1. (strictly) 
Before the normalization of relations with the US, travel to Cuba was severely restricted.Antes de la normalización de las relaciones con los Estados Unidos, los viajes a Cuba estaban severamente restringidos.
Anyone caught aiding the enemy was severely punished.Se castigaba con severidad a todos los que eran sorprendidos ayudando al enemigo.
2. (critically) 
A riding accident left her severely injured.Un accidente de equitación la dejó gravemente herida.
The building was seriously damaged in the bombardment.El edificio resultó seriamente dañado en el bombardeo.
3. (rigorously) 
a. duramente 
The report severely criticized the existing penal system.El informe criticaba duramente el actual sistema penitenciario.
4. (plainly) 
I was shown in by a severely dressed and coiffed secretary.Una secretaria austeramente vestida y peinada me hizo pasar.
1. (harshly) 
a. con severidad 
2. (injured, ill) 
a. gravemente 
3. (austerely) 
a. con sobriedad 
severely [sɪˈvɪəlɪ]
1 (seriously) (with verb) [+damage, disrupt, hamper] seriamente
A fire had severely [damaged] part of the school Traffic was severely [disrupted] for almost seven hours Bad weather severely [hampered] the emergency services
[+limit, restrict] severamente
The powers of parliament have been severely [limited] The government have severely [limited] powers to act The movement of civilians was severely restricted Their freedom of movement is likely to be severely curtailed
[+injure, affect] gravemente
The pilot was severely [injured] He was severely [wounded] in an IRA gun attack on Tuesday The disease severely [affects] over 800 people in the UK Countries were severely hit by the Gulf crisis
the competitors were severely tested by the conditions las condiciones meteorológicas habían supuesto una dura prueba para los participantes
(with adj) [+ill, disabled] gravemente
...a severely [ill] child who failed to respond to conventional therapy...
[+depressed, disturbed] profundamente
she had been severely depressed for many months ...severely [disturbed] patients ...a home caring for severely disabled children
2 (harshly) [+punish, reprimand, criticize] duramente; con severidad
This essay was severely [criticized] when it was published in Germany They were severely [punished]
[+look] con severidad
She sat in her chair, peering severely over her glasses
3 (austerely) [+dress] austeramente
Miss Wickson was dressed severely in a dark blue dress and jacket
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