1. (general) 
a. la arena (F) 
The sand on the beach was hot.La arena de la playa estaba caliente.
transitive verb
2. (to polish) 
a. pulir (floor) 
I hired a professional to sand the floors of my house.Contraté a un profesional para que puliera el suelo de mi casa.
b. lijar (wood) 
Sand your chair with sandpaper to remove any varnish.Lija la silla con papel de lija para eliminar el barniz.
3. (to spread sand) 
They should sand the roads before it starts snowing.Deben echar arena en las carreteras antes de que empiece a nevar.
1. (general) 
a. la arena (F) 
sand castlecastillo de arena
sand duneduna f
transitive verb
2. (smooth with sandpaper) 
a. lijar 
3. (cover with sand) 
a. enarenar 
sand [sænd]
1 (substance) arena (f)
grains of sand granos (m) de arena
the sands are running out queda poco tiempo
2 sands (beach) playa (f); [of desert] arenas (f)
the couple walked along the sands at Blackpool
transitive verb
1 [+road] echar arena a
2 (also sand down) [+wood etc] lijar; [+floor] pulir
\sand the wood\ until it is smooth that door needs sanding down, the edges are still quite rough
sand bar (n) barra (f) de arena; banco (m) de arena
sand dune (n) duna (f)
sand flea (n) pulga (f) de mar
sand fly (n) jején (m); mosquito (m)
sand martin (n) avión (m) zapador
Phrases with "sand"
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in the sand
en la arena
sand dune
la duna
white sand
arena blanca
on the sand
en la arena
play in the sand
jugar en la arena
sand dollar
la locha
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