1. (general) 
a. por 
Passengers are allowed to check two suitcases per person.Los pasajeros tienen derecho a chequear dos maletas por persona.
1. (general) 
a. por 
per dayal día, por día
100 km per hour100 km por hora
2. (formal) 
a. no direct translation 
as per your instructionssegún sus instrucciones
as per usualcomo de costumbre
per annumal año, por año
per capitaper cápita
per seen sí, per se
per [pɜːʳ]
he charges around £85 per day 190 cals per serving calls cost 36p per minute cheap rate we spend about 20 million pounds per year the dwellings have more than six people per room that's 3 metres of fabric at £4 per metre
per annum al año
it is growing at 4.1 per cent per annum we charge interest at 15% per annum [£20] per annum
we shall proceed as per instructions procederemos de acuerdo con las instrucciones
as per invoice de acuerdo con or según la factura
£10 per dozen 10 libras la docena
30 miles per gallon 30 millas por cada galón
per head por cabeza
3.2% growth in output per head vegetable ravioli in cheese sauce; cost per head: 20p meals were being subsidized by up to £16 per head so the average amount of land per head is declining
per head of population por habitante
60 miles per hour 60 millas por hora
per person por persona
£15 per person per night 15 libras por persona y por noche
allow 8 oz of meat per person buses and trains use much less fuel per person than cars
per se de por sí
if people don't die of old age per se, why do they die? but this is not grounds per se for seeking damages there's nothing bad per se about having a trade deficit
£7 per week 7 libras a la semana
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