1. (economic support) 
We can be your sponsor for the charity event.Podemos ser su patrocinador para el acto benéfico.
2. (person who supports) 
a. el padrino (M) (masculine) 
This organization looks for sponsors for children without resources.Esta organización busca padrinos para niños sin recursos.
b. la madrina (F) (feminine) 
I'd love to be the sponsor to one of these children.Me encantaría ser la madrina de uno de estos niños.
3. (religious) 
My brother is our son's sponsor.Mi hermano es el padrino de nuestro hijo.
They asked me to be their daughter's sponsor.Me pidieron que fuera la madrina de su hija.
4. (person who proposes) 
They are sponsors for the new education bill.Son promotores del nuevo proyecto de ley de educación.
transitive verb
5. (to support financially) 
The company sponsors many events per year.La compañía patrocina muchos eventos al año.
6. (educaction) 
a. financiar 
They will be sponsoring my PhD.Ellos van a financiar mi doctorado.
7. (to propose) 
a. promover 
The legislator decided to sponsor the bill.El legislador decidió promover el proyecto de ley.
1. (of team, exhibition) 
a. el patrocinador(ora) (M)la patrocinador(ora) (F) 
2. (of student, club member; man) 
a. el padrino (M) 
3. (woman) 
a. la madrina (F) 
transitive verb
4. (team, exhibition) 
a. patrocinar, financiar 
5. (student) 
a. subvencionar 
6. (club member) 
a. apadrinar 
sponsored walkrecorrido a pie con el fin de recaudar fondos para una organización benéfica
sponsor [ˈspɒnsəʳ]
1 (provider of funds) (Dep) (Rad) (TV) patrocinadorapatrocinadora (m) (f);a patrocinadora sponsor (m)
the official sponsor of the 1996 Olympic Games Virginia Slims, sponsors of the first professional women's tennis tour the Soviet Union, Vietnam's principal sponsor There's no sponsor for this year's competition Meciar, the leader of the coalition government, is supported in his decision by his sponsor, the civic movement Public against Violence "our sponsors" are mentioned in TV or radio programmes in order to introduce advertisements "And now, a word from our sponsors"
2 (for participant in charity event) patrocinadorapatrocinadora (m) (f);a patrocinadora
I managed to get 31 sponsors for my 24-hour non-stop piano playing in aid of Relief for Ethiopia. after you have completed the swim, collect the money from your sponsors and return it to school by 25th July
3 (for loan) fiadorafiadora (m) (f);a fiadora avalista (m)
The Saudis stated that all of the one and a half million Yemenis living in Saudi Arabia should find a Saudi sponsor or leave the country by mid- November The professor agreed to act as the group's sponsor
4 [of membership]
your application must be signed by two sponsors su solicitud tiene que estar firmada por dos socios
5 (godparent) (male) padrino (m); (female) madrina (f)
6 [of bill, motion] proponente (m)
Senator Dennis Deconcini is the sponsor of a bill in Congress which would allow Salvadorans to stay here until the war is over
transitive verb
1 (fund) [+event] patrocinar; auspiciar; [+studies, research] financiar; [+participant in charity event] respaldar or avalar mediante un donativo a favor de una obra benéfica
Would you sponsor Karen in her swim for cancer research next week? I sponsored his attempt at the record my trip was sponsored by the Metal Box Company my faithful secretary, the young seminarist Luciano do Couto Salles Menezes, whose studies I intend to sponsor, in Rome the new-found readiness of the major religious denominations to sponsor market-oriented sociological research the conference was sponsored by the Guardian Mercury, in association with The Independent, is sponsoring the exhibition A company can sponsor a televised event US tobacco companies are doing everything they can here to sell their products advertising, sponsoring sports and cultural events Coca Cola are to sponsor the Scottish League Cup Community organizations sponsor retraining programs for those who need to brush up on old skills or acquire new ones The Friends of the English National Ballet raised enough money to sponsor a new production of the company's popular Christmas ballet, the Nutcracker Would you sponsor Karen in her swim for cancer research next week? "Please could you sponsor me for my school's campaign for Help the Aged?" my daughter asked her grandfather to sponsor sb [to do] sth If you want to give up smoking, why not get someone to sponsor you to stop?
sponsored walk/swim marcha/prueba de natación emprendida a cambio de donaciones a una obra benéfica
2 (support) respaldar; apoyar
they have been accused of sponsoring terrorism se los ha acusado de respaldar or apoyar al terrorismo
peace talks sponsored by the European Community The motoring industry has come together to sponsor an initiative to raise motoring awareness We have to make the states that sponsor terrorism pay a price
3 [+bill, motion] proponer
Two Liberal MPs sponsored the Bill Japanese officials agreed today in Washington to sponsor a UN resolution
4 [+loan] fiar; avalar
Salveson secured a low-interest government-sponsored loan
Usage note
This word may also be written "espónsor."
el sponsor, la sponsor(
masculine or feminine noun
1. (general) 
a. sponsor 
El principal sponsor de este torneo tenístico es una multinacional española.The main sponsor of this tennis tournament is a Spanish multinational company.
sponsor [esponˈsor]
sponsors (plural) [esponˈsor] sponsor
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