put off

put off(
A transitive verb phrase is a phrase that combines a verb with a preposition or other particle and requires a direct object (e.g. Take out the trash.).
transitive verb phrase
1. (to delay)
a. posponer
Both parties agreed to put off the meeting due to the hurricane.Las dos partes acordaron posponer la reunión debido al huracán.
b. aplazar
You can use a credit card and put off the payment until later.Puedes usar una tarjeta de crédito y aplazar el pago hasta más tarde.
c. postergar
Sign up for health insurance. You can't keep putting it off.Contrata un seguro de salud, no puedes seguir postergándolo.
d. dejar para más tarde
Please stop putting off your chores and clean your room already.Por favor, no dejes tus quehaceres para más tarde y limpia tu cuarto ya.
2. (to stall)
a. dar largas a
Please stop putting me off. We were supposed to meet over a month ago.Por favor, deja de darme largas, teníamos que haber quedado hace más de un mes.
b. tener esperando
Can you put her off a little longer while we set up her surprise party?¿Puedes tenerla esperando allí un poco más mientras organizamos su fiesta sorpresa?
3. (to discourage)
a. desanimar
The cost of cigarettes alone put him off from smoking anymore.Solo el costo de los cigarrillos lo desanimó de seguir fumando.
b. quitar las ganas
The terrible performance put him off from ever going back to the theater.La terrible representación le quitó las ganas de volver al teatro.
c. disuadir
We tried to put him off from going to the movies because we didn't want to go with him.Tratamos de disuadirlo de ir al cine porque no queríamos acompañarlo.
4. (to distract)
a. distraer
The opposing team tried to intimidate and put us off before the start of the match.El equipo contrario trató de intimidarnos y distraernos antes de que empezara el partido.
5. (to stop from operating) (United Kingdom)
a. apagar
Don't forget to put the lights off when you leave the house.No te olvides de apagar las luces cuando salgas de la casa.
6. (to set down)
a. dejar
I asked the bus driver to put me off at the stop for the station.Le pedí al chófer del autobús que me dejara en la parada de la estación.
7. (to force to leave)
a. hacer bajar
The guard put some youths off the train because they were causing trouble.El revisor hizo bajar del tren a algunos jóvenes que estaban armando alboroto.
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put off
A transitive verb phrase is a phrase that combines a verb with a preposition or other particle and requires a direct object (e.g. Take out the trash.).
transitive verb phrase
1. (postpone)
a. aplazar, posponer
to p off doing somethingdejar algo para más tarde
2. (cause to dislike)
a. desagradar, resultar desagradable a
that meal p me off seafooddespués de aquella comida dejó de gustarme el marisco
3. (distract)
a. distraer
4. (discourage)
to p somebody off doing somethingquitarle or
5. (make wait)
a. tener esperando
put off
transitive verb
1 (postpone, delay) [+departure, appointment, meeting, decision] aplazar; posponer
he put off writing the letter pospuso or aplazó el escribir la carta
she put off having a baby until her late thirties
I keep putting it off no hago más que aplazarlo
to put sth off for 10 days/until January
we shall have to put the guests off tendremos que decir a los invitados que no vengan
she'll be here soon, unless I can put her off somehow
it's no good putting it off (sth unwelcome) no tiene sentido eludirlo más
don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today no dejes para mañana lo que puedes hacer hoy
2 (discourage)
her brusque manner puts some people off desanima a la gente con sus maneras tan bruscas
her face is enough to put anyone off
he's not easily put off no es fácil apartarlo de su propósito; no es de los que se desaniman fácilmente
don't be put off because something doesn't have instant results his eccentricities put them off the country's reputation may put off tourists the divorce figures don't seem to put people off marriage the failure may put them off trying again I didn't tell her about your problem — I thought it might put her off you a number of people were put off him by the way he spoke ...a young actress who puts one off at first with her American briskness
3 (distract) distraer
stop putting me off! ¡deja ya de distraerme!
stop it! you're putting me off Henman complained that the clicking of the photographers was putting him off She asked me to be serious, saying it put her off if I laughed All the problems at home put her off revising for her exams
4 (dissuade) disuadir
5 (fob off) dar largas a
to put sb off with an excuse dar largas a algn con excusas
she put him off with vague promises le dio largas con vagas promesas
6 (switch off) apagar
remember to put all the lights off before you go to bed
7 (set down) [+passenger] dejar; (forcibly) hacer bajar
if you don't pay your fare I shall have to put you off at the next stop
8 especially (cast off)
once you put off that uniform you'll need a job en cuanto dejes ese uniforme necesitarás un trabajo
have you thought about what you're going to do once you've put off your school uniform?
1 (cause not to like, want)
it almost put me off opera for good casi mató mi gusto por la ópera para siempre; you quite put me off my meal me has quitado el apetito
what you say puts me off prawns
it put me off going to Greece me quitó las ganas de ir a Grecia
2 (dissuade from)
we tried to put him off the idea intentamos quitarle la idea de la cabeza; intentamos disuadirlo; I tried to put her off going by herself intenté convencerla de que no fuera sola
3 (Britain) (distract from)
(Náut) hacerse a la mar; salir;from de;
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