A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to give proof of)
a. probar
He spent the night gathering information to prove his innocence.Se pasó la noche recopilando información para probar su inocencia.
b. demostrar
He has to prove that he was not there at the time the crime was committed.Tiene que demostrar que no se encontraba allí cuando se cometió el crimen.
c. comprobar
The report aims to prove the following facts.El informe propone comprobar los siguientes hechos.
2. (to test)
a. probar
Several tests were carried out to prove the efficiency of the product.Se llevaron a cabo varias pruebas para probar la eficacia del producto.
3. (legal)
a. homologar
The judge proved my father's will last year.El juez homologó el testamento de mi padre el año pasado.
4. (to show one's ability)
a. demostrar lo que uno vale
He has to prove himself this quarter if he doesn't want to be laid off.Tiene que demostrar lo que vale este trimestre si no quiere que lo despidan.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
5. (to turn out)
a. resultar
Buying shares in that company proved a very good investment.Comprar acciones de esa compañía resultó ser muy buena inversión.
6. (culinary)
a. levar
Let the dough prove for two hours before baking it.Deja que la masa leve dos horas antes de hornearla.
b. leudar
Let the pizza dough prove for ten minutes before putting toppings on it.Deja la masa de la pizza leudar diez minutos antes de echarle los ingredientes.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (demonstrate)
a. demostrar, probar
to prove somebody wrong/guiltydemostrar que alguien está equivocado(a)/es culpable
she wanted a chance to prove herselfquería una oportunidad para demostrar su valía
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
2. (general)
to prove (to be) correctresultar (ser) correcto(a)
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prove [pruːv] proved (past)proved proven
transitive verb
1 (give proof of) [+theory, statement] demostrar; probar; (one's love, loyalty, strength) demostrar
my son was murdered, and I'm going to prove it a mi hijo lo asesinaron, y voy a demostrarlo or probarlo; can you prove it? ¿lo puede demostrar or probar?
he had lied and she was determined to prove it I knew I was a world-class runner and I was determined to prove it
statistics never prove anything las estadísticas nunca prueban or demuestran nada; you say you love me, so prove it dices que me quieres, pues demuéstralo or pruébalo
we have also reported the possibility that a cow suffering from BSE could infect humans through the food chain. The possibility has not yet been proved or disproved the prosecution has failed to prove its case the prosecution had not produced sufficient evidence to prove its case you brought this charge - you prove it! the player has been given 24 hours to prove his fitness for the final the General proved his loyalty to the President in the coup he said the charges were based on solid evidence which could be proved in court the theorem is very easily proved the argument for comprehensive schools is not proven some researchers in the field say Professor Hardy has not proven his case that proves it!
he wanted to prove his love for her quería demostrar su amor por ella
you can't prove anything against me usted no tiene ninguna prueba en mi contra; usted no puede demostrar or probar nada en mi contra
nothing was ever proved against him they couldn't prove the charges against her
it just proves how stupid he is simplemente demuestra or prueba lo tonto que es
to prove sb's innocenceprove sb innocent demostrar or probar la inocencia de algn
Vicky is determined to prove her father's innocence he is determined to prove his innocence
to prove one's point demostrar que uno está en lo cierto or tiene razón
it didn't seem worth making a 3,000 mile detour simply to prove a point no merecía la pena desviarse tres mil millas solamente para demostrar que estábamos en lo cierto what people want most is tax cuts - and the election results prove my point exactly! that proves my point! "a family and writing is OK, even a job and writing is OK" - as if to prove the point, she has published more than 20 books I've never held grudges or felt I needed to prove a point to anyone
she took him to court just to prove a point lo llevó a los tribunales simplemente para demostrar or probar que estaba en lo cierto or que ella tenía razón
she proves the point that you do not have to change your hair to an old-fashioned style just because you are older to prove his point Edelman's team constructed a computer simulation
to prove sb right demostrar que algn tiene razón
he was proved right in the end al fin se demostró que tenía razón
events have proved him right in one respect that made me hopping mad and determined to prove him wrong history will prove him to have been right all along
it's been scientifically proven or proved se ha probado or demostrado científicamente; ha sido probado or demostrado científicamente
to prove that demostrar que; probar que
that proves that she did it eso demuestra or prueba que ella lo hizo
we'll probably never be able to prove that it was murder I think he showed me the letters to prove that a love affair did take place he wants to prove that he can look after himself
she wants to prove to herself that she can still hold down a job quiere demostrarse a sí misma que todavía puede mantener un trabajo
the autopsy proved that she had drowned the results prove that regulation of the industry is inadequate she proved that she could succeed where others had failed the city is struggling to prove that all three ethnic groups can live together
what are you trying to prove? ¿qué intentas demostrar or probar?
it's difficult to prove what's going on es difícil demostrar or probar lo que está pasando
it only proves what I have been saying all along to prove [whether] the coming weeks will prove whether his belief is justified an investigation was extremely important, she said, to prove whether or not the bank was being unfairly targetted
whether he was right remains to be proved aún falta por demostrar or probar si tenía razón
they were trying to prove how different groups of animals have a referendum would prove how distaseful hunting is to most people
to prove sb wrong demostrar que algn está equivocado
everyone said that we would fail but we proved them wrong todo el mundo decía que fracasaríamos, pero demostramos que estaban equivocados; she attempted to prove their theory wrong intentó encontrar pruebas que demostraran que su teoría estaba equivocada
I don't think England will win - but I'd love to be proved wrong
the exception proves the rule la excepción confirma la regla
2 (verify) comprobar
you can prove how effective this method is by trying it out yourself puede comprobar la eficacia de este método probándolo usted mismo
to prove o.s. demostrar lo que uno vale
you don't need to prove yourself no tienes que demostrar lo que vales; he has proved himself worthy of our trust ha demostrado ser digno de nuestra confianza; he has proved himself to be a successful manager ha demostrado ser un gerente eficaz
he felt he'd failed before he'd had a chance to prove himself a man needs time to prove himself you have to accept low pay to start with but once you've proved yourself the rewards are there she is a brilliant hard court player but has yet to prove herself on grass he'll have to prove himself on the pitch Barnes will be under similar pressure to prove himself he accepts his team need to prove themselves in Europe to be regarded as a truly great side I still have to prove myself in management as a composer he proved himself adept at large dramatic forms He has proved himself untrustworthy she has worked hard at school and proved herself to be reliable Margaret proved herself to be a good mother We are determined to prove ourselves to be good sportsmen as well as good players
4 (test out) poner a prueba; someter a prueba
they decided to prove the new weapon system at a secret location
5 (Jur)
to prove a will homologar un testamento
intransitive verb
1 (turn out) resultar
it proved (to be) useful resultó (ser) útil; if it proves (to be) otherwise si resulta (ser) lo contrario
without treatment the disease can prove fatal
it may prove difficult to secure funding puede que resulte difícil conseguir fondos; the news proved false resultó que la noticia era falsa
a rail strike at this time of year could prove disastrous for the tourist industry the challenge proved too much for him
the temptation proved too much for her la tentación resultó demasiado grande para ella; no pudo resistir la tentación
our special family day ticket has proved very popular her story proved to be true he will prove a formidable opponent an experiment which was to prove a source of inspiration for many years to come his theory has proved to be remarkably accurate even if the course is expensive it will prove to be very worthwhile in the long run what they learned proved invaluable
2 (Cookery) [+dough] leudarse
leave in a warm place to prove
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