1. (botany) 
Most of the seeds are spread by the wind.La mayoría de las semillas se desperdigan con el viento.
Only 60% of the seeds germinated in winter.Solo un 60 % de la simiente germinó en invierno.
c. la pepita (F) 
He says the secret to his sauce is to leave in the seeds of the tomato.Dice que el secreto de su salsa está en dejar las pepitas del tomate.
d. la pipa (F) 
Roasted pumpkin seeds are a healthy snack.Las pipas de calabaza tostadas son un tentempié saludable.
2. (origin) 
He said that drugs contain the seed that leads to self-destruction.Dijo que las drogas contienen la semilla que lleva a la perdición.
b. el germen (M) 
The soul is the seed of life.El alma es el germen de la vida.
3. (literary) (sperm) 
The king was desperate because his seed produced no heirs.El rey estaba desesperado porque su semilla no producía herederos.
The Spanish conquistadors spread their seed all over the Americas.Los conquistadores españoles esparcieron su simiente por toda América.
4. (literary) (offspring) 
a. la progenie (F) (literary) 
Cain and Abel were the seed of Adam and Eve.Caín y Abel eran la progenie de Adán y Eva.
5. (sports) 
Argentina is not among the ten seeds.Argentina no está entre los diez cabezas de serie.
intransitive verb
6. (to plant seeds) 
a. sembrar 
No matter how many times we seed, nothing grows here.Aunque sembremos mil veces, aquí jamás crece nada.
7. (to form seeds) 
a. granar 
The trees seeded even after the flood.Los árboles granaron incluso después de la inundación.
transitive verb
8. (to plant) 
a. sembrar 
The yard had a newly-seeded lawn.El jardín tenía el césped recién sembrado.
I seeded the back of my yard with grass.Sembré pasto en el fondo de mi jardín.
9. (to take out seeds) 
If you don't want it too spicy, seed the jalapeño pepper.Si no quieres que esté muy picante, despepita el chile jalapeño.
10. (sports) 
We will play against the team seeded best.Jugaremos contra el equipo clasificado como primer cabeza de serie.
11. (weather) 
Two planes are seeding the clouds to increase the amount of precipitations.Dos aviones están bombardeando las nubes para aumentar las precipitaciones.
1. (for sowing) 
a. la semilla (F) 
2. (of fruit) 
a. la pepita (F) 
the price of seedel precio de los semillas
to go or run to seedgranar
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to sow (the) seeds of discord/doubtsembrar la discordia/la duda
seed cornsimiente de trigo
seed merchantvendedor de semillas
4. (literary) 
a. el semilla f, semen (M) (semen) 
5. (sport) 
a. el cabeza de serie (M)la cabeza de serie (F) (in tournament) 
transitive verb
6. (remove seeds from) 
a. despepitar 
7. (sport) 
a. no direct translation (in tournament) 
seeded players/teamsjugadores mpl/equipos seleccionados como cabezas de serie
he's seeded 5es el cabeza de serie número 5
intransitive verb
8. (plant) 
a. dar semilla, granar 
seed [siːd]
1 (Bot) [of plant] semilla (f); simiente (f); (inside fruit) pepita (f)
I'm taking these seeds home to plant... ...a packet of carrot seed...
[of grain] grano (m)
a seed of rye
poppy seeds semillas (f) de amapola
to grow sth from seed All these trees were grown from seed.
to go or run to seed granar; dar en grana; ir a menos
My lettuces have gone to seed.
he's really gone to seed se ha echado a perder; ha ido cada vez a peor
Walter Abbot was not tall, but he was square and enormously powerful, giving the impression of a rugby player gone to seed.
2 (Dep) (player, team) cabeza (m) de serie
she's the number one seed es cabeza de serie número uno; she's the first seed es la primera cabeza de serie
Steve Davis was \the number one seed\ in world snooker for many years Boris Becker is a top seeded player at Wimbledon this year
3 [of idea etc] germen (m)
to sow seeds of doubt in sb's mind sembrar la duda en la mente de algn
to sow plant the seeds of sth The seeds of doubt had been sown... There is no genius without a seed of madness. National revolt was a long way off but the seeds of it were already being sown. the seeds of truth grew \ are planting a seed in your mind\ that will make you react in the same way the next time.
4 (semen) simiente (f); (offspring) descendencia (f)
Sperm: the male seed which fertilizes the egg. ...the foetus forms from the male's seed. ...the seed of Abraham.
transitive verb
1 (plant with seeds) sembrar;with de
newly seeded lawns
2 (remove seed of) [+fruits] despepitar
Take 8oz (225g) of green grapes, skin, half and seed them...
3 (Dep) clasificar como cabeza de serie
the US are seeded number one Estados Unidos parte como cabeza de serie número uno
He was seeded number 2.
intransitive verb
(Bot) (form seeds) granar; dar en grana; (shed seeds) dejar caer semillas
The heads can be cut away before they start seeding
seed box (n) caja (f) de simientes; semillero (m)
Wolfe returned the shrug and opened a seed catalogue. Check seed catalogues for availability.
seed corn (n) trigo (m) de siembra
the scheme offers \seed corn finance\ with loans of up to 5000 pounds
seed drill (n) sembradora (f)
seed merchant (n) vendedoravendedora (m) (f) de semillas;a vendedora
seed pearl (n) aljófar (m)
seed pod (n) vaina (f)
seed potato (n) patata (f) or papa (f) de siembra; (LAm)
seed time (n) siembra (f)
seed tray (n)
seed box See culture box in entry seed.
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