1. (account) 
The treasurer gave her budget report to the committee.La tesorera le dio su informe de presupuesto al comité.
Watch the special report tonight at 9 pm.Mira el reportaje especial hoy a las 9 pm.
I read the report about the famine in Africa.Leí la noticia sobre la hambruna en África.
Who wrote the water quality report?¿Quién escribió el reporte sobre la calidad del agua?
You can read the full report about the game in today's paper.Se puede leer la crónica completa sobre el partido en el periódico de hoy.
2. (school assignment) (United States) 
I have to turn in my report on President Madison this Friday.Debo entregar mi trabajo sobre el presidente Madison este viernes.
3. (student assessment) 
My son got a good report from his teacher this semester.Mi hijo obtuvo un buen boletín de notas de su maestra este semestre.
4. (rumor) 
a. el rumor (M) 
The reports of the Olympics being hosted in La Rioja turned out to be false.Los rumores de que los juegos olímpicos se iban a celebrar en La Rioja resultaron falsos.
5. (explosive noise) 
There was a loud report as all the fireworks exploded at once.Hubo un fuerte estallido cuando todos los fuegos artificiales estallaron a la vez.
6. (reputation) 
The company didn’t hire him because of his bad report.La empresa no lo contrató por su mala reputación.
b. la fama (F) 
My mother always strives to stay away from people of bad report.Mi mamá siempre procura evitar a la gente de mala fama.
transitive verb
7. (to give information on) 
The news reported an accident on highway 66.Las noticias informaron sobre un accidente en la carretera 66.
b. reportar (Latin America) 
Please report your schedule to your team leader.Por favor, reporta tu horario a tu líder de equipo.
I am glad to report that our school's team will be going to the national championships.Me complace informarles de que el equipo de nuestra escuela irá a los campeonatos nacionales.
8. (to notify) 
a. denunciar 
If you are the victim of a crime, you should report it to the police.Si eres víctima de un delito, debes denunciarlo a la policía.
My wife reported the accident that happened in front of our house.Mi esposa dio parte del accidente que ocurrió frente a nuestra casa.
9. (to allege) 
She is reported to have won hundreds of trophies over her coaching career.Se dice que ella ha ganado cientos de trofeos a lo largo de su carrera como entrenadora.
b. decir 
The neighbors reported seeing wild boars in the streets last night.Los vecinos dijeron haber visto jabalíes en las calles anoche.
10. (to denounce) 
a. denunciar 
Brian reported the drug dealers to the police.Brian denunció a los narcotraficantes a la policía.
intransitive verb
11. (to present oneself) 
You need to report for your interview at 9 am.Debes presentarte para la entrevista a las 9 am.
The janitor reports for work at 6 am every morning.El conserje se reporta a trabajar a las 6 am todas las mañanas.
12. (to be accountable to; used with "to") 
Minerva, the secretary, reports to Susana, the administrator.Minerva, la secretaria, reporta a Susana, la administradora.
The police chief reports to the city manager.El jefe de policía rinde cuentas ante el gerente de la ciudad.
13. (to give a report) 
Hugo will report on the budget at the meeting.Hugo presentará un informe sobre el presupuesto en la reunión.
1. (account) 
a. el informe (M) 
b. el reporte (M) (Latin America) 
2. (in newspaper, on radio, television) 
a. el reportaje (M) 
there are reports that…circula el rumor or corre la voz de que…
3. (school) (United States) 
a. no direct translation 
report (card)boletín de evaluación carné m de notas calificaciones
4. (sound) 
a. la estallido m, explosión (F) 
transitive verb
5. (information) 
a. informar de 
6. (accident, theft) 
a. dar parte de 
the incident was reported in the local pressla prensa local informó del incidente
it is reported that the Prime Minister is about to resignse ha informado or
to report somebody missingdenunciar la desaparición de alguien
to report somebody to the policedenunciar a alguien a la policía
she reported her findings to himle informó de or le dio a conocer sus hallazgos
intransitive verb
7. (present oneself) 
a. presentarse 
to report for dutypresentarse para el servicio
8. (give account) 
a. informar 
she reported to her bossinformó a su jefe
9. (be accountable) 
a. no direct translation 
to report to somebodyser responsable ante alguien
report [rɪˈpɔːt]
1 (account) informe (m); (Press) (Rad) (TV) reportaje (m); crónica (f); (piece of news) noticia (f)
there were no reports of casualties no se anunciaron víctimas
the latest reports say they have reached the summit the report of his death upset us I want a report on this by tomorrow the Hite Report have you had any reports about a lion walking the streets of Birmingham? the coroner's report gives the cause of death as asphyxiation it seemed obvious from his report of that meeting that you were trying to focus suspicion on Mr Hirsch a report by the Association of University Teachers finds that only 22 per cent of lecturers in our universities are women there are unconfirmed reports that two people have been shot in the neighbouring town of Lalitpur I always read the foreign reports in The Times /according to a report in the Independent/, he still has control over the remaining shares with a report on these developments, here's Jim Fish in Belgrade
to give or make or present a report (on sth) presentar un informe (sobre algo)
the committee will be presenting its report this week the chief engineer made his report to the captain he'd probably have written off his loss and made no report (to the police) this happened about an hour after I had made my report to the president the select committee presented its report to the party conference his boss will present a report to the disciplinary hearing he is on his way back to New York to give a report on the possible use of UN peacekeeping troops he gave this report on the first two days of the ground war against Iraq the commission was a month late in presenting its report Report [on] the Motor Industry when you get back, write a report on everything that was said and done at the Conference the education committee will today publish its report on the supply of teachers for the 1990's
2 (Britain)(also school report) boletín (m) or cartilla (f) de notas; (US) (assignment) trabajo (m)
to get a good/bad report sacar buenas/malas notas
and now she was getting bad school reports my daughter got a very good report last term.
3 (rumour) rumor (m)
there have been reports of rioting there is a report [that] ...
according to report(s) según se dice
At age fifty-six, Glyn still cut an exotic figure,and according to report, she made an immediate impact on the social scene according to reports, there was an angry scene at the airport according to reports, many people were prevented from voting I only know of it [by] report as report [has] it ... one report [has] it that they have already been freed his bravery was mentioned in a report to headquarters reports from the front tell of heavy losses
4 (reputation) reputación (f); fama (f)
a person of good report una persona de buena reputación or fama
5 (bang) estallido (m); (shot) disparo (m)
there was a loud report the ice gave way with a loud report there came a violent report as the lock of the door was shot to pieces I was deafened by the report of a pistol
transitive verb
1 (state, make known)
it is reported from Berlin that ... comunican or se informa desde Berlín que ...; nothing to report sin novedad
what have you to report? "it starts at 7 o'clock," she reported they had been called in to clear drains after local /people reported a foul smell/ all boats in the race have to report their position daily to report [that] ... he reported [that] everything was going well officials reported that two more ships were apparently heading for Malta many parents report that their babies cry a lot at home to report one's [findings] the principal products generated by scientists, their theories, reported findings and experiments the Panel on Climate Change, is due to report its findings in August to report [progress] he telephoned to report his progress we'll get in touch tonight and report progress they reported progress on arms control issues the two sides report no progress toward ending the strike they stopped short of claiming victory, but they did report progress on several fronts President Bush today reported progress in the nation's war on drugs James Baker today reported little progress on the nuclear issue
2 (Press) (TV) (Rad) [+event] informar acerca de; informar sobre
only one paper reported his death the newspapers reported the latest pop star's views on everything under the sun our correspondent reports from Rome [that] ...
3 (allege)
a prisoner is reported [to] have escaped, it is reported [that] a prisoner has escaped
she is reported to be in Italy se dice que está en Italia; he is reported to have said that ... parece que dijo que ...
between forty and fifty people are reported to have died in the fighting the president is reported to be making good progress in hospital fighting in the region is reported to be fierce she was reported to have ordered the murder of her husband he is reported [as] saying ... a legal expert is reported as saying the men could face ten to fifteen years in prison if found guilty the turn out for the poll was reported as [being] very low the foreign secretary is reported as saying that force will have to be used if diplomacy fails
4 (notify) [+crime] denunciar; dar parte de; [+accident] dar parte de
I reported the theft to the police I shall have to report this he reported the theft of his passport she reported my absence to the boss all accidents must be reported to the police he reported his father's death to the registrar
13 people were reported killed hubo informes de que murieron 13 personas; to report sb missing denunciar la desaparición de algn; declarar a algn desaparecido
a French aid worker was reported missing in Beirut she reported him missing the next day
5 (denounce) [+person] denunciar
to report sb (to sb) (for sth) denunciar a algn (a algn) (por algo); he reported her to the Inland Revenue for not paying her taxes la denunció a Hacienda por no pagar impuestos
he was reported for swearing at the referee his ex-wife reported him to police a few days later the Princess was reported for speeding twice on the same road within a week don't talk to Captain Jones about it - he'll just report you
reported speech estilo (m) indirecto
intransitive verb
1 (make report) presentar un informe
the results were foreseen by the Deighton Committee when they reported in 1968 to report [on] sth Professor X reports on his discovery in the next issue a committee was set up to report on the pill he had to report on the accident to his supervisor It is my duty under the law to report on these matters to Congress the committee will report [to] the cabinet he reported to his wife that the trip had gone well I'll now call at the vicarage and report to you in due course the Secretary General reported to the Security Council on the issue when he returned from the Summit Meeting the Prime Minister reported to the Cabinet
2 (Press) (TV) (Rad) (gen) informar; (as reporter) ser reporteroareportera;a reportera
he reported for the Daily Echo for 40 years durante 40 años fue reportero del "Daily Echo"; this is Jim Dale reporting from Chicago aquí Jim Dale (informando) desde Chicago; to report on sth informar sobre algo
each morning, we report on the day's top news stories many journalists have been refused visas to enter the country to report on political affairs the programme reported on the lives of the children caught up in the situation the local paper reported on the visit in some detail Hilary Brown reports on developments in the war
3 (present oneself) presentarse
when you arrive, report to the receptionist cuando llegue, preséntese en recepción; he has to report to the police every five days tiene que personarse or presentarse en la comisaría cada cinco días
report to me when you are better to report to one's unit according to protocol, he first reported to the Director of the hospital
to report for duty (Mil) presentarse para el servicio
on the first morning in his new job he reported for duty at Jack Starke's office
none of the men had reported for duty
to report sick darse de baja por enfermedad
he reported fit for work after six weeks' illness Will Carling yesterday reported fit for Saturday's Test match against Argentina eleven percent of American Airlines' pilots reported sick yesterday
to report to sb (be responsible to) estar bajo las órdenes de algn; he reports to the marketing director está bajo las órdenes del director de márketing; who do you report to? ¿quién es tu superior or tu jefe?
she has more than 20 people reporting to her he reported to a section chief, who reported to a division chief, and so on up the line you'll be reporting to Mr Harland.
report card (n) (US) (Educ) boletín (m) or cartilla (f) de notas
the only time I got their attention was when I brought home straight A's on my report card the President today issued his report card on the state of the economy last week, the federal government issued its report card on the nation's health
report stage (n) (Britain) (Parl)
the bill has reached or is at the report stage se están debatiendo los informes de las comisiones sobre el proyecto de ley
the row erupted during report stage debate on the Law Reform (Scotland)Bill
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