1. (biology) 
a. la ventosa (F) (of animal) 
The octopus stuck its suckers against the glass of the aquarium.El pulpo pegó sus ventosas en el cristal del acuario.
2. (colloquial) (gullible person) 
a. el primo (M)la prima (F) (colloquial) 
The guy told him this whole story about how he'd lost his wallet, and the sucker believed every word.El tipo le contó toda una historia sobre cómo le habían robado la cartera, y el primo se lo creyó todo.
b. el gil (M)la gila (F) (colloquial) (Argentina) (Uruguay) 
You are such a sucker! You can't swallow everything he says!¡Sos un gil! ¡No podés creerle todo lo que dice!
3. (tree growing from the base of another) 
A sucker has grown up from where we cut the other tree.Creció un chupón de dónde cortamos el otro árbol.
b. el mamón (M) 
I'm going to remove this sucker and use it to plant another tree.Voy a arrancar este mamón y usarlo para plantar otro árbol.
We should cut down the suckers for the benefit of the mother plant.Deberíamos cortar los serpollos por el bien de la planta madre.
4. (candy) (United States) 
a. la paleta (F) (Latin America) 
You shouldn't give suckers to your toddler because it will rot his teeth.No debes darle paletas a tu niño pequeño porque le arruinarán los dientes.
b. el chupetín (M) (ball-shaped) (Southern Cone) 
If you help me, I'll give you a sucker.Si me ayudas, te doy un chupetín.
c. el chupete (M) (Chile) 
Do you want a chocolate or grape sucker?¿Quieres un chupete de sabor chocolate o de uva?
d. la piruleta (F) (Spain) 
His mother bought him a chocolate bar and a cherry sucker.Su madre le compró una tableta de chocolate y una piruleta de cereza.
e. el chupachups (M) (ball-shaped (brand name)) (Spain) 
What type of candy do you want? - I'll take a sucker.¿Qué tipo de chuche quieres? - Cojo un chupachup.
f. la colombina (F) (Colombia) 
There were lots of colorful suckers on the table.La mesa estaba llena de colombinas de colores.
5. (suction cup) (United Kingdom) 
There's a sucker on the thermometer so you can attach it to the outside of the window.Hay una ventosa en el termómetro para que puedas adherirlo a la cara exterior de la ventana.
transitive verb
6. (colloquial) (to trick; used with "into") (United States) 
The con artist suckered the tourist into buying the fake watch.El timador embaucó al turista para que comprara el reloj falso.
1. (of octopus) 
a. la ventosa (F) 
2. (of plant) 
a. el chupón m, vástago (M) 
3. (colloquial) 
a. el pringado(a) m,f, primo(a) (M)la pringado(a) m,f, primo(a) (F) (gullible person) 
he's a sucker for blondeslas rubias le chiflan
sucker [ˈsʌkəʳ]
1 (Zool) (Téc) ventosa (f); (Bot) serpollo (m); mamón (m)
2 (US) (lollipop) pirulí (m); chupete (m); (LAm)
3 (gullible person) primoaprima (m) (f);a prima boboaboba (m) (f);a boba
He'd believe anything — he's such a sucker! THIS IS an easy way to throw a book together: interview 29 elderly men at great length, get some poor sucker to transcribe the result and presto
there's a sucker born every minute nace un primo or un bobo cada minuto
But for the time being, at least, audiotex is an industry secure in the knowledge that there's a sucker born every minute and probably two born for each additional minute
he's a sucker for a pretty girl no puede resistirse a una chica guapa
I'm such a sucker for romance
transitive verb
If you tell those folks the truth, they won't vote for you. But if you sucker them, they'll vote for you twice over..
to sucker sb into doing sth embaucar a algn para que haga algo; they suckered him out of six grand le estafaron or timaron 6.000 dólares
It is becoming harder for the authorities to sucker healthy banks into taking over smaller ones
sucker pad (n) ventosa (f)
Honeysuckles form one group of ghe genus Lonicera, and are climbers. Perhaps we should really call them twiners, as they climb, not by tendrils or sucker pads,but by twisting themselves round the host tree or shrub The robot recently demonstrated in Britain weighs 7 kgs. and is about the size of a small suitcase. It has five moveable sucker pads which can alternately grip and release as the robot moves about on the wall
sucker punch (n) (Boxing) also golpe (m) a traición
Canada's Donovan Boucher at Motherwell in 1989, thought long and hard about whether to pursue his dream of one day fighting for a world title, and there was more deep soul-searching a year later when, after totally outclassing hard man Mickey Hughes, he was knocked out by a sucker punch in London We were leading 1-0 with three minutes to go, but Celtic equalised and scored the winner in injury time. It was a real sucker punch Agriculture Minister Lord Strathclyde, who combined a stout defence of the Government's rural policies with some unashamed electioneering.But he almost succumbed to a sucker punch when Scottish National Farmers' Union president John Ross reminded him # In 12 years of Tory Government net farming income has gone down and down
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I'm a sucker for pain
no puedo resistirme al dolor
dick sucker
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