Usage note
This word may also be spelled “programme” when used in contexts like those shown in 1), 3), 4) and 5).
1. (radio and television) (United States) 
My band participates in a radio program.Mi banda participa en un programa de radio.
2. (computing) 
This program is used to map different areas.Este programa sirve para trazar mapas de diferentes áreas.
3. (details of an event) (United States) 
The program for the conference will be published soon.El programa del congreso se va a publicar pronto.
4. (booklet) (United States) 
Did you get the program for the concert?¿Compraste el programa del concierto?
5. (education) (United States) 
The program for Chemistry is almost identical to last year.El plan de estudios de Química es casi idéntico al del año pasado.
Click here to see the full program for the course.Pinche aquí para ver el programa completo del curso.
6. (series of controls) 
I usually put the dishwasher on the economy program.Normalmente pongo el lavaplatos en el programa económico.
transitive verb
7. (to plan) (United States) 
a. programar 
The debate is programmed for Saturday.El debate está programado para el sábado.
8. (computing) 
a. programar 
I'm programming an application in C++.Estoy programando una aplicación en C++.
9. (to instruct) 
a. programar 
Recruits are brainwashed and programmed to kill.A los reclutas les lavan el cerebro y los programan para matar.
intransitive verb
10. (computing) 
a. programar 
The children are taught to program using Objective-C.A los chicos se les enseña a programar en Objective-C.
1. (on tv, for play, of political party) 
a. el programa (M) 
what's the program for today?¿qué programa tenemos para hoy?
program sellervendedor(ora) de programas
transitive verb
2. (general) 
a. programar 
to program something to do somethingprogramar algo para que haga algo
[ˈprəʊɡræm] (Comput)
programa (m)
once this program has been installed the problem will disappear
transitive verb
when properly programmed it is capable of around 200 million instructions a second 45 million people, about half of whom can program their own computers
to program sth to do sth programar algo para que haga algo
he programmed a computer to choose 192 patients to serve as his test subjects to programme sth [into] sth his colleagues were set to program their equations into the computer
intransitive verb
I learnt to program on a Macintosh
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