push in
push in
transitive verb phrase
1. (to cause to fall) 
a. empujar 
The two brothers were horsing around on the dock, and then one pushed the other in the water.Los hermanos jugueteaban en el muelle, y entonces uno empujó al otro al agua.
2. (to insert) 
Push the stake in the ground, and then run the cord to the grommet on the tent.Introduce la estaca al suelo, y después, tiende la cuerda hasta la ojal de la tienda.
intransitive verb phrase
3. (colloquial) (to cut) (United Kingdom) 
a. colarse 
We've all been waiting, and these two have gone and pushed in!¡Nosotros hemos estado esperando, y estos dos tiran y se cuelan!
push in
intransitive verb
1. (in queue) 
a. colarse 
push in
transitive verb
1 [+screw etc] introducir (a la fuerza)
2 (break) [+window, door] romper
3 [+person] (in lake etc) empujar al agua
They took him to the pond and pushed him in he was standing at the edge of the swimming pool, and somebody pushed him in
1 (in queue) colarse
2 (interfere) entrometerse
He's always pushing in where he's not wanted
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