1. (color) 
a. el rosado (M) 
We've decided on pink for the bathroom walls.Nos hemos decidido por rosado para las paredes del baño.
b. el rosa (M) 
That pink doesn't really go with that red.Ese rosa no pega con ese rojo.
2. (botany) 
a. el clavel (M) (flower) 
She was out planting pinks in her gardenEstaba afuera plantando claveles en su jardín.
b. la clavelina (F) (flower) 
Pinks are my favorite flower.La clavelina es mi flor preferida.
3. (color) 
a. rosado 
Do you like this pink skirt?¿Te gusta esta falda rosada?
b. rosa (sometimes invariable) 
I think those pink pants would look great on you.Creo que te quedaría bien ese pantalón rosa.
c. sonrosado (cheeks or face) 
Her face had a pink, healthy look to it.Su rostro tenía un aspecto sonrosado y saludable.
4. (colloquial) (politics) 
a. rojillo (colloquial) 
Her politics are pink, but not extreme.Su política es rojilla, pero no extrema.
transitive verb
5. (sewing) 
a. cortar con tijeras dentadas (saw-toothed edge) 
Once you've finished stitching, the last step is to pink the seam.Cuando hayas terminado de dar las puntadas, el último paso es cortar la costura con unas tijeras dentadas.
b. calar (forming a pattern) 
I'm going to a pink a design onto the bag's flap.Voy a calar un diseño en la solapa del bolso.
6. (fencing) 
a. pinchar 
The swordsman pinked his opponent with the foil when he advanced.El espadachín pinchó a su oponente con el florete cuando se adelantó.
I pinked the stranger with a thrust of my rapier, but he was determined to keep fighting.Herí levemente al desconocido de una estocada, pero se empeñó en seguir combatiendo.
intransitive verb
7. (automotive) (United Kingdom) 
a. picar 
I think the motor is pinking because it's making a knocking sounding.Creo que el motor está picando porque se oye un golpeteo.
1. (general) 
a. el (color m) rosa (M) 
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to be in the pinkestar como una rosa
3. (flower) 
a. el clavel (M) 
4. (general) 
a. rosa 
to turn pinksonrojarse
dollarel poder adquisitivo de los homosexuales
pink ginpink gin m, ginebra con angostura
pink [pɪŋk]
1 (colour) rosa (m); rosado (m); (LAm)
pink doesn't suit her el rosa no le sienta bien
the pink drained away from her cheeks she was dressed in pink I can't wear pink two shades of pink it goes beautifully with the pink sweaters in a variety of pinks and blues the bathroom was decorated in pink pale pinks and mauves
to be in the pink (healthy) rebosar salud
humourous journalist, 5'10, 12 stone, divorced, 46, in the pink of health, but feeling blue, seeks colourful lady a glass of red wine keeps you in the pink
(happy) estar feliz y contento
Venus entering your sign suggests that you are in the pink because of personal happiness or a career advancement you certainly look in the pink!
to be in the pink of condition estar en perfecto estado
hunting: hunting pink
2 (Bot) clavel (m); clavelina (f)
the garden was ablaze with pinks, poppies and daisies roses, pinks and stocks scented the night air
3 (Snooker) bola (f) rosa
he missed an easy pink he only has to pot the pink and the black for an unbroken run of points
pinker (comparative)pinkest (superlative)
1 (colour) (gen) (color de) rosa; rosado; (LAm) [+cheeks, face] sonrosado
we painted the nursery pink pintamos el cuarto de los niños de rosa; their little faces were pink with excitement tenían las caritas encendidas de entusiasmo; his face was pink with rage estaba rojo de furia; his cheeks were flushed pink from the wine el vino le había sonrosado las mejillas
he looked pink and flustered she had on a bright pink track suit /the wine has a faint pink colour/ and a richly dry flavour the neon sign glowed pink in the night she was wearing a pink dress the plant has pale pink flowers veined with red the material is blue patterned with pink roses the tree was covered with beautiful pink blossom her toenails were painted palest pink I like my meat cooked so that it is still pink on the inside the sky was pink in the west the pink tip of her tongue showed between her teeth he was rather pink in the face her cheeks were pinker and her eyelids darker than they had been earlier in the day a stout man with white hair, a pink face and an engaging grin
to turn or go pink [+person] (with embarrassment) ponerse colorado; sonrojarse; [+sky, liquid] ponerse rosa; she turned pink with pleasure se sonrojó de placer
he went bright pink with embarrassment she went pink again as she remembered her mistake the sky had turned a deep pink the water turned pink as he tipped the paint in spicy radish sprouts are ready to eat when they turn pink his socks had turned pink from the red leather of his shoes
2 (Pol) rojillo (informal)
all the research departments indicated that he was soft, a pink liberal, liable to let the Commies in
3 (gay) [+pound, vote] homosexual; gay
Things are a bit slow in this country, but there's still the potential for a pink economy. `Gay men are a hidden niche market" Effective use has never been made of the economic power of the pink pound or the electoral power of the pink vote
pink gin (n) ginebra (f) con angostura
pour me a large pink gin, will you?
pink grapefruit (n) variedad de pomelo de pulpa rojiza
you will need two large pink grapefruits, halved whisk together pineapple and pink grapefruit juice
pink lady (n) pink lady (m)
pink salmon (n) salmón (m) del Pacífico
the oil spill does not appear to have affected the pink salmon in 1989, pink salmon brought nearly 80 cents a pound
pink slip (n) (US) notificación (f) de despido
many of the engineers receiving pink slips think foreign workers are getting their jobs Eastern shut down operations and 18,000 employees were given their pink slips Many salaried employees will take early retirements, but thousands of others are expected to get pink slips
pink [pɪŋk]
transitive verb
(Cos) rematar con tijeras dentadas; [+fabric] calar
I've pinked the hem, so it shouldn't fray we hid the gathers with a smaller pinked circle in the centre (make holes in)
(Fencing) herir levemente;
intransitive verb
(Britain) (Aut) [+engine] picar;
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