An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (noiseless)
a. silencioso
The house is silent when the kids are out.La casa está silenciosa cuando los niños están fuera.
2. (not speaking)
a. callado
Everyone in class was silent.Todo el mundo en la clase estaba callado.
b. en silencio
You have the right to remain silent.Tiene derecho a permanecer en silencio.
3. (tending not to talk much)
a. callado
Caroline seems silent, but she is very chatty once you get to know her.Caroline parece callada, pero es muy habladora una vez que la conoces.
b. silencioso
He is a silent man because he only speaks when he deems it necessary.Es un hombre silencioso porque solo habla cuando lo considera necesario.
c. mudo (temporarily)
She becomes silent when she is around strangers.Se queda muda en presencia de extraños.
4. (cinema)
a. mudo
"Nosferatu" is a silent film about vampires."Nosferatu" es una película muda de vampiros.
5. (grammar)
a. mudo
The "h" in "hola" is silent.La "h" en "hola" es muda.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (person, place)
a. silencioso(a)
2. (not pronounced; letter)
a. mudo(a)
to be silentestar callado(a)
she's rather silentes muy callada
to fall silentquedarse en silencio
to remain or keep silentpermanecer callado(a)
filmpelícula muda
the silent majorityla mayoría silenciosa
3. (commerce)
silent partnersocio(a) capitalista
silent protestprotesta silenciosa
silent [ˈsaɪlənt]
1 (noiseless, soundless)
to be silent [+person] quedarse callado; [+place, room, street] estar en silencio
the law is silent on this point la ley no se pronuncia a este respecto
he stood silent, listening for a moment the crowd was silent the room was absolutely silent the streets were eerily silent the guns were silent now
to fall silent [+person] quedarse callado; [+room] quedar en silencio
the guns have fallen silent el tiroteo ha cesado; las armas han quedado en silencio (literary)
she suddenly fell silent the room fell silent as she walked onto the platform to [keep] [remain] [stay] silent the government has stayed silent on this issue we were told to keep silent until the fuss had died down ovarian cancer is often referred to as a silent killer
to lie silent [+factory, machine] permanecer parado
they lay silent in bed the factory had to lie silent for several weeks the machines lay/stood silent overnight
the silent majority la mayoría silenciosa
the silent majority want to live in peace and security there is a large silent majority who simply tolerate the situation
silent partner (US) socioasocia (m) (f) comanditarioacomanditaria;a socia a comanditaria
I've remained silent for too long on this issue he guardado silencio sobre este asunto por demasiado tiempo
you have the right to remain silent tiene derecho a permanecer callado; no está obligado a responder
to give sb the silent treatment hacer el vacío a algn
he's been giving me the silent treatment again he's the strong silent [type] his father was the strong silent type
to bear silent witness to sth ser mudo testigo de algo
these fields bore silent witness to one of the worst massacres of the 20th century
to be as silent as the grave or tomb estar silencioso como una tumba
without their laughter the room seemed as silent as the grave
2 (wordless) [+prayer, march, vigil] silencioso; [+contempt, protest] mudo
he said a silent prayer for an end to the violece they took part in a silent march through the Fernch capital a silent vigil was held to mark the burial of Chris Hani he sat for a while in silent [contemplation] of the picture
she looked at him in silent contempt le miró con mudo desprecio
silent tears ran down her cheeks las lágrimas le corrían silenciosas por la cara
to pay silent tribute to sb homenajear en silencio a algn
silent [tribute] was paid to those who had died
3 (Cine) [+film, movie] mudo
the silent screen el cine mudo
stars of the silent screen
4 (Ling) [+letter] mudo
the "k" in knee is silent la "k" en "knee" es muda or no se pronuncia
the silents (Cine) las películas mudas; (as genre) el cine mudo
'The Big Parade', one of the few old silents she had seen
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