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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (not smooth)
a. áspero (surface)
I don't like this dress, the fabric is too rough.No me gusta este vestido, la tela es demasiado áspera.
b. accidentado (terrain)
The island of Lanzarote has a rough landscape.La isla de Lanzarote tiene un paisaje accidentado.
2. (weather)
a. tormentoso
We can't take the boat out in this rough weather.No podemos sacar el bote con este tiempo tormentoso.
3. (approximate)
a. aproximado
Do you have a rough idea of the number of clients coming today?¿Tienes una idea aproximada del número de clientes que vendrán hoy?
4. (unpleasant)
a. duro
Life is rough and you have to be brave.La vida es dura y tienes que ser valiente.
5. (rude)
a. brusco
The store clerk talked to me in a rough way.El dependiente me habló de manera brusca.
6. (unwell)
a. indispuesto
If you're feeling rough, why don't you lie down for a while?Si te sientes indispuesto, ¿por qué no te echas un rato?
b. mal (adverb)
I drank a lot at the party and felt a bit rough the day after.Bebí mucho en la fiesta y me encontraba bastante mal al día siguiente.
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A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
1. (in golf)
a. el matojos
(m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
2. (fam old-fashioned)
a. el matón
(m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
3. (difficulty)
to take the rough with the smoothestar a las duras y a las maduras estar para las buenas y las malas
An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
4. (surface, skin)
a. áspero(a)
5. (terrain)
a. accidentado(a)
6. (unrefined; manners, speech)
a. tosco(a)
7. (fig)
she is a rough diamondvale mucho, aunque no tenga muchos modales
rough draftborrador m
rough sketchbosquejo m
8. (violent, not gentle)
a. bruto(a)
to receive rough treatmentser maltratado(a)
a rough crossinguna travesía difícil
rough sea(s)mar brava, mar embravecido
9. (harsh; voice)
a. ronco(a)
10. (wine)
a. peleón(ona)
11. (spirits)
a. de garrafa
12. (colloquial)
it was rough on herfue muy duro para ella
rough justiceinjusticia f
13. (approximate; calculation, estimate)
a. aproximado(a)
at a rough guessa ojo
I've got a rough idea of what he wantstengo una vaga idea de or sé más o menos lo que quiere
14. (colloquial)
a. (ill)
to feel roughsentirse mal
to look roughtener mal aspecto
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
15. (general)
to play roughjugar duro
16. (colloquial)
to sleep roughdormir a la intemperie or
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
17. (colloquial)
we had to rough itnos las arreglamos or
rough [rʌf]
rougher (comparative)roughest (superlative)
1 (coarse) [+surface, texture] áspero; rugoso; [+skin] áspero; [+cloth] basto; [+hand] calloso
to give sb the rough edge or side of one's tongue echar una buena bronca a algn
he's really going to give the boy the rough side of his tongue
2 (uneven) [+terrain] accidentado; escabroso
off-duty Americans set up softball games in the rough ground between the warehouse and the perimeter fence She took the jeep away, wheels spinning across the rough ground
[+road] desigual; lleno de baches; [+track, ground] desigual; [+edge] irregular
he'll be a good salesman once we knock off the rough edges será un buen vendedor una vez que lo hayamos pulido un poco
The show, despite some rough edges, was an instant success
3 (harsh, unpleasant) [+voice, sound] ronco; [+wine] áspero; [+life] difícil; duro; [+climate, winter] duro; severo
4 (not gentle) [+behaviour, person, voice, manner] brusco; [+words, tone] severo; áspero; [+play, sport, game] violento; [+neighbourhood, area] malo; peligroso
It's a very rough [area], you mustn't go there alone at night! He lived in the rough part of the town, over by the station
you're too rough eres demasiado bruto
he's a rough customer es un tipo peligroso
to get rough [+person] ponerse bruto; [+game] volverse violento
children's toys must be able to withstand a lot of rough handling los juguetes de niños tienen que ser resistentes porque con frecuencia los tratan sin ningún cuidado
he got rough justice recibió un castigo duro pero apropiado
rough stuff violencia (f)
rough and [tough]
there were complaints of rough treatment at the hands of the police hubo quejas de malos tratos a manos de la policía
he came in for some rough treatment in the press fue objeto de duras críticas por parte de la prensa
to be rough with sb ser brusco con algn
to be rough with sth ser brusco con algo
Tim remonstrated with police over their rough handling of the tramp She didn't want me mixed up in any rough stuff "Come on," she said in renewed fear. "No rough stuff, eh?' There was a bit of rough stuff at the pub last night
5 (stormy) [+sea] agitado; encrespado; [+wind] violento; [+weather] tormentoso; tempestuoso
we had a rough crossing el barco se movió mucho durante la travesía
to get rough [+sea] embravecerse
The forecast was bad so we knew we were in for a rough crossing Because of heavy storms and rough weather, it was hours before rescue workers could reach the ship
6 (unpolished, crude) [+person] tosco; rudo; [+manners, speech] tosco; [+shelter, table, tunic] tosco; basto; [+gemstone] en bruto
he's a rough diamond es un diamante en bruto
They had built themselves a rough shelter of branches and leaves Serve with some rough peasant-style bread we made a rough table out of a few planks of wood
7 (hard, tough) duro
things are rough now, but they will get better las cosas están un poco difíciles ahora pero mejorarán
to be rough on sb [+situation] ser duro para algn; [+person] ser duro con algn
parents' divorce can be really rough on children el divorcio de los padres puede ser muy duro para los niños; don't be so rough on him, it's not his fault no seas tan duro con él, no es culpa suya; it's a bit rough on him to have to do all the housework no es muy justo que él tenga que hacer todo el trabajo de la casa
to give sb a rough ride or a rough time hacérselo pasar mal a algn
to have a rough time (of it) pasarlo mal
when the going gets rough cuando las cosas se ponen feas
The cutbacks have been rough on employees they gave him a rough ride
8 (Britain) (ill)
"how are you?" — "a bit rough" —¿cómo estás? —no muy bien
to feel rough encontrarse mal
to look rough tener muy mal aspecto or muy mala cara
You look rough. What's the matter?
9 (approximate) [+calculation, estimate, description, outline] aproximado; [+translation] hecho a grandes rasgos; aproximado
I would say 50 at a rough guess diría que 50 aproximadamente
as a rough guide, it should take about ten minutes llevará unos diez minutos más o menos; llevará aproximadamente diez minutos
a rough [idea]
can you give me a rough idea of how long it will take? ¿puedes darme una idea aproximada or más o menos una idea de cuánto tiempo llevará?
to have a rough idea he gave a rough [outline] of the proposals That's probably a very rough translation... The teacher can give you a rough idea of whether your son is working as hard as he should I've got a rough idea of what he looks like as a rough guide, allow 20 minutes cooking time per pound
10 (preparatory) [+work] de preparación; preliminar
rough book cuaderno (m) de borrador
rough copyrough draft borrador (m)
rough paper papel (m) de borrador
rough planrough sketch bosquejo (m); boceto (m)
please do all rough work on the answer paper My tutor mislaid my essay so I was very glad I hadn't thrown away the rough copy I drafted my essay on rough paper before making a neat copy
to live rough vivir sin las comodidades más básicas
to play rough jugar duro
to sleep rough dormir a la intemperie
The refugees have been living rough without sanitation and water.
to cut up rough
she cut up rough when she discovered what had been going on se puso hecha una furia cuando descubrió lo que había estado pasando
I was detailed to take a revolver and accompany the sailor who brought him his meals in case he cut up rough Rosemary Harris plays Reeves's jolly aunt who cuts up rough when she discovers there has been bonking in a bathing hut
1 (person) matón (m); tipo (m) duro
2 (draft) borrador (m)
we'll do it in rough first lo haremos primero en borrador
to take the rough with the smooth tomar las duras con las maduras
4 (Golf) rough (m); zona (f) de matojos
transitive verb
to rough it vivir sin comodidades
rough puff pastry (n) hojaldre (m)
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