si hubiera
1. (used in compound tenses; first person singular) 
a. if I had 
Si hubiera estudiado, habría aprobado el examen.If I had studied, I would have passed the exam.
2. (used in compound tenses; third person singular) 
a. if he had (masculine) 
Si hubiera estado aquí, habría sabido qué hacer.If he had been here, he would have known what to do.
b. if she had (feminine) 
¡Qué pena que no vino Victoria! - Realmente. Hubiera disfrutado esta obra, si hubiera podido venir.What a shame Victoria did not come! - Totally! She would have enjoyed this play if she had been able to come.
c. if it had 
Si hubiera sido más temprano, me habría quedado otro rato.If it had been earlier, I would have stayed a bit longer.
3. (formal) (used in compound tenses; second person singular) 
Si hubiera abonado la factura a tiempo, no tendría que pagar intereses punitorios.If you had paid the bill on time, you would not be charged a penalty interest rate.
4. (used to talk about what exists) 
Si hubiera alguien en casa, habría respondido el teléfono.If there were anybody at home, he would have answered the phone
Si hubiera más huevos, podríamos hacer una torta.If there were more eggs, we could bake a cake.
5. (used to talk about obligations; used with "que") 
a. no direct translation 
Si hubiera que ir al aeropuerto a buscarlos, puedo ocuparme.If they had to be picked up at the airport, I could take care of it.
Si hubiera que llevarla al hospital, tendríamos que pedir una ambulancia.If we had to take her to the hospital, we'd need to call an ambulance.
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