impersonal verb
1. (weather) 
a. llover 
If it keeps raining, we can't go to the park.Si sigue lloviendo, no podemos ir al parque.
Sam took the umbrella because it's raining.Sam se llevó el paraguas porque está lloviendo.
2. (weather) 
a. la lluvia (F) 
The rain made the air smell fresh and clean.La lluvia hizo que el aire oliera fresco y limpio.
transitive verb
3. (to pour) 
He rained candy and balloons on the crowd.Hizo caer dulces y globos sobre la multitud.
1. (general) 
a. la lluvia (F) 
in the rainbajo la lluvia
it looks like rainparece que va a llover
the rainslas lluvias
come rain or shinellueva o truene
rain cloudnube de lluvia, nubarrón m
rain dancedanza de la lluvia
transitive verb
2. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to rain blows/gifts on somebodyhacer llover los golpes/los regalos sobre alguien
intransitive verb
3. (general) 
a. llover 
it's rainingestá lloviendo
4. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
it's raining cats and dogsestá lloviendo a cántaros or a mares
5. (prov) 
a. no direct translation 
when it rains, it pourslas desgracias nunca vienen solas
rain [reɪn]
(Metal) lluvia (f)
in the rain bajo la lluvia; a walk in the rain un paseo bajo la lluvia; he left his bike out in the rain dejó la bicicleta bajo la lluvia; don't go out in the rain no salgas, que está lloviendo; if the rain keeps off si no llueve; it looks like rain parece que va a llover; come in out of the rain! ¡entra, que te vas a mojar!; the rains la época de las lluvias; come rain or shine llueva o haga sol; pase lo que pase
a light rain had begun to fall the rain came down in torrents a drop of rain fell on her hand 4 inches of rain fell in 24 hours heavy rain over the weekend produced flooding the rain had stopped the river was swollen with winter rains from the mountains Martina's fans were there, standing in the rain She'd been gardening in the rain you can't go home in all this rain to get [caught] in the rain a rain of stones descended on the police /he fell under the rain of blows/ his assailant showered on him a rain of flower petals descended on the stage she knew he would never hear a rain of small pebbles at the window a lethal rain of arrows he seemed helpless to avoid the rain of blows that Colin showered upon him
intransitive verb
1 (Metal) llover
it's raining está lloviendo; it rains a lot here aquí llueve mucho
to rain on sb's parade especially (US) aguar la fiesta a algn
it never rains but it pours las desgracias nunca vienen solas
it rains on the just as well as on the unjust la lluvia cae sobre los buenos como sobre los malos
ash rained from the sky llovía ceniza
bottles rained onto the stage dust from comets rained onto the Earth
transitive verb
hereabouts it rains soot por aquí llueve hollín; to rain blows on sb llover golpes sobre algn
the police, raining blows on rioters and spectators alike, cleared the park Smith, who admitted assault, rained blows on his head the mujahadeen were raining up to 200 of these missiles on Kabul each day
it's raining cats and dogs está lloviendo a cántaros
rain belt (n) zona (f) de lluvias
rain check (n) (US) (Dep) contraseña para usar otro día en caso de cancelación por lluvia
I'll take a rain check de momento, paso
rain cloud (n) nube (f) de lluvia; nubarrón (m)
rain forest (n)(also tropical rain forest) pluviselva (f); selva (f) tropical
rain gauge (n) pluviómetro (m)
rain hood (n) capucha (f) impermeable
she unfolded her plastic rain hood and tied it on
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