push off
push off
transitive verb phrase
1. (nautical; to push away from) 
One of the sailors pushed the boat off with a boat hook.Uno de los marineros desatracó el barco con un bichero.
intransitive verb phrase
2. (colloquial) (to leave) (United Kingdom) 
a. largarse 
If we don't push off, we're going to miss the bus.Si no nos largamos, vamos a perder la guagua.
3. (to push away from) 
a. apartarse 
Jarad pushed off from the boat and swam toward the shore.Jarad se apartó del barco y nadó hacia la orilla.
b. desatracar (boat) 
Hawkins pushed off, and the boat moved slowly away from the dock.Hawkins desatracó, y el barco se alejó suavemente del muelle.
4. (colloquial) (imperative) (United Kingdom) 
a. lárgate 
Push off! You have no business being here.¡Lárgate! No tienes por qué estar aquí.
push off
intransitive verb
1. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
p off!¡lárgate!
push off
transitive verb
1 [+top etc] quitar a la fuerza; [+person] (off wall etc) hacer caer; [+object] (involuntarily) tirar; (intentionally) hacer caer
...a game in which one boy sits on a wall and the others try to push him off
2 (Náut) desatracar
1 (Náut) desatracarse
2 (leave) marcharse
push off! ¡lárgate! (informal)
the top pushes off la tapa se quita empujando
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