put about
put about
transitive verb phrase
1. (colloquial) (general) (United Kingdom) 
a. difundir 
I don't know who's put that story about, but it simply isn't true.No sé quien difundió esa historia, pero simplemente no es cierta.
Everyone's putting about the rumour that Henry's having an affair.Todos están haciendo correr el rumor de que Henry tiene una aventura.
The neighbours had put about all kinds of wild theories about the new residents.Los vecinos habían hecho circular todo tipo de teorías extravagantes sobre los nuevos residentes.
It's been put about that the school is going to close permanently.Han hecho correr la voz de que van a cerrar la escuela de forma permanente.
put about
transitive verb phrase
1. (rumor) 
a. difundir 
to p it about that…difundir el rumor de que…
intransitive verb
2. (ship) 
a. cambiar de rumbo 
put about
transitive verb
1 especially (Britain) [+rumour] hacer correr
The king had been putting about lurid rumours for months
to put it about that ... hacer correr el rumor de que ...
Senior US officials are now putting it about that President Bush has definitely decided to go for a quick strike
2 (Náut) [+ship] hacer virar
to put the ship about
he's putting it about a bit (sexually) se está ofreciendo a todo quisque (informal); to put o.s. about (make o.s. noticed) hacerse notar
the tran won't necessarily be a tran of the LBSN - it is basically to make sure you are seen in public places where you are liable to make useful contacts The book was well received and he began to put himself about again. He joined the National Liberal Club and he went to Tuesday lunches in the Mont Blanc restaurant He put himself about with great enthusiasm, acquiring friends, fiancees, career plans and debts She has recently become more assiduous in putting herself about in the lobbies with colleagues, as well as letting political friends portray her as a central figure in Cabinet discussions He has been at the top of the tree for 20 years now and has no real need to put himself about
(Náut) cambiar de rumbo; virar
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