1. (set) 
a. listo 
I told you to be ready at 7 pm.Te dije que estuvieras listo a las 7 pm.
b. preparado 
After two months of lessons, I think I'm ready to take the driving test.Después de dos meses de clases, creo que estoy preparado para tomar el examen de conducir.
2. (willing) 
a. dispuesto 
I'm not ready to give up all that I've achieved.No estoy dispuesta a abandonar todo lo que he logrado.
3. (quick-witted) 
a. vivo 
She has a ready answer for everything.Tiene una respuesta viva para todo.
b. agudo 
He is blessed with great charm and a ready wit.Tiene la suerte de ser un hombre encantador y de tener un genio agudo.
4. (openly available) 
a. receptivo 
He found a ready audience for his jokes.Encontró un público muy receptivo a sus bromas.
There is a ready supply of water for irrigation.Hay provisiones de agua disponibles para el riego.
transitive verb
5. (to prepare) 
a. preparar 
The journalists readied their microphones for the president's declarations.Los periodistas prepararon sus micrófonos para conseguir las declaraciones del presidente.
plural noun
6. (colloquial) (money) (United Kingdom) 
a. la plata (F) (colloquial) (Latin America) 
Anyone who has the readies to spend on that kind of car must be loaded.Cualquiera que tenga la plata para gastar en ese tipo de auto tiene que estar forrado.
b. la lana (F) (colloquial) (Latin America) 
Even if you could scrape together the readies, why buy it?Aún si pudieras juntar la lana, ¿por qué comprarlo?
c. la guita (F) (slang) (South America) (Spain) 
I've brought it with me. Have you got the readies?Lo traje. ¿Tienes la guita?
d. la pasta (F) (colloquial) (Spain) 
I haven't got the readies for trips abroad.No tengo pasta para los viajes al extranjero.
1. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
at the readya mano
2. (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation 
readiesdinero m contante y sonante
3. (prepared) 
a. listo(a), preparado(a) 
to be ready (to do something)estar listo(a) or preparado(a; para hacer algo)
we were ready to give upestuvimos a punto de darnos por vencidos
to get (oneself) readyprepararse or
to get something readypreparar algo
ready!, steady!, go!preparados, listos, ¡ya!
ready cashdinero en efectivo
4. (willing) 
a. dispuesto(a) 
to be ready to do somethingestar dispuesto(a) a hacer algo
5. (quick) 
a. rápido(a) 
to have a ready witser muy despierto(a)
transitive verb
6. (prepare) 
a. preparar 
to ready oneself for actionprepararse or
ready [ˈredɪ]
readier (comparative)readiest (superlative)
1 (prepared) (physically) listo
your glasses will be ready in a fortnight sus gafas estarán listas dentro de quince días; tendrá sus gafas listas dentro de quince días; (are you) ready? ¿(estás) listo?; ready when you are! ¡cuando quieras!; ready, steady, go! ¡preparados, listos, ya!; to be ready to do sth estar listo para hacer algo
the aircraft will be ready to fly in 6 months
ready to serve [+food] listo para servir
to be ready for sth estar listo para algo
everything is ready for the new arrival todo está listo or dispuesto para la llegada del bebé
flight 211 is now ready for boarding
ready for use listo para usar; the doctor's ready for you now el doctor ya puede verlo
The crops are ready for harvesting
to get (o.s.) ready prepararse; arreglarse
to get ready for school/bed prepararse para ir al colegio/a la cama
to get or make sth ready preparar algo
he was getting the children ready to go out estaba arreglando a los niños para salir
I'll have everything ready lo tendré todo listo
I had my camera ready tenía la cámara preparada
to hold o.s. ready (for sth) mantenerse listo (para algo)
hold yourselves ready to leave at any moment
ready and waiting a punto
The Allied air forces were ready and waiting. The chalet was kept ready and waiting for them at all times impressive array of food, ready and waiting for the party in the evening... He got up earlier to give himself time to get ready I only need about 10 minutes to get myself ready when I'm about to go out get ready for school, chilren!
(mentally, emotionally) preparado
I was all ready with a prepared statement me había preparado bien con una declaración hecha de antemano; she wanted a baby but didn't feel ready yet quería un bebé, pero todavía no se sentía preparada; she had her excuses ready tenía sus excusas preparadas
she had her excuses ready in case her father asked any questions
to be ready to do sth estar preparado para hacer algo; she's not ready to take on that kind of responsibility no está preparada para asumir tanta responsabilidad; I'm ready to face him now ahora me siento con ánimos para enfrentarme a él; are you ready to order? (in restaurant) ¿desean pedir ya?
to be ready for sth estar preparado para algo
to be ready for anything estar preparado para lo que sea; estar dispuesto a lo que sea; I'm ready for a drink me muero por beber algo; I'm ready for (my) bed yo ya tengo sueño
she felt ready for adventure get ready for it! get ready for it - I'm going to have a baby!
to be ready with an excuse tener preparada una excusa
to be ready with a joke tener una broma a punto
you're nowhere near ready for such a job I'm still young, and free, and ready for anything After that meal I feel ready for anything! We're not looking for trouble, but we're ready for anything
2 (available) disponible
3 (willing) dispuesto
to be ready to do sth estar dispuesto a hacer algo; to be only too ready to do sth estar más que dispuesto a hacer algo
4 (quick) [+solution, explanation, smile] fácil; [+wit] agudo; vivo; [+market] muy receptivo
to have a ready answer/excuse (for sth) tener una respuesta/excusa a punto (para algo); don't be so ready to criticize no te des tanta prisa en criticar
one advantage of this model is the ready availability of spare parts una de las ventajas de este modelo es que se pueden obtener recambios fácilmente
to have a ready [pen] to find a ready [sale]
to ensure a ready supply of fresh herbs, why not try growing your own? para contar siempre con una provisión de hierbas ¿por qué no cultivarlas tú mismo?
to have a ready [tongue] the ready availability of equipment...
5 (on the point of)
to be ready to do sth estar a punto de hacer algo; we were ready to give up there and then estábamos a punto de abandonar sin más
I was ready to die of hunger she felt almost ready to cry Twice he had picked up the phone, ready to call her over-ripe plum, ready to fall... It was the dry season and everything was ready to catch fire.
at the ready listo; preparado
with rifles at the ready con los fusiles listos or preparados para disparar; pencil at the ready lápiz en ristre; lápiz en mano; riot police were at the ready la policía antidisturbios estaba lista or preparada para actuar
Soldiers came charging through the forest, guns at the ready The autograph books were at the ready when he came into the studio it is probably as well to have cash at the ready
the readies (cash) la pasta (informal); la plata (informal); (LAm) la lana (informal); (LAm)
transitive verb
(prepare) [+object] disponer; preparar;for para
The satellite would be readied with all possible haste and sent up to relay messages. In Egypt, two new camps were readied for the absorption of refugees The manuscript has been accepted and readied for publication
to ready o.s. (for news, an event, a struggle) disponerse; prepararse; (for a party etc) arreglarse;for para;
Standard Oil and Union Carbide are readying themselves for a monumental struggle. The infantry readied themselves for the final rush He readied himself for the photograph... In his customary manner, Bob readied himself with daily appointments with beauticians, nutritionists and manicurists
ready cash, ready money (n) dinero (m) en efectivo
ready meal (n) comida (f) precocinada or preparada
ready reckoner (n) tabla (f) de equivalencias
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