sea lo que sea
sea lo que sea(
1. (regardless of what it is; third person singular) 
Sé que algo te preocupa. Sea lo que sea, dímelo, y a lo mejor te puedo ayudar.I know something is bothering you. Whatever it is, tell me, and maybe I'll be able to help.
2. (regardless of his, her, or its status; third person singular) 
a. whatever he is (masculine) 
Por lo visto es abogado, pero sea lo que sea, es un inculto.It seems he's a lawyer, but whatever he is, he's so ignorant.
b. whatever she is (feminine) 
Es la jefa. - Sea lo que sea, no veo por qué tiene que hablarnos así.She's the boss. - Whatever she is, I can't see why she should talk to us like that.
Es un edificio modernista. - Sea lo que sea, es horroroso.It's a modernist building. - Whatever it is, it's awful.
3. (formal) (regardless of your status; second person singular) 
No olvide que el médico soy yo. - Sea lo que sea, usted no sabe nada. Yo lo he buscado en Internet.Don't forget I'm the doctor here. - Whatever you are, you don't know a thing. I've searched for it in the Internet.
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