1. (dark area) 
a. la sombra (F) 
The sun is too hot. Let's move into the shade.Hace mucho sol. Vamos a la sombra.
2. (degree of color) 
a. el tono (M) 
How about this shade of blue for the bedroom walls?¿Qué te parece este tono de azul para las paredes de la habitación?
b. la matiz (F) 
The car comes in different shades of red.El carro está disponible en matices distintos de rojo.
3. (literary) (ghost) 
They say that the beheaded bellhop still walks the hotel as a shade.Se dice que el botones degollado aún anda por el hotel como fantasma.
4. (lampshade) 
When you turn on the lamp, you can see the painting on its shade.Cuando enciendes la lámpara, se puede ver la pintura sobre la pantalla.
5. (slight amount) 
a. la pizca (F) 
I loved the movie but it was just a shade too long.Me encantó la película pero resultó una pizca larga.
The Chemisty final was a shade more difficult than the first examEl final de Química fue un poquito más difícil que el primer examen.
The beans from the casada are missing just a shade of salt.A los frijoles de la casada les falta un poquitín de sal.
6. (art) 
a. la sombra (F) 
I used watered down black paint to add shade and texture to the bathroom walls.Rebajé pintura negra con agua y la usé para hacer sombras y un diseño a las paredes del baño.
transitive verb
7. (to protect from sunlight) 
Those oak trees shade the house the whole year.Esos robles le dan sombra a la casa todo el año.
Park over there where the house will shade the car.Estaciona allá donde la casa proteja el auto del sol.
8. (art) 
a. sombrear 
The artist spent 30 minutes shading just the torso of his portrait.El artista pasó 30 minutos sombreando solo el torso de su retrato.
plural noun
9. (colloquial) (sunglasses) 
I'm going skiing, but I can't find my gloves or my shades.Voy a ir a esquiar, pero no encuentro ni los guantes ni los anteojos de sol.
Aviators are my favorite kind of shades.Las de aviador son mi modelo preferido de gafas de sol.
I'm wearing shades because I don't want people to notice my black eye.Estoy usando lentes de sol porque no quiero que nadie vea que tengo un ojo morado.
10. (window blinds) (United States) 
Pull down the shades so we can project the movie on the wall.Baja la persiana para poder proyectar la película en la pared.
11. (reminder) 
a. no direct translation 
Look at that tricycle. Shades of my childhood!Mira ese triciclo. ¡Me recuerda a mi infancia!
That smell... shades of my grandma's cooking!¡Huele como la comida que hacía mi abuela!
1. (shadow) 
a. la sombra (F) 
in the shadea la sombra
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to put somebody in the shadehacer sombra or eclipsar a alguien
shades of 1968…esto recuerda a 1968…
3. (nuance; of color) 
a. la tono m, tonalidad (F) 
4. (of opinion) 
a. el matiz (M) 
a shade better/longerligeramente mejor/más largo(a)
5. (literary) 
a. el espíritu m, fantasma (M) (ghost) 
6. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
shadesgafas fpl or
transitive verb
7. (protect from sun) 
a. dar sombra a, proteger del sol 
shade [ʃeɪd]
1 (area of darkness) sombra (f)
in the shade a la sombra; 35 degrees in the shade 35 grados a la sombra
Temperatures in the shade can reach up to 48 degrees in the shade to sit in the shade
to put sb in the shade hacer sombra a algn
A run that put every other hurdler's performance in the shade
to put sth in the shade dejar algo en la sombra
he won easily in a Porsche, which rather put both Cooper and the new Lotus in the shade.
2 [of colour] tono (m); matiz (m)
several shades darker than that The walls were painted in two shades of green In the morning the sky appeared a heavy shade of mottled grey
[of meaning, opinion] matiz (m)
all shades of opinion are represented está representada la gama entera de opiniones
the capacity to convey subtle shades of meaning
3 (Art) sombra (f)
Rembrandt's skilful use of light and shade to create the atmosphere of movement.
4 shades (sunglasses) gafas (f) de sol
5 (lampshade) pantalla (f); (eye-shade) visera (f); (US) (blind) persiana (f)
6 (small quantity) poquito (m); tantito (m); (LAm)
just a shade more un poquito más
The first two goals were a shade fortunate
7 (ghost) fantasma (m)
He felt the shade of his Father encouraging him to continue The Underworld was the place where the shades of the dead went to wander for ever
8 (reminder)
shades of Professor Dodd! ¡eso recuerda al profesor Dodd!
shades of Mozart
transitive verb
1 (protect from light) dar sombra a
The beaches are shaded by palm trees Umbrellas shade outdoor cafes along winding cobblestone streets I had to stop at the traffic lights and put down the sun visor to shade my eyes
the beaches are shaded by palm trees las palmeras dan sombra a las playas; she put up her hand to shade her eyes (from the sun) levantó la mano para protegerse los ojos (del sol)
2 (Art) (shade in) sombrear
It has been painted with water colours, and then shaded with coloured pencils
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lying in the shade
acostado a la sombra
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