1. (location) 
The criminal gave away his position by using his cellphone.El delincuente reveló su posición por utilizar su teléfono celular.
2. (opinion) 
He made his position very clear at the beginning of the debate.Dejó muy clara su posición al comienzo del debate.
What's your position on the death penalty?¿Cuál es tu postura sobre la pena de muerte?
3. (physical posture) 
I move a lot in my sleep looking for the most comfortable position.Me muevo mucho mientras duermo, buscando la posición más cómoda.
4. (circumstances) 
If you put yourself in my position, you'll understand where I'm coming from.Si te pones en mi posición, entenderás lo que estoy proponiendo.
Right now, she is in a good position to earn herself a promotion.Ahora mismo, ella está en una buena situación para ganarse una promoción.
5. (job) 
a. el puesto (M) 
You should apply for the manager position at the new company.Usted debería solicitar el puesto de gerente en la nueva compañía.
6. (sports) 
What position do you play?¿En qué posición juegas?
transitive verb
7. (to place) 
a. colocar 
I positioned the pen between the books so that it wouldn't fall off the table.Coloqué la pluma entre los libros para que no se cayera de la mesa.
The figures were positioned side by side on the shelf.Las figuras estaban posicionadas lado a lado en el estante.
c. situar 
We positioned the taller people in the back for the photo.Situamos a los más altos atrás para la foto.
d. apostar (military) 
The soldiers positioned themselves on the front line.Los soldados se apostaron en la primera línea.
1. (physical posture) 
a. la posición (F) 
in a horizontal/vertical positionen posición horizontal/vertical
in the on/off position(en la posición de) encendido or
2. (opinion) 
a. la postura f, posición (F) 
3. (place) 
a. el posición f, lugar (M) 
4. (in sport) 
a. la posición (F) 
in positionen su sitio
out of positionfuera de su sitio
5. (situation) 
a. la posición f, situación (F) 
to be in a strong positionestar en una buena posición
put yourself in my positionponte en mi lugar or situación
to be in a position to do somethingestar en condiciones de hacer algo
to be in no position to do somethingno estar en condiciones de hacer algo
6. (formal) 
a. el puesto m, empleo (M) (job) 
a position of responsibilityun puesto de responsabilidad
transitive verb
7. (place; object) 
a. colocar, situar 
8. (troops) 
a. apostar 
to position oneselfcolocarse, situarse
to be well/poorly positioned to do somethingestar en una buena/mala posición para hacer algo
position [pəˈzɪʃən]
1 (location) [of object, person] posición (f); [of house, town] situación (f); ubicación (f); (LAm)
the ship radioed its position el barco transmitió su posición por radio; the house is in a very exposed position la casa está situada or ubicada en un lugar muy expuesto; (LAm)
plot their position on the map they tell the time by the position of the sun you are in the best position to see it the position of the pieces on the board from my position near the door, I could see everything that was going on the doctor will also feel your abdomen to check the size and position of the baby the village is in a superb position overlooking the valley this conservatory enjoys an enviable position overlooking a leafy expanse
to be in position estar en su sitio
troops were already in position along the coast this lever locks the steering column in position once in position the telescope will enable them to see deeper into the universe than ever before keep it in position with a rubber band to [change] the position of sth every so often I like to change the position of the furniture change the position of your legs if it gets too tiring
to get into position ponerse en posición
he was trying to get into position for a shot at goal the space shuttle is getting into position to repair a satellite the plane taxied into position on the runway
the troops are moving into position las tropas están ocupando posiciones
some 28,000 troops are moving into position to switch turn sth to the [on]/[off] position
to be out of position [+object] estar desplazado or desencajado; (Dep) [+player] estar fuera de sitio
the antenna was knocked out of position the glass of the compass was smashed, the needle irremediably twisted out of position a large enough gap occurs on one side of the spinal column for the disc to move out of position one of their players was caught out of position
to take up position(s)
troops have taken up positions near the border las tropas se han apostado cerca de la frontera; he took up his usual position in front of the fire ocupó su sitio or lugar habitual frente a la chimenea; I took up my lookout position on the bow ocupé mi puesto or posición de vigilancia en la proa
the police took up position across the street
2 (posture) (gen) posición (f); postura (f); (sexual) postura (f)
what position was the body in? it is crucial that the upper back and neck are held in an erect position to give support for the head ensure the patient is turned into the recovery position she remained in that position, head up, hand on hip she was lying in a rather awkward position the colonel lowered himself onto the couch, trying to find a comfortable position the position of my feet is important
to change (one's) position cambiar de posición or postura
you will be asked to change your position # from lying on your back to lying on your side rest a moment and change position she changed position restlessly in an attempt to ease the doscomfort in a [reclining] position
he had raised himself to a sitting position se había incorporado
ensure your seat back is in the [upright] position
3 (Dep)
what position do you play (in)? ¿de qué juegas?
my usual position is goalkeeper
4 (Mil) [of troops] posición (f); (for gun) emplazamiento (m)
the enemy positions las posiciones enemigas or del enemigo
the marines fired on his position with mortars troops in forward positions the army might maintain its position indefinitely by force Syrian troops have taken over key positions in east Beirut a machine gun position
5 (in race, competition) puesto (m); posición (f); lugar (m); (in class, league) puesto (m)
he finished in third position terminó en tercer puesto or lugar; terminó en tercera posición
they are lying in fourth position after two rounds by the ninth hour the car was running in eighth position she sprinted hard to hold third position what is his position in the class? they lost their position at the top of the league Edberg and Becker resumed their battle for the world's No. 1 position, both winning their opening matches the top five positions in the League
6 (in society) posición (f)
women hold a very strong position in Aboriginal society Adjustment to their changing role and position in society can be painful for some old people the farm-worker has no position, no status riches and social position gave a man great validity
she gave up career, social position, everything renunció a su profesión, a su posición social, a todo
her social position and wealth were far greater than his own the legal and social position of the Jews within Nazi society of [good] social position an Englishman of good social position a man [of] position
7 (post) (gen) puesto (m); (high-ranking) cargo (m)
to have a good position in a bank top management positions a desire to see more women in positions of power and influence many Jews rose to high positions in the arts and professions she rose to the position of publishing director the key positions in the Cabinet have been filled
a high position in government un alto cargo en el gobierno
to [look] for a position she is looking for a more senior position
to take up a position aceptar un puesto
she took up a lecturing position at the university he left a career in teaching to take up a position with the Arts Council when Matt Busby took up his position as manager of Manchester United
a position of trust un puesto de confianza
Judge Jolly told Trengrove he had abused his position of trust he had abused his position of trust and responsibility as a parent
8 (situation, circumstance) situación (f)
this is the position la situación es esta
the position is that ...
it puts me in a rather difficult position me pone en una situación bastante delicada
the country's economic position la situación económica del país
put yourself in my position ponte en mi lugar
(if I were) in his position, I'd say nothing yo que él or yo en su lugar no diría nada
what is my legal position? desde el punto de vista legal, ¿cuál es mi situación?
we are in a strong negotiating position estamos en una buena posición para negociar
our position is improving
what's the position on deliveries/sales? ¿cuál es la situación respecto a las entregas/ventas?
/she had found herself in an awkward position/, almost as if she were testifying for both sides he's going to be in a very difficult position indeed if things go badly for him companies should be made to reveal more about their financial position you are in the fortunate position of having no responsibilities this helped everyone's tax position to [consider] one's position the company is considering its position in the light of government measures announced today I have never resigned from anything in my life but I'll have to consider my position now a man in his position cannot expect mercy what would you do in my position? ask her how she would cope in your position like anyone in his position, Mr Schrader has his fair share of enemies in common with other women in my position, I am struggling to bring my children up on my own
they were in a position to help su situación les permitía ayudar
he's in no position to criticize no es quién para criticar; él no está en condiciones de criticar
I am not in a position to comment I'm in no position to say she was in a better position to appreciate its significance I was one of the favourites and I was in a good position to win nor are we in any position to reproach them the UN system will be in a position to support the extensive relief efforts needed he is using his position of [power] for personal gain to negotiate from a position of [strength]
negotiating: negotiating position
9 (opinion) postura (f);on con respecto a
you must make your position clear tienes que dejar clara tu postura
what is our position on Greece? ¿cuál es nuestra política or postura con respecto a Grecia?
his position on foreign aid the government has refused to make its own position clear /Britain's position is that the ban is illegal/ and contrary to European Community law he could be depended on to take a moderate position on most of the key issues to [adopt] a position (on sth) Iran has adopted a position of strict neutrality to [change] one's position a Japanese spokesman told reporters that neither side had changed its position
10 (window) (in bank, post office) ventanilla (f)
position closed ventanilla cerrada
a [short]/[long] position by the end of the week I built up a short position that probably outweighs my long position a short position in dollars indicates the amount by which exposure in the major currencies exceeds the capital of the fund
transitive verb
1 (place in position) [+furniture, object] colocar; [+police, troops] apostar
soldiers have been positioned around the building se han apostado soldados rodeando el edificio
the guns positioned around the airfields positioning the oven at eye level seems a good idea a television camera had been positioned to overlook the edge of the balcony position trailing plants near the edges and in the sides of the basket to hang down deciding how to position the furniture throughout the house it's important to position the subject against a suitable background police had been positioned at strategic points around the building the guard was positioned outside the gates
to position o.s. colocarse; situarse
he positioned himself behind a pillar and waited the guard positioned himself in front of the doorway he positions himself so well and is so clever with the ball they may ask the Canadian soldiers to position themselves between them and the Serb forces his men positioned themselves in a circle around him
(take a stance) adoptar una postura
France is positioning itself for offensive action Francia está adoptando una postura de ataque
he is positioning himself for the election he has positioned himself as a moderate conservative leaders began positioning themselves for future negotiations he is trying to position himself so as to have public opinion on his side the United States delegations tried to position themselves so as not to be blamed for the suspension of the talks Clinton is trying to position himself now for the general election
2 (Dep) [+ball, shuttlecock] colocar
this will help you to position the ball correctly during practice good putters who position the ball far back in their stance
to be positioned (located)
the house was strategically positioned la casa estaba situada or ubicada de forma estratégica; it was a difficult shot from where she was positioned era un tiro difícil desde donde estaba situada or colocada
he is well positioned to act as intermediary está en una buena posición para hacer de intermediario
you will be well positioned to take advantage of the situation the company is well positioned to sell a million cars this year
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