roll over
transitive verb phrase
1. (finance) 
I want to roll over my 403 (b) into an IRA.Quiero reinvertir mi 403 (b) en un IRA.
Greece negotiated a deal with the European Union to roll over its debt again.Grecia negoció un acuerdo con la Unión Europea para refinanciar la deuda otra vez.
intransitive verb phrase
2. (to overturn) 
a. volcarse 
A truck rolled over on the 42nd street bridge.Un camión se volcó en el puente de la calle 42.
The driver fell asleep and his car rolled over.El conductor se quedó dormido y su carro dio una vuelta de campana.
The car hit the guardrail and rolled over several times before coming to a stop.El auto chocó contra la valla de contención y dio vueltas varias veces antes de parar.
3. (to turn over) 
a. voltearse 
Morgan rolled over and fell asleep face down.Morgan se volteó y se quedó dormida boca abajo.
Spot rolled over so I could scratch his belly.Spot se dio la vuelta para que pudiera rascarle la panza.
4. (to accumulate) 
The unused minutes on my cell phone plan roll over at the end of the month.Los minutos no usados en mi plan de celular se acumulan al mes siguiente a fin de mes.
roll over
intransitive verb
1. (several times) 
a. dar vueltas 
2. (once; person) 
a. darse la vuelta 
3. (car) 
a. dar una vuelta (de campana) 
roll over
[+object, vehicle] (180°) volcar; voltearse; (LAm) (360°) (once) dar una vuelta de campana; (several times) dar vueltas de campana
The car rolled over again, away from us, quite slowly at first. Then it rolled again, faster, and again, gathering speed two men died when their vehicle rolled over and exploded at the end of the 421km second stage of the Paris-Cape Town rally yesterday the car rolled over onto its roof the oncoming vehicle hit her car in such a way as to make it roll over into a ditch
[+person, animal] darse la vuelta
she rolled over onto her back se dio la vuelta poniéndose boca arriba; the dog rolled over with his paws in the air el perro se dio la vuelta quedándose patas arriba; we rolled over and over down the slope rodamos cuesta abajo
she rolled over and propped herself up on her elbows their car went off the road and rolled over the plane circled a lake for about 15 minutes before rolling over and plunging into the water sideways
transitive verb
1 [+object] volver; [+body] poner boca arriba
the corpse had to be rolled over I rolled the baby over because the pillows were smothering him I rolled him over onto his side because he was snoring
2 [+debt] refinanciar
a reduction of interest charges on any loans being rolled over
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