put down to
put down to
transitive verb phrase
1. (general) 
a. achacar 
This isn't an issue you can just put down to lack of motivation in students.Este no es un asunto que se pueda achacar solamente a una falta de motivación en los alumnos.
At the time, I simply put it down to coincidence that we both happened to be on the same bus.En el momento, simplemente lo atribuí a la casualidad que los dos coincidimos en el mismo autobús.
put down to
to put sth down to sth atribuir algo a algo
we put it down to nerves
I put it down to his inexperience lo atribuí a su inexperiencia
some people have put the film's success down to sheer good timing the accident must be put down to negligence what do you put it down to?
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