1. (domestic animal) 
They have three pets: one dog and two cats.Tienen tres mascotas: un perro y dos gatos.
2. (favorite) 
She is the teacher's pet.Ella es la preferida del profesor.
transitive verb
3. (to pat) 
a. acariciar 
The dog loves it when you pet him.Al perro le encanta cuando lo acaricias.
1. (animal) 
a. el animal doméstico or de compañía (M) 
pet foodcomida para animales domésticos
pet shoppajarería f
2. (favorite) 
a. no direct translation 
mother's/teacher's petpreferido(a) de mamá/del profesor
my pet!¡mi tesoro!
my pet hatelo que más odio
pet nameapelativo m or nombre m cariñoso
pet subjecttema favorito
transitive verb
3. (stroke, pat; person, dog) 
a. acariciar 
intransitive verb
4. (colloquial) 
a. darse or pegarse el lote (sexually) (Spain) 
b. manosearse (Latin America) 
pet [pet]
1 (animal) animal (m) doméstico; mascota (f)
have you got a pet? ¿tenéis algún animal en casa?; ¿tenéis mascota?
no pets are allowed in school we have 6 pets have you got any pets yourself? keep chemicals out of the reach of children and pets it is against the rules to [keep] pets
family/household pet animal (m) doméstico
I would not recommend one of these dogs as a [family] pet the children were told to write a poem about a family pet other household pets such as dogs, goldfish, birds,or even snakes do not transmit the infection cats are commonly kept as household pets
to keep sth as a pet tener algo como animal doméstico or mascota
it is plainly cruel to keep turtles as pets she keeps a goldfish [as] a pet
no pets allowed no se admiten animales
2 (favourite) preferidoapreferida (m) (f);a preferida
she was the pet of the paparazzi a smarmy little man who seemed to be trying to become the president's pet our little brother was the family pet
she's teacher's pet es la preferida de la profesora; es la enchufada de la profesora (informal)
3 (as term of address) cielo (m); amor (m)
come here, (my) pet ven aquí mi cielo or amor
it's all right, pet, let me do it I'm sorry, pet "Here, pet," Boylan said kindly
4 (lovable person) cielo (m)
be a pet and fetch me my glasses sé un cielo y alcánzame las gafas; he's rather a pet es un cielo
1 [+animal]
she keeps two pet snakes tiene dos serpientes en casa
one of her tenants kept as many as 16 pet snakes
he had a pet monkey which had been trained to do tricks tenía un mono domesticado al que habían enseñado a hacer gracias
could he have caught something from my pet rat?
he lives alone with his pet dog vive solo con su perro
a bachelor living alone in a flat with his pet dog
he was always hanging around her like a pet dog iba siempre con ella como un perro mascota
she took the family's pet dog for a walk a pet [dog] the little boy saw his pet dog hurt by a car a pet [monkey] a pet [rabbit]
2 (favourite) [+theory, project] preferido; favorito
once she gets onto her pet subject there's no stopping her una vez empieza con su tema preferido or predilecto no hay quien la pare
yet another gardener with his pet theories he would not stand by and let his pet project be killed off the example is chosen solely to illustrate the current pet theory of the critic Clarke is defensive about his pet project he seemedd to have an extraordinary knowledge of her pet likes and dislikes
pet hate pet aversion pesadilla (f)
my pet hate is smoking lo que más detesto es el tabaco; el tabaco es mi pesadilla
I will even try my pet hate, squid, and octopus I can't think of any pet hates - except perhaps game shows this was one of Haig's pet aversions: the cavalry officer so keen for glory that he loses sight of his responsibilities as a leader
pet name nombre (m) cariñoso; (short form) diminutivo (m) cariñoso
Teddy was her pet name for him Mamie is a French child's pet-name for her grandmother Autumn is a pet name Molly gave me when I was a baby - my real name is Sue Anne Osborne to call sb [by] a pet name] the Duchess of York calls daughter Beatrice, three, by a pet name Button it was revealed Major Hewitt called Diana by the nickname "Dibbs", which would definitely fit into the category of a pet name
transitive verb
1 (indulge) mimar; consentir
he's totally spoilt - he expects everyone to pet him everybody liked me; everybody petted me
2 (fondle) acariciar
he reached down and petted the dog I petted and smoothed her hair she was holding the cat in her arms and petting it tenderly a child who wants to be petted constantly then I'd pet her and stroke her and sing to her in Armenian he's an old kitty - don't pet him so hard the dog laid his head on Andrew's knee, expecting to be petted
intransitive verb
(sexually) sobarse; acariciarse
they had been petting in their car outside the railway station
pet door (n) (US) gatera (f)
pet food (n) comida (f) para animales
tins of pet food they would sell the meat off as pet food
pet owner (n) dueñoadueña (m) (f) de animal;a dueña
pressure from pet owners for stricter controls on pet foods pet owners were warned to keep their animals away Britain's pet owners spend Pounds 2,400 million a year on food, toys and gifts every pet owner knows their animal has its own personality
pet shop pet store (US) (n) pajarería (f)
90 per cent of dogs sold in pet shops come from huge breeding centres
pet [pet]
to be in a pet estar enfurruñado
she was in a pet because her brother had taken her favourite toy
to get into a pet enfurruñarse
there's no need to get into a pet about it
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