si estuviera
si estuviera
1. (first person singular) 
a. if I were 
Confía en mí; si estuviera borracho, no conduciría.Trust me; if I were drunk, I wouldn't drive.
2. (formal) (second person singular) 
Si estuviera en una posición de poder, ¿se dejaría influenciar por intereses privados?If you were in a position of power, would you allow yourself to be influenced by private interests?
3. (masculine or mixed gender) (third person singular) 
a. if he were (masculine) 
Miguel solía ocuparse del auto. Si estuviera aquí, no se hubiese averiado.Miguel used to take care of the car. If he were here, it wouldn't have broken down.
b. if she were (feminine) 
Qué pena que Eva no pudo venir para las fiestas. Si estuviera en casa, podría haber hecho su famoso postre.It's a pity that Eva couldn't come for the holidays. If she were at home, she could have made her famous dessert.
4. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
Siento como si estuviera mareado. - Siéntate. ¿Quieres que te traiga algo?I feel like I'm dizzy. - Sit down. Do you want me to bring you anything?
¿Qué le pasa a Arnaldo que anda tan raro últimamente? - No sé. Es como si estuviera enamorado.What's wrong with Arnaldo? He seems to be acting very strange lately. - I don't know. It's like he's in love.
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