1. (architecture) 
a. el pasaje (M) 
There is an underground passage from the house to the stable.Hay un pasaje subterráneo que va desde la casa hasta el establo.
This narrow passage leads to the back entrance.Este corredor angosto lleva a la entrada trasera.
Walk along the passage until you reach the master bedroom.Camina por el pasillo hasta que llegues al dormitorio principal.
The suspect ran into a dark passage and escaped from the police officer.El sospechoso corrió hacia un callejón oscuro y se escapó del policía.
2. (movement) 
a. el paso (M) 
The ship was denied passage because the authorities believed the goods were stolen.Al barco le negaron el paso porque las autoridades creían que la mercadería era robada.
3. (of text) 
a. el pasaje (M) 
Why do you think Hemingway didn't use a single comma or a period in this passage?¿Por qué piensas que Hemingway no usó ni una coma ni un punto en este pasaje?
4. (music) 
a. el pasaje (M) 
In this passage, Beethoven modulates from B flat major to F sharp minor.En este pasaje, Beethoven modula de Si bemol mayor a Fa sostenido menor.
5. (anatomy) 
The baby is breathing through his mouth because his nasal passages are obstructed.El bebé respira por la boca porque tiene los conductos nasales obstruidos.
6. (journey) 
a. el viaje (M) 
My grandparents were European immigrants who met on the passage to New York.Mis abuelos eran inmigrantes europeos que se conocieron en el viaje a Nueva York.
I was feeling seasick, so I decided to sleep during the whole passage.Me sentía mareado, así que decidí dormir durante toda la travesía.
c. el pasaje (M) (fare) 
If your child is younger than 3 years, you don't have to pay for his bus passage.Si su hijo es menor de 3 años, no paga su pasaje de autobús.
7. (passing) 
a. el paso (M) 
She grew prettier with the passage of time.Se puso más linda con el paso del tiempo.
1. (journey) 
a. la viaje m, travesía (F) 
the passage of timeel paso del tiempo
to work one's passagecostearse el pasaje trabajando durante la travesía
2. (corridor) 
a. el corredor m, pasillo (M) 
3. (alley) 
a. el pasaje m, callejón (M) 
4. (from book, piece of music) 
a. el pasaje (M) 
passage [ˈpæsɪdʒ]
1 (corridor) pasillo (m); (between buildings, underground) pasaje (m); (alley) callejón (m)
at the end of the narrow passage was a bathroom Harry stepped into the passage, and closed the door behind him entrance to the tombs is through a narrow passage an enclosed passage leads into Wharf Road we went up the side of the house and along a little passage to the garden the palace was connected to other buildings by a series of secret underground passages the fissure in the rock led to a passage, then a cave we went down an underground passage to a cavern at the bottom of the steps, a tunnel ran into another passage at right angles to it suddenly the passage made a sure dive downwards we met in the passage at the back of the rows of houses
a house full of secret passages una casa llena de pasadizos secretos
2 (Anat) conducto (m)
surgeons can widen the throat's air passage [breathing] [respiratory] passages a mucus extractor for cleaning baby's breathing passages
nasal passages conductos nasales
the catarrh completely blocks the nasal passages
3 (voyage) travesía (f); viaje (m); (fare) pasaje (m)
after a rough passage we finally arrived in Dublin we'd arrived the day before after a 10-hour passage from Swansea the passage across to Belfast was one of the roughest I've known you will have to earn your passage they eventually found passage on board a cargo ship I could get her a passage on another ship Soviet newspapers have printed letters from these workers appealing to Moscow to negotiate their passage home to [book] (one's) passage the Duke had already booked his passage on the SS Excalibur most of them booked passage on the first available ship
to work one's passage trabajar a bordo a cambio del pasaje
he worked his passage to Canada as a cattleman in the hold of a freighter from Liverpool
4 (access, way through) paso (m)
his bodyguards forced a passage through the crowds sus guardaespaldas se abrieron camino or paso entre la muchedumbre
the ship's bows forced a passage through the pack-ice to [force] a passage through sth Yugoslavia would not permit the passage of German troops through its territory he stretched out his legs, blocking the passage between his neighbour's table and his own to [clear] a passage (through sth) policemen lifted the cars onto the pavement to clear a passage her aides had to go on ahead of her to clear a passage two men suddenly elbowed a passage through the shoppers
their win has given them an easy passage to the final han llegado fácilmente a la final tras esta victoria
their children are sent to special schools, or given an easy passage into prestigious higher education establishments he didn't have an easy passage into the world of rock'n'roll
free passage paso (m) libre
they will guarantee the free passage of humanitarian aid Iran blocked free passage to neutral shipping there is now free passage from Kirkuk to Habor you may have free passage across our territory whenever you require it
right of passage derecho (m) de paso
the Soviets guaranteed him unhindered right of passage to Sweden They must pay one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for right of passage through the Suez Canal border posts had been ordered to deny the right of passage to all trucks bound for Saudi Arabia
safe passage salvoconducto (m)
they are demanding safe passage out of the country Mr Thomas would be given safe passage to and from Jaffna relief convoys were to be guaranteed safe passage through rebel-held areas /their win has ensured a safe passage into the second round/ of the European Cup
5 (progress) paso (m)
his passage through life had not been easy su paso por la vida no había sido fácil; the opposition was giving the bill a rough passage through Parliament la oposición estaba obstruyendo la aprobación del proyecto de ley en el Parlamento
the passage of heat through rock is extremely slow the wind of the train's passage ruffled his hair /a trail of broken glass marked their passage/ through the house a trouble-free passage through secondary school and university his passage through the crowd went completely unnoticed a landslide blocked our passage out of the village there was a body blocking her passage down the stairs the fog swallowed them up again, deadening the sound of their passage as the tanks rumbled through the town, /the ground shook at their passage/ deep ruts like those made by the passage of heavy guns
the passage of time el paso del tiempo
their friendship has survived the passage of time he was oblivious of the passage of time the paintings have survived the passage of time very well the passage of time by itself will not make cravings go away the wrinkles on his face marked the passage of time
with the passage of time con el (paso del) tiempo
the pain gets worse with the passage of time with the passage of time he understood an asset that increases in value with the passage of time
6 (transition) paso (m)
one's passage into womanhood/manhood el paso de uno a la edad adulta
we all remember the feelings we had as adolescents when we first used makeup to announce our passage into womanhood
the passage of summer into autumn el paso del verano al otoño; the book charts her passage into madness el libro recoge su descenso a la locura
to ease their passage from a socialist to a market economy para facilitar la transición or el paso de una economía socialista a una de mercado
her passage from the normal everyday world of married life to being a widow the passage [from] school [to] college
of bill through parliament to obstruct/speed up a bill's passage during the passage of the local government reforms it's been 200 years since the passage of the Bill of Rights /the bill's final passage [into] law/ is certainly not assured to ensure the bill's [smooth] passage through Parliament
7 (section) [of book, music] pasaje (m)
he reads a passage from Milton the flute has a long solo passage my favourite passage in Mahler's 2nd symphony there's one brilliant passage in the book, where the Italian gets trapped in the lift read the following passage and answer the questions below [selected] passages from Caesar
passage money (n) pasaje (m)
A tenant's letter to his landlord begging for the passage money to America he would use the Architects' passage money to buy up the best of the bluestar diamonds
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