1. (development) 
The progress of technology happens in the blink of an eye.El progreso de la tecnología ocurre en un abrir y cerrar de ojos.
The parents took a course on how to support their children's educational progress.Los padres tomaron un curso sobre cómo ayudar el desarrollo educativo de sus hijos.
The nurse came every 20 minutes to monitor the patient's progress.La enfermera venía cada 20 minutos para controlar la evolución del paciente.
d. el curso (M) 
The patient suffered a secondary reaction during the progress of his disease.El paciente sufrió una reacción secundaria durante el curso de su enfermedad.
2. (improvement) 
She's made lots of progress reducing her levels of anxiety through exercise.Ha hecho un progreso excelente en reducir sus niveles de ansiedad mediante el ejercicio.
3. (forward movement) 
a. el avance (M) 
The troops' progress was slowed down by the Russian winter.El avance de las tropas fue detenida por el invierno ruso.
intransitive verb
4. (to improve) 
a. progresar 
How is your latest remodel progressing?¿Cómo está progresando la remodelación de la casa?
b. mejorar 
After a week in the hospital, we finally see the patient progressing.Después de una semana en el hospital, por fin vemos que el paciente mejora.
Alexandra is progressing nicely in geography.Alexandra está haciendo buenos progresos en geografía.
5. (to move forward) 
a. avanzar 
It is almost impossible to progress through town in this driving rain.Es casi imposible avanzar por la ciudad en esta lluvia torrencial.
Our news coverage will now turn to information on how the forest fire is progressing.Nuestra cobertura de noticias pasará ahora a la información de cómo se está desarrollando el incendio forestal.
1. (improvement) 
a. el progreso (M) 
to make progress (in something)hacer progresos (en algo)
2. (movement) 
a. el avance m, progreso (M) 
in progressen curso
a progress report on the projectun informe or
intransitive verb
3. (improve) 
a. progresar 
the patient is progressing satisfactorilyel paciente evoluciona satisfactoriamente
4. (advance) 
a. avanzar 
1 (forward movement) avance (m)
heavy snow slowed our progress la espesa capa de nieve dificultó nuestro avance or nos retrasó
further progress was impossible due to a landslide the two of them continued their progress down the road a car passed, and he followed its progress as it gradually disappeared from view
we are making good progress estamos avanzando rápidamente
we made slow progress through the mud we were making no progress at all, just going round in circles
2 (development) [of activity, student] progresos (m); [of events] marcha (f); desarrollo (m); [of patient] evolución (f); [of disease] curso (m); evolución (f)
he briefed us on the progress of the talks nos informó sobre la marcha or el desarrollo de las negociaciones; keep me informed on the patient's progress manténganme informado de la evolución del paciente; he came in to check on my progress vino para ver cómo iba progresando
her progress since the operation has not been good Ellen would keep me abreast of their progress by phone his progress through life was both eccentric and entertaining the progress of the war in North Africa and Italy had been followed closely she took a keen interest in the progress of the work they considered it was a very good way of assessing the progress of a child the doctor considers your progress to be satisfactory there was nothing they could do to halt the progress of the disease
to make progress (gen) hacer progresos; progresar; [+patient] mejorar
China has made significant progress in human rights China ha hecho muchos progresos en lo que respecta a derechos humanos; the two sides have made little progress towards agreement las dos partes apenas han avanzado hacia un acuerdo
some progress has been made in the search for a cure the medical community continues to make progress in the fight against cancer I can't make any progress with this child he is still very ill, but he is making progress
to make good/slow progress avanzar rápidamente/lentamente
she is making good progress with her German we are making good progress towards a solution work on possible vaccines against HIV infection is making good progress he apologized for the slow progress he was making with the job she is making slow progress after three brain operations
3 (innovation) progreso (m)
it was all done in the name of progress todo se hizo con la excusa del progreso
the rapid pace of change introduced by technological progress what is holding back the wheels of progress? people start believing that progress is inevitable
4 (course)
in progress
the game was already in progress había comenzado ya el partido; negotiations are still in progress aún se están manteniendo las negociaciones; I went to see the work in progress fui a ver cómo marchaba el trabajo
the meeting is in progress while the meeting was in progress when we visited the college it was holiday time and there was a conference in progress the bar was crowded: a darts match was in progress a lot of work is in progress at the moment to try and improve the situation the diaries are a mixture of confession, work in progress and observation
silence: exam in progress silencio: examen
the timetable for the royal progress through the town
intransitive verb
1 (go forward) [+work] avanzar; [+events] desarrollarse; [+disease] evolucionar
things are progressing slowly las cosas avanzan lentamente; as the game progressed a medida que avanzaba or iba desarrollándose el partido; as the evening progressed a medida que avanzaba la noche
a viewpoint which sees history as progressing towards some meaningful goal as you progress through the exercises you will notice an improvement the storm progressed across the country the disease was progressing slowly, relentlessly the mammogram shows changes in the breast tissue that could progress to cancer from there we progressed to a discussion on politics I've progressed to six-finger typing now and I'm getting quite fast then you realise you are in a job in which you can only progress to a certain point and no further life became harder as the war progressed my impressions changed radically as the trip progressed things are progressing nicely it's not yet clear how far the talks have progressed, or what they will produce the government still claims its economic reforms are progressing smoothly from its first appearance in 1895 in Glasgow, cinematography progressed rapidly
to progress to sth
he started sketching, then progressed to painting empezó haciendo bosquejos para luego pasar a pintar; she has progressed to a senior nursing position ha ascendido a enfermera de rango superior
2 (improve) [+student] hacer progresos; [+patient] mejorar
her French is progressing in leaps and bounds avanza a pasos agigantados en francés
how is the student progressing? a system which will enable parents and teachers to know how their children are progressing he will visit once a fortnight to see how his new staff are progressing the patient is progressing satisfactorily
transitive verb
(advance) seguir adelante con
I acted as progress chaser they may require Eurotunnel to triple its progress payments on the loan
progress report (n) (Admin) informe (m) sobre la marcha del trabajo; (Med) informe (m) médico; (Educ) informe (m) sobre el progreso del alumno
receivers must call a meeting within three months of their appointment to give creditors a progress report there was a progress report from the uniform team that was searching the field where Gower's body had been found we asked him for a progress report on Poland's experimental new financial system they would meet every six months to hear progress reports on the peace negotiations it's time for the commander in chief to get a progress report on the Persian Gulf War General Motors is giving industry analysts a progress report on its restructuring effort Kenneth Baker called on manufacturers for a progress report on plans to curb car thefts BR would have to be more punctual and give progress reports to passengers on the reasons for delays the prime minister's speech provided a progress report on the government's educational reforms I called intensive care every night for progress reports Dr. Draper sent a progress report which said that his patient was a little better and walking quite successfully his genuine interest in those under his care is evident in every line of the progress report on his first seven patients a series of progress reports and follow-up meetings are incorporated into the child's development plan
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