si fuera
si fuera
1. (used to talk about identity or nature; third person singular) 
a. if he were (masculine) 
Roberto caería mejor si fuera menos engreído.People would like Roberto more if he were less conceited.
b. if she were (feminine) 
Habla como si fuera la única persona en el mundo que tiene problemas.She talks as if she were the only person in the world who has problems.
Si fuera posible, quisiéramos una habitación con vistas al mar.If it were possible, we would like a room overlooking the sea.
d. If he was (masculine) 
Ernesto es guapísimo. Si fuera un poco más alto, podría ser modelo.Ernesto is really handsome. If he was a bit taller, he could be a model.
e. if she was (feminine) 
Su madre la trata como si fuera una niña.Her mother treats her as if she was a child.
f. if it was 
Si fuera por mí, no íbamos a esa fiesta. No me apetece nada.If it was up to me, we wouldn't be going to that party. I don't feel like it at all.
2. (formal) (used to talk about identity or nature; second person singular) 
¿Qué cambios llevaría a cabo en el país si fuera presidente del gobierno?What changes would you carry out in the country if you were prime minister?
3. (used to talk about identity or nature; first person singular) 
a. if I were 
Si fuera tan lanzada como él, hubiera conseguido muchas más cosas en la vida.If I were so brave as he is, I'd have achieved many more things in life.
b. if I was 
Si fuera rica, lo primero que haría sería comprarme una casa en el campo.If I was rich, the first thing I'd do would be to buy a house in the countryside.
4. (used to talk about movement; third person singular) 
a. if he went (masculine) 
Si fuera andando a trabajar, no tendría que pasarse el día en el gimnasio.If he went to work on foot, he wouldn't have to spend the day in the gym.
b. if she went (feminine) 
El médico le dijo a mi hija que si fuera a la piscina todos los días, no le dolería tanto la espalda.The doctor told my daughter that if she went to the pool everyday, her back wouldn't hurt so much.
5. (formal) (used to talk about movement; second person singular) 
Si fuera en coche, estaría allí en menos cinco minutos.If you went by car, you'd get there in less than five minutes.
6. (used to talk about movement; first person singular) 
a. if I went 
Si fuera a correos mañana en lugar de hoy, tampoco pasaría nada, ¿no?If I went to the post office tomorrow instead of today, it would be the same, wouldn't it?
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