A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to supply)
a. proveer
The company will provide a light lunch.La empresa proveerá un almuerzo ligero.
b. suministrar
The school will provide all the required books for the children.El colegio suministrará a los niños todos los libros necesarios.
c. proporcionar
Who will provide the music for the party?¿Quién proporcionará la música para la fiesta?
d. prestar (service)
Will the company provide an interpreting service?¿Prestará la empresa el servicio de interpretación?
2. (to give)
a. producir
The orange tree provided oranges for the whole family.El naranjo produjo naranjas para toda la familia.
3. (legal)
a. estipular
The law provides that there is a minimum wage.La ley estipula que hay un salario mínimo.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (supply)
a. suministrar, proporcionar
2. (service, support)
a. prestar, proporcionar
to provide somebody with somethingsuministrar or proporcionar algo a alguien
3. (stipulate)
a. establecer
provide [prəˈvaɪd]
transitive verb
1 (supply) [+materials, food] proporcionar; suministrar; [+money, information, evidence] proporcionar; facilitar; [+service] prestar
the government provided half the money
please place your litter in the receptacle provided por favor hagan uso de los recipientes que les hemos proporcionado or suministrado para depositar la basura
the council has agreed to provide funds for gardens and a playground the crisps and sweets were generously provided by members of the golf club they would not provide any details we are happy to provide further information he did not provide any evidence to support the charges the festivities provided a focus for nationalist feelings I'll be glad to provide a copy of this the discoveries could provide invaluable clues to the origin of the Universe
the meeting provided an opportunity to talk la reunión les brindó or ofreció la oportunidad de hablar; candidates must provide their own pencils los candidatos deben traer sus propios lápices
in America local governments compete to provide services it provides a good example of how this technology can be applied can you provide a substitute? The square itself has been closed off to provide parking space for delegates employers may be required to provide health insurance for their workers we need to provide proper homes for homeless people. they would provide technical assistance to companies that are too small to invest in R&D
to provide sth for sb/sth
I will provide food for everyone proveeré a todo el mundo de comida; proporcionaré or daré comida a todo el mundo; it provides accommodation for five families provee a cinco familias de alojamiento; da or proporciona alojamiento a cinco familias; the company provides free health care for its employees la empresa presta asistencia médica gratis a sus empleados; it provides shade for the cows les da sombra a las vacas
the centers provide day-care for single mothers
they've asked the United Nations to provide protection for civilians han pedido a las Naciones Unidas que faciliten protección a la población civil; to provide funding/money for sth proporcionar or facilitar fondos/dinero para algo
the government will not be able to provide enough money for the expansion of higher education
to provide a solution (to sth) ofrecer una solución (a algo)
the agricultural sector cannot provide the solution to the country's unemployment problem
to provide sb with sth [+materials, food] proveer a algn de algo; suministrar algo a algn; [+money, information, details] proporcionar or facilitar algo a algn; [+service] proporcionar algo a algn; [+means] facilitar algo a algn; [+opportunity] brindar algo a algn
it provides the plant with a continuous flow of nutrients provee a la planta de or suministra a la planta un flujo continuo de nutrientes
the government was not in a position to provide them with food the government is being asked to provide help for child refugees the government cannot provide all young people with a job he provided the school with a new library the law that has provided the basis for the country's system of apartheid
it provided her with the opportunity she needed le brindó la oportunidad que necesitaba
to provide o.s. with sth proveerse de algo
plants produce sugars and starch to provide themselves with energy las plantas producen azúcares y almidón para proveerse de energía; he had forgotten to provide himself with an alibi se le había olvidado buscarse una coartada
they had all they needed to provide themselves with shelter
2 (have available) estar provisto de
the field provides plenty of space for a car park el campo está provisto de muchísimo espacio para un aparcamiento de coches; the car is provided with a heater el coche está provisto de un calentador
cottage comes provided with a plentiful supply of firewood
3 (stipulate)
to provide [that]
the law provides that ... la ley estipula or dispone que ...
the treaty provides that, by the end of the century, the United States must have removed its bases the Act provides that only the parents of a child have a responsibility for that child's financial support the law provided that an oral agreement to make a will is not binding
intransitive verb
the Lord will provide Dios proveerá
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