put out
transitive verb phrase
1. (to extinguish) 
a. apagar 
We cooked over a fire when we went camping, and then put out the fire with water.Cocinamos en una hoguera cuando fuimos de acampada y luego apagamos el fuego con agua.
2. (to place outside) 
a. sacar 
I usually put the dog out at night, but tonight's going to be cold, so I'll keep him in.Suelo sacar el perro en la noche, pero esta noche va a hacer frío, así que voy a dejar que se quede en la casa.
3. (to extend) 
a. tender 
Lucinda put out her hand to offer the goat a sugar cube.Lucinda tendió la mano para ofrecerle al chivo un terrón de azúcar.
b. alargar 
George put out his hand to offer a bouquet to Mary.George alargó la mano para ofrecer un ramo a Mary.
c. sacar 
She put out her tongue and laughed for the picture.Sacó la lengua y se rió para la foto.
4. (to set out) 
a. colocar 
We helped put out the chairs for the church service.Ayudamos a colocar las sillas para el oficio de la iglesia.
b. disponer 
Kevin put out the fine china for the dinner with his in-laws.Kevin dispuso la porcelana fina para la cena con sus suegros.
5. (to broadcast) 
Public safety officials put out a tornado warning on all the television and radio stations.Los oficiales de seguridad pública transmitieron un aviso de tornado en todas las estaciones de televisión y radio.
6. (to publish) 
a. publicar 
Camila is going to put out a book about her experiences as a professional singer.Camila va a publicar un libro sobre sus experiencias como cantante profesional.
b. sacar 
The club puts out a monthly newsletter.El club saca un boletín informativo mensual.
7. (to inconvenience) 
a. molestar 
I can do it for you. - Oh no. I wouldn't want to put you out.Lo puedo hacer por ti. - Ay no, no te quiero molestar.
8. (medicine) 
The dentist put the patient out with nitrous oxide.El dentista anestesió al paciente con óxido nitroso.
b. dormir 
As soon as we put him out, we'll begin the operation.En cuanto lo durmamos, comenzaremos la intervención quirúrgica.
9. (to expel) 
a. echar 
The building owner had the police put the squatters out.El dueño del edificio hizo que la policía echara a los ocupantes ilegales.
10. (botany) 
a. echar 
A healthy tree will begin to put out new shoots in the spring.Un árbol saludable comenzará a echar nuevos retoños en la primavera.
11. (to dislocate) 
Don put out his back moving the piano and is in severe pain.Don se dislocó la espalda al mover el piano y está sufriendo un dolor muy fuerte.
12. (to mess up) 
Heavy rain came and put out our plans of having a picnic by the lake.Vino una fuerte lluvia y desbarató nuestros planes de ir de pícnic a orillas del lago.
13. (to lend) 
a. prestar 
The trustee put out $50,000 at ten percent interest.El fiduciario prestó $50,000 al diez por ciento de interés.
14. (to subcontract) 
a. sacar 
The city council has put the bridge project out to tender.El ayuntamiento ha sacado el proyecto del puente a concurso.
15. (to be annoyed; used in the passive voice) 
a. molestar 
Amanda was put out when the homeless man refused to take food, but asked for a cigarette.Amanda se molestó cuando el vagabundo le rechazó la comida, pero le pidió un cigarrillo.
b. enojar 
Ron was put out because his sister referred to him as her baby brother.Ron se enojó porque su hermana lo llamó su hermano bebé.
16. (sports) 
a. sacar 
You have to touch the base to put the runner out.Tienes que tocar la base para sacar al corredor.
b. poner out 
He put him out with a well-aimed throw to home.Lo puso out con un tiro certero a home.
intransitive verb phrase
17. (nautical) 
The fishermen put out to sea before dawn and return to shore with their catch by 10 am.Los pescadores se hacen a la mar antes del amanecer y regresan a la costa con su pesca antes de las 10 am.
b. salir 
They waited to put out to sea until after the hurricane had passed.Esperaron para salir a navegar hasta que hubiera pasado el huracán.
c. zarpar 
The boats put out to sea with the wind in their sails.Los barcos zarparon a la mar con el viento en sus velas.
18. (to agree to sex) (United States) 
Christine's aunt cautioned her against putting out on the first date.La tía de Christine le desaconsejó irse a la cama en la primera cita.
19. (troubled) 
a. enfadado 
Carmen was really put out when they asked her to stay late and help with the Christmas decorations.Carmen estuvo bien enfadada cuando le pidieron quedarse tarde para ayudar con los adornos navideños.
b. molestarse (verb) 
I hope you're not put out over this. - No. Of course not. It's my pleasure to be of assistance.Espero que no te molestes por esto. - Claro que no. Es un placer para mí poder ayudar.
c. ofenderse (verb) 
Santiago was put out by John's sick joke about eating polar bears.Santiago se ofendió por la broma de mal gusto de John acerca de comer osos polares.
put out
transitive verb phrase
1. (fire, light) 
a. apagar 
2. (place outside) 
a. sacar 
3. (extend) 
a. no direct translation 
to p out one's handtender la mano
4. (arrange for use) 
a. dejar preparado(a) 
5. (report, statement) 
a. emitir 
6. (annoy) 
a. no direct translation 
to be put outestar disgustado(a)
7. (inconvenience) 
a. molestar 
to p oneself out (for somebody)molestarse (por alguien)
8. (dislocate) 
a. no direct translation 
to p one's shoulder/knee outdislocarse el hombro/la rodilla
put out
transitive verb
1 (place outside) [+rubbish] sacar
I'm just going to put the rubbish out
[+cat] sacar fuera; dejar afuera
he put the cat out for the night sacó al gato a que pasara la noche fuera; dejó al gato fuera para que pasara la noche; to put the clothes out to dry sacar la ropa a secar
2 (eject) [+squatter, tenant, troublemaker] echar; expulsar
I was put out of the school on the grounds that I was useless Yoyu can be put out on your ear if you haven't paid the rent We put him out of the house
3 (stretch out, push out) [+hand] alargar; tender; [+arm] alargar; extender; [+tongue, claws, horns] sacar; [+leaves, shoots] echar
he put out his arm to protect himself se protegió con el brazo; puso el brazo para protegerse
as soon as the teacher's back was turned, Billy would put out his tongue he put out his hand and touched her cheek it's only March and already the trees are putting out leaves
to put one's head out of a window asomar la cabeza por una ventana
4 (lay out in order) [+cards, chessmen, chairs] disponer; colocar; [+clothes, best china] sacar; poner
we put the chairs out in rows Paula had put out her luggage for the coach he put out a clean shirt and his best suit on the bed if she knew I was coming she would put her best china out, just to impress me
5 (publish) [+book] publicar; sacar; [+record] sacar; [+appeal, statement, propaganda] hacer; [+warning] dar; (broadcast) [+programme] transmitir; (circulate) [+rumour] hacer circular; hacer correr
they have put out a press release denying the allegations han desmentido las alegaciones en un comunicado de prensa; han emitido un comunicado de prensa negando las alegaciones
the government will put out a statement about it ...a small publishing firm that puts out expensively-bound reprints the situation in Tibet differed greatly from the propaganda put out by the Chinese The propaganda put out by the Ministry of Agriculture to encourage settlers must often have had the opposite effect there are no plans to put the programme out again the story that the committee put out has nothing to do with the truth
6 (extinguish) [+light, cigarette, fire] apagar
firemen eventually managed to put out the blaze he lit a cigarette and immediately put it out again he crossed to the bedside table and put out the light
it took them five hours to put out the fire tardaron cinco horas en apagar el incendio
7 (annoy, upset) enfadar; enojar; (LAm)
he was very put out at finding her there se enfadó mucho al encontrarla allí; she looked very put out parecía muy enfadada; he's a bit put out that nobody came le sentó mal que no viniera nadie
8 (disconcert) desconcertar
he didn't seem at all put out by the news no parecía estar en absoluto desconcertado por las noticias
9 (inconvenience) molestar
to put o.s. out
to put o.s. out (for sb)
she really put herself out for us se tomó muchas molestias por nosotros; don't put yourself out, will you! ¡tú, sobre todo, no hagas nada!
I don't want to put you out no quiero molestarle
you mustn't put yourself out no debes molestarte; are you sure I'm not putting you out? ¿está seguro de que no le causo ningún inconveniente?
10 (render incorrect) [+calculations] desbaratar; echar por tierra
if more people turn up unexpectedly it could put out your calculations the recent spate of bad weather has put out all our predictions for a good harvest
11 (Dep) (eliminate) [+team, contestant] eliminar;of de;
Another Spaniard, Sanchez, put out Woehrmann in three sets ...the goal that put Villa out of the UEFA Cup
a knee injury put him out of the first two games una lesión de rodilla lo eliminó de los primeros dos partidos
12 (dislocate) [+shoulder, knee] dislocar
I put my back out lifting that box me he hecho polvo la espalda levantando esa caja
13 (give anaesthetic to) anestesiar; dormir
the doctor agreed to put her out altogether during the birth
14 (lend) [+money] prestar
to put money out at interest prestar dinero con intereses
15 (subcontract)
to put sth out to tender sacar algo a concurso or a licitación
to put work out to contract sacar una obra a contrata
16 (Náut) [+boat] echar al mar
1 (Náut) salir; zarpar;from de
to put out to sea hacerse a la mar
2 (US) (agree to sex) acceder; consentir
did she put out for you?
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