se parece a ti
1. (informal) (used to describe physical similarities; third person singular) 
a. he looks like you (masculine) 
¿Ese es tu hermano? Se parece a ti.Is he your brother? He looks like you.
b. she looks like you (feminine) 
Mira a esa chica de allá. Se parece a ti, ¿no crees? - Hum, no me parece.Look at that girl over there. She looks like you, don't you think? - Hmm, I don't see it.
Oye, Carlos, mira esta estatua. Se parece a ti. - Muy gracioso. Esa es una gárgola.Hey, Carlos, look at this statue. It looks like you. - Very funny. That's a gargoyle.
Esa mujer se parece a ti. - Pues sí. Es mi madre.That woman looks like you. - Well, yes. She is my mother.
2. (informal) (used to describe other similarities; third person singular) 
a. he's like you (masculine) 
¿Te cae bien tu jefe? - Sí. Se parece a ti en muchos aspectos.Do you like your boss? - Yeah. He's like you in many ways.
b. she's like you (feminine) 
Creo que Julia está muy mimada. Siempre llorando cuando no se sale con la suya. - Bueno, se parece a ti cuando eras niña.I think Julia is too spoiled. She's always crying when she doesn't get her way. - Well, she's like you when you were a kid.
Este vino sabe extraño, ¿no? - Sí. Se parece a ti. Avinagrado.This wine tastes weird, doesn't it? - Yeah. It's like you. Sour.
Fabio se parece a ti, aunque no lo quieras admitir.Fabio is like you, even if you don't want to admit it.
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