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1. (botany) 
a. la planta (F) 
The plants died because I watered them too much.Las plantas se murieron porque las regué demasiado.
2. (factory) 
a. la planta (F) 
A new petrochemical plant was inaugurated outside the city.Se inauguró una nueva planta petroquímica en las afueras de la ciudad.
The company plans to open new plants in China.La empresa tiene programado abrir nuevas fábricas en China.
3. (equipment) 
We had to hire plant from a specialized company.Tuvimos que alquilar la maquinaria a una empresa especializada.
4. (agent) 
We discovered there was a plant in the group thanks to the microphones we installed in the office.Descubrimos que había un infiltrado en el grupo gracias a los micrófonos que instalamos en la oficina.
I suspected she was a plant, but played along with her plan.Sospechaba que era una espía pero le seguí el juego.
transitive verb
5. (to grow) 
a. plantar (plants, trees or flowers) 
Spring is the best season to plant most flowers.La primavera es la mejor estación para plantar la mayoría de flores.
b. sembrar (seeds or a field) 
Plant the seeds 10 centimeters apart.Siembre las semillas a intervalos de 10 centímetros.
6. (to place secretly) 
a. poner a escondidas (an object) 
They had planted some cocaine in his suitcase.Habían puesto a escondidas cocaína en su maleta para inculparlo.
b. colocar (a bomb) 
Terrorists planted a bomb in the building.Los terroristas colocaron una bomba en el edificio.
c. infiltrar (a spy) 
The police planted their most trusted agent in the mafia clan.La policía infiltró a su agente de mayor confianza en el clan mafioso.
7. (colloquial) (to place firmly) 
a. plantar (colloquial) 
His grandmother planted a kiss on his cheek.Su abuela le plantó un beso en la mejilla.
intransitive verb
8. (to grow) 
a. plantar 
When is the best time to plant?¿Cuándo es el mejor momento para plantar?
1. (living thing) 
a. la planta (F) 
plant lifeflora f
2. (ind) 
a. la maquinaria (F) (equipment) 
3. (factory) 
a. la fábrica f, planta (F) 
leasingalquiler de equipo
plant maintenancemantenimiento de la planta
transitive verb
4. (tree, flower) 
a. plantar 
5. (crops, field) 
a. sembrar 
6. (bomb) 
a. colocar 
to plant an idea in somebody's mindinculcar una idea a alguien
7. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to plant something on somebodyendosar algo a alguien
plant [plɑːnt]
1 (Bot) planta (f)
water each plant as often as required I had to root up all the plants and burn them tomatoes are sub-tropical plants originating from Central and South America dragonflies lay their eggs within aquatic plants it's estimated that more than five million species of plants and animals live there bedding: bedding plant rubber: rubber plant
2 (no pl) (machinery) maquinaria (f); (fixed) instalaciones (f)
they have invested nearly £1 billion in new plant and equipment the heating plant
heavy plant maquinaria (f) pesada
a factory where heavy plant is being shunted about a firm dealing in heavy plant manufacture
3 (factory) fábrica (f); planta (f); (power station) planta (f); central (f)
the brick and tile Works and the cement plant were going full blast an active group at British Leyland's Cowley plant the plant provides forty per cent of the country's electricity chemical: chemical plant nuclear: nuclear (power) plant sewage: sewage treatment plant steel: steel plant
4 (misleading evidence)
it's a plant esto es una trampa para incriminarnos
the device was a plant meant to trap him
5 (infiltrator) infiltradoainfiltrada (m) (f);a infiltrada espía (m)
one of them must be a plant, but which one? he could be a deliberate Iraqi plant with misinformation designed to expose US agents trying to check on his story
transitive verb
1 (Bot) [+tree, flower, crop] plantar; [+seed, garden, field] sembrar
he says he plans to plant fruit trees and vegetables gardeners all over the country will be planting flower seeds this weekend the people needed all their strength to plant crops for the new harvest I'd better go and see if the gardener has planted those cabbages newly planted fields they have been planting a vegetable garden
to plant sth with sth sembrar algo de algo
the field is planted with wheat el campo está sembrado de trigo; they plan to plant the area with grass and trees tienen pensado plantar la zona de árboles y poner césped
a border planted with lupins a valley planted with mixed deciduous trees alongside the road was a field planted with maize he has planted his vineyards with the French grapes Pinot Noir and Chardonnay following one year planted with tobacco it will for three years be planted with grass
2 (put)
he stood with his feet planted apart se quedó de pie con los pies separados
he planted himself right in her path se le plantó en el camino (informal); se plantó en mitad de su camino (informal)
to plant an idea in sb's mind meter a algn una idea en la cabeza
to plant a kiss on sb's cheek plantar un beso en la mejilla a algn (informal)
she planted a punch right on his nose le plantó un puñetazo en la nariz (informal)
she planted her feet wide and bent her knees slightly she planted a kiss on each of his leathery cheeks "hello," she said, turning her head so David could plant a kiss on her cheek he hoped that he could plant the idea in such a way that Abramov would believe it was his own he planted his chair next to hers
3 (furtively) [+bomb, evidence] colocar; poner; [+informer, spy] poner; infiltrar
they had planted the bomb beneath the house so far no one has admitted planting the bomb they had planted a microphone in my desk I'm convinced the evidence was planted in John's flat perhaps she's been planted to catch me journalists informed police, who planted an undercover detective to trap Smith the CIA had planted its agents and informers in all the strategic areas
to plant sth on sb colocar algo a algn para incriminarle
to plant a revolver on sb he claimed the police had planted the drugs on him he always protested his innocence and claimed that the drugs had been planted to incriminate him
intransitive verb
she crossed the room and planted herself in front of him to plant o.s. in the middle of the road she planted herself in front of the window I strode to the bench and planted myself in front of it he spread his legs apart a little to plant himself more solidly on the ground she planted herself between them, putting an end to the argument
plant breeders produce hundreds of thousands of new tomato varieties every year he runs a plant hire business firm the company deals in plant hire [the] plant kingdom these are the species that are taking over in the plant kingdom
plant life (n) vida (f) vegetal; las plantas
the forest is well worth a visit because of its unique plant life researchers now are studying animal and plant life beneath Antarctica's ozone hole a tiny green peach aphid, or plant louse had dome-shaped sensors on its antennas surrounded by curving spines
plant pot (n) maceta (f); tiesto (m)
he gestured at a china plant-pot in a china stand like a sort of deep dish a wide gravelled space with huge earthenware plant pots around it
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