1. (spirit) 
a. el alma (F) 
I believe that we all have souls, but my wife isn't convinced.Creo que todos tenemos almas, pero mi esposa no está convencida.
2. (person) 
a. el alma (F) 
There wasn't a soul at the library.No había ni un alma en la biblioteca.
3. (music) 
a. el soul (M) 
Soul was popular in the sixties.El soul fue popular en los sesenta.
1. (spirit) 
a. la alma (F) 
to sell one's soulvenderse, vender el alma
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
she's the soul of discretiones la discreción en persona
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
it lacks soulle falta gancho or garra
All Souls' Dayel día de (los) difuntos
4. (person) 
a. la alma (F) 
not a soulni un alma
he's a good soules (una) buena persona
poor soul!¡pobrecillo!
5. (music) 
a. el soul (M) 
soul [səʊl]
1 (Rel) alma (f)
She went to pray for the soul of her late husband Many people believe that animals also possess immortal souls thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all they heart and with all they soul His soul was in turmoil
with all one's soul con todo el alma
Whitman worked with all his soul to become a national bard, the Muse of Democracy
All Souls' Day (el día de) Todos los Santos; (God) bless my soul! ¡que Dios me ampare!; God rest his soul que Dios lo acoja en su seno
politicians who would sell their souls for the sake of office
upon my soul! ¡cielo santo!
to possess one's soul in patience
like a lost soul como alma en pena
to sell one's soul to the devil vender el alma al diablo
2 (feeling)
you have no soul! ¡no tienes sentimientos!; the music lacks soul a la música le falta sentimiento; these places have no soul estos sitios no tienen vida
he's got no soul
3 (essence) [of people, nation] espíritu (m)
the soul of the American people I would say that Dickens represented the soul of the English people there is a struggle for the soul of the Republican party He said the campaign amounted to the systematic assault on the soul of a nation For many Albanians he represents the soul of their country He reacquaints himself with the soul of classical music to [bare] one's soul to lay open all one's thoughts and feelings to do sth body and soul
4 (person) alma (f)
3,000 souls 3.000 almas; there was not a (living) soul in sight no se veía (ni) un alma
a few brave souls ventured out unos cuantos valientes se aventuraron a salir
the poor soul had nowhere to sleep el pobre no tenía dónde dormir
poor soul! ¡pobrecito!
I won't tell a soul no se lo diré a nadie
I travelled all day without seeing a soul he seems to be a good soul One brave soul whispered that she'd had an affair with him he's never harmed a soul when I first went there I didn't know a single soul to not see know a single living soul
5 (embodiment)
Kim comes over as the soul of reason She was the soul of good nature he was the soul of patience These people proved the soul of hospitality
to be the soul of discretion ser la discreción personificada or en persona
brevity is the soul of wit In the Shakespeare section you'll find Polonius saying in Hamlet "brevity is the soul of wit"
6 (Mús) (also soul music) música (f) soul
a satisfying mix of pop, soul, and ballads Soul is the deep spiritual and emotional quality of black American culture and heritage.
soul food (n) cocina negra del Sur de EE.UU.
soul music (n) música (f) soul
soul singer (n) cantante (m) de soul
masculine noun
1. (music) 
a. soul 
Ese ritmo es más propio del jazz que del soul.That rythm is more characteristic of jazz than soul.
2. (music) 
a. soul 
Sobre todo me gusta el rock, pero, cuando quiero relajarme, pongo música soul.I like rock above all, but when I want to relax, I play soul music.
1. (music) 
a. soul (music) 
(Música) soul
Se dedica a la música soul. No hay términos medios: o tiene o no tiene soul.
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