A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to free from; used with "of")
a. librar de
Legend has it that Saint Patrick rid Ireland of snakes.La leyenda dice que San Patricio libró Irlanda de las serpientes.
b. quitar
It took all day, but I finally rid the garden of weeds.Me tomó todo el día, pero por fin quité todos los yuyos del jardín.
2. (to free oneself of; used with "of")
a. quitarse
I'm having trouble ridding myself of this cough.Me está costando trabajo quitarme esta tos.
b. quitarse de encima
It feels good to have finally rid myself of my debts.Se siente bien haberme quitado de encima por fin las deudas.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (general)
to rid somebody of somethinglibrar a alguien de algo
to rid oneself of something, to get rid of somethingdeshacerse de algo
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rid [rɪd] rid ridded
transitive verb
to be rid of sth/sb: she was glad to be rid of him estaba contenta de haberse librado de él; estaba contenta de habérselo quitado de encima (informal)
will I never be rid of these debts? ¿me libraré alguna vez de estas deudas?; ¿me quitaré algún día estas deudas de encima? (informal); to be well rid of sb haber hecho bien en librarse de algn
all they wanted was to be rid of each other the family had sought a way to be rid of her and the problems she had caused them like all businesses, BA would rather be rid of its competitors outsiders assumed everyone wanted to be rid of communism it seems to me your wife was a shallow woman and you're well rid of her "sounds like you're well rid of him," he said with a smile
to get rid of [+unwanted item] deshacerse de; [+habit] quitarse; [+rats, smell, waste, corruption] eliminar; (sell) vender; deshacerse de
he denied helping him get rid of evidence negó haberle ayudado a deshacerse de las pruebas; I've been trying to get rid of this headache all day he estado intentando quitarme esta jaqueca todo el día; you need to get rid of that excess weight tienes que eliminar todos esos kilos de más
you must get rid of your anger and resentment there's corruption, and we're going to get rid of it you still haven't got rid of your old habits from the last job you were in I'm used to thinking of him as my superior - it's hard to get rid of the habit I regret taking heroin very much - it's hard to get rid of the habit how do they get rid of rats and mice? the body gets rid of waste Miguel has been resting for the past week, to get rid of a chest infection after the murder they had to find somewhere to get rid of the body I know it's bad for me, but I can't get rid of the habit brushing your teeth doesn't really get rid of the smell of garlic, does it? getting rid of one's sexual inhibitions he admitted himself to a clinic in a bid to get rid of his cocaine habit get rid of it at any price she needed to get rid of the car for financial reasons I want to get rid of this car - it's costing me too much in petrol
to get rid of sb librarse de algn; [+tedious person] quitarse a algn de encima (informal); (kill) deshacerse de algn; eliminar a algn; you won't get rid of me that easily no te librarás or desharás de mí tan fácilmente
see if you can get rid of the children tomorrow you seem in rather a hurry to get rid of me Gwyneth started to worry about how to get rid of her guests the conservatives saw it as way of getting rid of Mr Shevardnadze, a man they'd always regarded as a dangerous liberal he's no use to the company - we'll have to get rid of him he believed that his manager wanted to get rid of him for personal reasons they got rid of the old management team because they were so pathetic we had to get rid of the director if you just want to get rid of me, you don't have to invent a ridiculous fiancé you know you're in no position to bring up a child - you'll have to get rid of it she had been raped by her mother's boyfriend and wanted to get rid of the baby he wanted to get rid of his wife so he could collect the insurance money he's the only person who could have had any motive for getting rid of her
to rid o.s. of sth/sb
I couldn't rid myself of the feeling that I was being watched no me podía librar de la sensación de que alguien me estaba vigilando; I can't seem to rid myself of the habit no me puedo quitar la costumbre
he could not rid himself of a sense of unease you must rid yourself of this silly idea the country's efforts to rid itself of poverty why couldn't he ever rid himself of those thoughts? it was difficult for him to rid himself of past prejudices people have to be taught to build up their confidence, to rid themselves of guilt and shame I couldn't rid myself of the idea that he was covering something up she dreamed up murderous schemes to rid herself of his wife the Fabian Society quickly rid itself of its left-wing, Marxist segment we have yet to fully rid ourselves of outdated forms of working
to rid sth/sb of sth
I couldn't rid my mind of these thoughts no podía quitarme estos pensamientos de la cabeza; we want to rid the world of this disease queremos erradicar esta enfermedad en el mundo; queremos librar a la humanidad de esta enfermedad
to rid a place of rats the proposals are an attempt to rid the country of political corruption we aim to rid the country of unemployment once and for all the proposals are an attempt to rid the country of political corruption the new government's efforts to rid the nation of poverty
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