plural noun
1. (group of persons) 
a. la gente (F) 
There were so many people at the concert I couldn't see the stage.Hubo tanta gente en el concierto que no pude ver el escenario.
Dehydration is an issue for elderly people.La deshidratación es un problema para las personas mayores.
2. (inhabitant) 
This could have destroyed all the people on Earth.Esto podría haber destruido a todos los habitantes de la Tierra.
3. (citizens) 
a. el pueblo (M) 
Are the people of Europe finally waking up?¿Por fin está despertando el pueblo europeo?
The people of this town demand that something be done to lower the crime rate.La ciudadanía de este pueblo exige que se haga algo para bajar el índice de criminalidad.
4. (relatives) 
He wanted her to come and meet his people.Él quiso que fuera a conocer a su gente.
transitive verb
5. (to populate) 
a. poblar 
The maritime explorers peopled the island.Los exploradores marítimos poblaron la isla.
6. (race) 
a. el pueblo (M) 
They are a creative and hardworking people.Es un pueblo creativo y trabajador.
1. (plural of person; as group) 
a. la gente (F) 
2. (as individuals) 
a. la personas (F) 
other peopleotras personas
most peoplela mayoría de la gente
old peoplelos viejos, los mayores
young peoplelos jóvenes
there were five people in the roomhabía cinco personas en la habitación
he's one of those people who…es una de esas personas que…
people say that…se dice que…
people movermonovolumen m
3. (citizens) 
a. la pueblo m, ciudadanía (F) 
the common peoplela gente corriente or común
a man of the peopleun hombre del pueblo
people powerpoder popular
People's RepublicRepública Popular
the People's Republic of Chinala República Popular China
4. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (family) 
my/his peoplemi/su gente
5. (nation) 
a. el pueblo (M) 
the Scottish peopleel pueblo escocés
transitive verb
6. (general) 
a. poblar 
people [ˈpiːpl]
1 (with pl vb) (seen as a mass) gente (f)
she was keen to meet people
what will people think? ¿qué va a pensar la gente?; they stole from people's houses robaban las casas de la gente
I wish people wouldn't do that
the place was full of people el local estaba lleno de gente
they're not very nice people I found myself surrounded by people I don't think people should make promises they don't mean to keep I think people got rather bored people are beginning to panic
country people la gente del campo
country people move to the city all the time the country people fared better than those living in the cities, and who were dependent upon the market they were just like my kinfolk, just country people
I like the people here la gente de aquí me cae bien
here people quarrel a lot aquí se riñe mucho
they don't mix much with the local people no se tratan mucho con la gente del lugar
what a lot of people! ¡cuánta gente!
old people los ancianos; la gente mayor
the old people did not want to leave the village old people tend to be more forgetful the infamous massacre of 300 Indian women, children and old people at Wounded Knee
people say that ... dicen que ...; la gente dice que ...
young people los jóvenes; la gente joven
(persons, individuals) personas (f)
20 people 20 personas; millions of people millones (m) de personas; people are more important than animals las personas son más importantes que los animales
millions of people have lost their homes
how many people are there in your family? ¿cuántos sois en tu familia?
there were 120 people at the lecture /few people have been more famous for spending money/ and living life to the full than Elton John hundreds of people died in the clashes she repeated urgent advice that /all people outside the disaster area/ should stay where they were senior people in the BBC a policy aimed at helping small business people the amount of foreign travel expected of business people and politicians is excessive
he got a knighthood, him of all people! le han nombrado sir, ¡precisamente a él!
you of all people should understand tú deberías entenderlo mejor que nadie
the contribution which Black people have made to the development of Christianity throughout the ages it also led many white Americans to believe that black people have achieved equality the majority of [British] people
the people concerned la gente or las personas en cuestión
we'll talk to the people [concerned] and see how they feel
English people los ingleses
two English people dos ingleses
there were several [English] people in the hotel
the gas people are coming tomorrow los del gas vienen mañana
people like you are not welcome no queremos gente como tú
many people think that ... mucha gente cree que ...; muchos creen que ...
most people like it a la mayoría de la gente le gusta
several people have told me me lo han dicho varias personas
some people are born lucky hay gente que nace de pie; hay gente con suerte
they're strange people son gente rara
what do you people think? y ustedes ¿qué opinan?
homeless young people he plans to speak to young people throughout the country to promote safe sex in one of the cars four young people, two men and two women, were killed
working: working people
(inhabitants) habitantes (m)
Madrid has over four million people Madrid tiene más de cuatro millones de habitantes; the people of London los habitantes de Londres; los londinenses; the people of Angola los habitantes or la gente de Angola; the people of this country are fed up la gente de este país está harta; a leader who will serve the country and its people un líder al servicio del país y de su gente
[Liverpool] people are friendly
(citizens, public) pueblo (m)
the people el pueblo; the will of the people la voluntad popular or del pueblo
the minister must tell the people the truth a tremendous rift between the people and their leadership I don't think MPs really represent the people as such
the British people el pueblo británico; the king and his people el rey y su pueblo or sus súbditos; a people's army/democracy/republic un ejército/una democracia/una república popular; government by the people el gobierno del pueblo
the people at large el pueblo en general
a man of the people un hombre del pueblo
power to the people poder (m) para el pueblo
a people's tribunal un tribunal popular
a people's [war] the mobilization of the Chinese masses in a People's War, using weight of numbers and guerrilla tactics in place of a modern, professional army
to go to the people consultar la opinión popular
you've got to pass the election test - go to the people and see if you can be real politicians who really rely on popular sovereignty they decided to go to the people on the issue of abortion Yeltsin has been asking to go to the people on a vote of confidence in himself he's threatened to go to the people with a referendum
(family) gente (f); familia (f)
my people come from the north mi familia or mi gente es del norte; have you met his people? ¿conoces a su familia?
I asked one of our people in Boston to handle it pedí a uno de los nuestros en Boston que se encargara de ello
he will try and get his people appointed to key government posts
2 (with sing vb) (ethnic group) pueblo (m)
an oppressed people un pueblo oprimido; the peoples of the former Soviet Union los pueblos de la antigua Unión Soviética; Spanish-speaking peoples los pueblos or las gentes de habla hispana
Europeans who plundered the wealth and peoples of the New World the native peoples of Central and South America I am ready to die for [my] people
transitive verb
deserts peopled by nomadic tribes I pass through isolated villages, peopled almost entirely by the old the ordinances of 1785 and 1787 sought to people the territories as soon as possible
the country is peopled by nomads el país está poblado or habitado por nómadas; his novels are peopled with outlandish characters sus novelas están pobladas de personajes extravagantes
he felt the world was peopled with timid fools a vision of /a future peopled by bands of looters/ his days are peopled with the ghosts of the past the village seemed to be entirely peopled with men and women in blue Mao suits I can think of nothing worse than a world peopled by Samantha Fox and Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalikes British history of the 19th Century is peopled by energetic reformers other people had the gift of peopling their lives with friends and colleagues the basic character types which have peopled his fiction to date he wanted to show his readers that the past was peopled by flesh and blood human beings very like themselves
people carrier (n) monovolumen (m)
people mover (n) (US) cinta (f) transbordadora; pasillo (m) móvil
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