An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
1. (to be about)
a. referirse
This note refers to the book's author.Esta nota se refiere al autor del libro.
2. (to consult)
a. consultar
Refer to the bibliography if you want to research further.Consulta la bibliografía si quieres investigar más.
3. (to call)
a. denominar
Michael Jackson is often referred to as the king of pop.A Michael Jackson suele denominársele el rey del pop.
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
4. (to direct)
a. remitir
I will refer it to the academic council.Voy a remitirlo al consejo académico.
b. mandar
My doctor referred me to a specialist.El médico me mandó a un especialista.
5. (to transfer)
a. referir
Your GP will refer you to a specialist.Tu médico de cabecera te referirá a un especialista.
b. derivar
The doctor referred me to an orthopedic surgeon.El médico me derivó a un traumatólogo.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (general)
a. remitir
to refer a matter to somebodyremitir un asunto a alguien
to refer a patient to a specialistenviar a un paciente al especialista
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refer [rɪˈfɜːʳ]
transitive verb
1 (send, direct) remitir
to refer sth to sb remitir algo a algn; I have to refer it to my boss tengo que remitírselo a mi jefe; tengo que consultarlo con mi jefe; to refer a dispute to arbitration someter or remitir una disputa al arbitraje; the case has been referred to the Supreme Court han diferido el caso al Tribunal Supremo; the decision has been referred to us la decisión se ha dejado a nuestro juicio
the matter should be referred to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission his letter was referred to the committee for discussion the case was referred to the Court of Appeal last August he could refer the matter to the high court to refer a matter to a lawyer
to refer sb to sth/sb: I referred him to the manager lo envié a que viera al gerente; the doctor referred me to a specialist el médico me mandó a un especialista; the reader is referred to page 15 remito al lector a la página 15
patients are mostly referred to hospital by their general practitioners the patient should be referred for tests immediately now and then I referred a client to him Mr Bryan also referred me to a book by the American journalist Anthony Scaduto he referred her to a lawyer specializing in criminal law he referred reporters to the Saudi Embassy
refer to drawer (on cheque) devolver al librador
2 (ascribe) atribuir
he refers his mistake to tiredness el error lo achaca a su cansancio; atribuye el error a su cansancio; he refers the painting to the 14th century atribuye el cuadro al siglo XIV
3 (Britain) (Univ) [+student] suspender
his thesis has been referred
4 (Med)
referred pain dolor (m) reflejo
intransitive verb
to refer to
2 (relate to) referirse a
this refers to you all esto se refiere a todos ustedes; esto va para todos ustedes; the rules do not refer to special cases las normas no son aplicables a los casos especiales
does that remark refer to me? the term electronics refers to electrically-induced action in the 18th century, "antique" referred specifically to Greek and Roman antiquities the serial number refers to the country in which the car was manufactured
3 (allude to) referirse a
I am not referring to you no me estoy refiriendo a ti; I refer to your letter of 1st May con relación a su carta con fecha del uno de mayo
"the trouble is that some people don't believe in working" - "/are you referring to me?/" in his speech, he referred to a recent trip to Canada in his letters to Vita he rarely referred to political events her story has appeared in some newspapers - I refer to Miss Russell I had no idea to what she was referring sir, referring to your article on rabies, your readers may wish to know that...
4 (mention) mencionar
he never refers to that evening nunca menciona aquella noche
we will not refer to it again I am not allowed to refer to them by name
5 (consult) consultar
she had to refer to her notes tuvo que consultar sus apuntes; please refer to section three véase la sección tres
you must refer to the original information which can be referred to on future occasions
6 (describe)
he referred to her as his assistant cuando se refería a ella la llamaba su ayudante; this kind of art is often referred to as "minimal art" este tipo de arte a menudo se denomina "arte minimalista"
Marcia had referred to him as a dear friend he simply referred to him as Ronnie our economy is referred to as a free market a widely accepted word used to refer to homosexual people is "gay"
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