behaving in a superior way.Desde que Chales ganó el torneo, se comporta con un aire de superioridad.
What bothered me was the superior manner in which my sister answered.Lo que me molestó fue el tono de suficiencia con que respondió mi hermana.
4. (of greater rank) 
a. superior 
Always stand up when a superior officer enters the room.Siempre levántate cuando entre un oficial superior a la habitación.
5. (of greater number) 
a. no direct translation 
Their superior numbers are no match to our modern weapons.Su superioridad numérica no podrá hacer frente a nuestras armas modernas.
They have superior troops, but we are more experienced.Sus tropas son superiores en número, pero nosotros tenemos más experiencia.
6. (upper) 
a. superior 
The superior layer is twice as thick as the inferior layer.La capa superior es dos veces más gruesa que la inferior.
7. (boss) 
The customer threatened to call my superior.El cliente me amenazó con llamar a mi superior.
8. (religious) 
The superior of the local convent was designated by the archbishop.La superiora del convento local fue designada por el arzobispo.
9. (in ability) 
a. no direct translation 
I am my girlfriend's superior in cooking.Yo supero a mi novia en la cocina.
My brother is my superior as a pianist.Mi hermano es mejor pianista que yo.
1. (senior) 
a. el superior (M) 
to be somebody's superiorser el superior de alguien
2. (better, more senior) 
a. superior 
3. (arrogant) 
a. arrogante 
a superior smileuna sonrisa (con aires) de superioridad
superior [sʊˈpɪərɪəʳ]
1 (better) superior
use fresh rather than frozen scallops as their flavour and texture is far superior There are still huge differences in the facilities available to whites and non-whites. Those in white areas are generally far superior this brand is far superior in quality You can stand there and feel superior as you point and laugh
to be superior to sth/sb ser superior a algo/algn
I have always taken the view that women are actually superior to men neither sex is superior to the other: we just have different specializations, different strengths and weaknesses Germany had aircraft that were superior to anything the British or French were producing In order to take a moral point of view, it is necessary to show why one position is morally superior to the other
to be superior to sth/sb in sth superar or ser superior a algo/algn en algo
a woman greatly superior to her husband in education and sensitivity Holland was much superior to the home team in technique and tactics to be [vastly] superior He has made a vastly superior sequel to the original film
2 (good) [+product] de primera calidad
it's a very superior model es un modelo de primerísima calidad; es un modelo muy superior
The school prided itself upon providing a superior education a few years ago it was virtually impossible to find superior quality coffee in the local shops
thanks to its superior design gracias a la supremacía del diseño; a superior being un ser superior
Michael Heseltine, it was widely accepted, was a superior being
3 (senior) (in hierarchy, rank) superior
Obtaining a post in a bureaucracy usually depended on appointment by a superior authority
to be superior to sb ser superior a algn
Parallel to the government you had the party leadership in every Republic and /the party chief was superior to the notional head of State/ Most Americans condemned the heresy of supposing that either state governments were superior to the federal government, or the federal to the states these matters are better left to someone superior to you
his superior officer (Mil) su superior
He was told to stand to attention before his superior officer A midshipman coolly informed a superior officer that he "had no right" to give him a particular order ...negotiations between the mutineers and their superior officers ...
4 (numerically)
the air force was hardly likely to risk its aircraft against superior allied forces guerrilla tactics sometimes succeed against apparently superior forces victory is achieved by concentrating superior force at the decisive point A feeble contingent of Croatian policemen, armed only with shotguns, are preparing to make a last stand against superior forces of the Serbian militia
the enemy's superior numbers la superioridad numérica del enemigo
the demonstrators fled when they saw the authorities' superior numbers The Kurds were incapable of prevailing against the vastly superior firepower of the Iraqi army to be superior [in] number Mahmoud's men, confronted by a force superior in numbers, arms and organization, took the wisest course and bolted The Fascists advanced to meet them, superior in numbers and firepower
the enemy were superior to them in number el enemigo los superaba or era superior a ellos en número
5 (smug) [+person] altanero; desdeñoso
He remains aloof and rather superior in [personal] contact Who did Boylan think he was, to be so superior? ... Major Danby replied indulgently with a superior [smile]
[+tone, expression, smile] de superioridad; de suficiencia
the tone was triumphant, sneering, superior Malcolm's tone was genuinely sad, not boastful or superior I don't know if you realize this, Thomas, but you sail through life with a very superior expression on your face
"you don't understand," Clarissa said in a superior way —tú no lo entiendes —dijo Clarissa con aire de superioridad or de suficiencia
Jerry smiled in a superior way and said: "We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?"
6 (Téc) (upper) superior
...a point on the superior [surface] of the leaf. ...the principal vein that drains the upper portion of the body (superior vena cava)
1 (in rank, organization) superior (m)
He was called to the office of a superior to be reprimanded He was extra polite to his superiors lest something adverse might be written about him. don't go giving yourself airs as if you were her superior
people he perceives as his social superiors personas que él considera de un nivel social superior
a snob is someone who grovels to those he perceives as his social superiors
2 (in ability)
to be sb's superior in sth superar a algn en algo
Anthony sometime felt that his mistress was his superior in will-power Among his immediate rivals was Arnold Matters, probably his superior in comic roles
3 (Rel) superior (m)
Mother Superior madre (f) superiora
superior court (n) tribunal (m) superior
Judges found violating procedural norms could be suspended for a period of time by the superior court
1. (better) 
a. superior 
Nuestra carne es superior porque nuestras vacas no son criadas en lotes de engorde.Our meat is superior because our cows are not raised in feedlots.
2. (of good quality) 
a. excellent 
Este vino está bien, pero el que trajiste es superior.This wine is okay, but the one you brought is excellent.
3. (above) 
a. top 
Yo vivo en la planta baja. Mi amigo vive en el piso superior.I live on the first floor. My friend lives on the top floor.
b. upper 
Intenta tocar la melodía en registro superior.Try and play the melody in the upper register.
4. (religious) 
a. superior 
Mi hermano es el monje superior del monasterio local.My brother is the superior monk of the local monastery.
5. (more numerous) 
a. superior 
Aunque eran superiores en número, las tropas británicas fueron derrotadas.Although they were superior in number, the British troops were defeated.
6. (of greater level) 
a. higher 
Mi abogado cree que el tribunal superior va a rechazar mi apelación.My lawyer believes the higher court will deny my appeal.
b. advanced 
El ejército enemigo tiene tecnología superior y más recursos.The enemy army has advanced technology and more resources.
masculine or feminine noun
7. (boss) 
a. superior 
Mi superior me hace ir a trabajar incluso cuando estoy enfermo.My superior makes me go to work even when I'm sick.
8. (religious) 
a. superior 
El superior de la abadía está a cargo del proyecto de construcción del monasterio.The superior of the abbey is in charge of the monastery building project.
b. mother superior (feminine) 
La superiora dijo que iba a rezar por mi esposo enfermo.The mother superior said she will pray for my sick husband.
1. (general) 
a. superior 
2. (general) 
a. superior, mother superior 
1 (más alto) [+estante, línea] top; [+labio, mandíbula] upper
vive en el piso superior he lives on the top floor; en la parte superior de la página at the top of the page; el cuadrante superior izquierdo the top left quadrant
2 (mejor) superior; better
ser superior a algo to be superior to sth; be better than sth; sentirse superior a algn to feel superior to sb
3 (excelente)
la orquesta estuvo superior the orchestra was top-quality o top-class; una moqueta de calidad superior a superior quality o top-quality carpet
Vinos de La Rioja. Calidad superior
4 [+cantidad]
cualquier número superior a doce any number above o higher than twelve; nos son muy superiores en número they greatly outnumber us
5 (en categoría) [+animal, especie] higher
una casta superior a higher caste; tiene un cargo superior al tuyo he has a higher-ranking post than yours
6 (Educación) [+curso, nivel] advanced; [+enseñanza] higher
(en rango) superior
mis superiores my superiors
superiora superiora (Religión)
superior/mother superior
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