1. (section) 
a. la parte (F) 
This part of the house is always so cold.Esta parte de la casa siempre está tan fría.
2. (piece) 
a. la pieza (F) 
Have you brought the part for the car?¿Trajiste la pieza del coche?
b. el repuesto (M) (replacement part) 
We'll need to order the part from the manufacturer.Tendremos que pedir el repuesto al fabricante.
3. (proportion) 
a. la parte (F) 
Part of the collection will be donated to an NGO.Parte de la recaudación se destinará a una ONG.
4. (involvement) 
a. el papel (M) 
The president played an important part in the negotiations.El presidente jugaba un papel importante en las negociaciones.
5. (measure) 
a. la parte (F) 
Pour in one part flour to three parts milk.Vierte una parte de harina por tres de leche.
6. (side) 
a. la parte (F) 
For my part, I believe we should do something.Por mi parte, creo que tendríamos que hacer algo.
7. (hair) (United States) 
a. la raya (F) 
I always have a right part.Siempre me peino con la raya a la derecha.
Do you prefer a center, left, or right part?¿Prefieres la carrera al centro, a la izquierda o a la derecha?
c. el partido (M) (Latin America) 
That middle part really suits you.Ese partido en medio te sienta mucho.
8. (theater, cinema, TV) 
a. el papel (M) 
Lourdes will play a new part in tonight's show.Lourdes representará un nuevo papel en la función de esta noche.
9. (music) 
a. la parte (F) (vocal or instrumental line) 
The piano part is very difficult.La parte del piano es muy difícil.
b. la partitura (F) (written score) 
Do you have a copy of the violin part for tonight's concert?¿Tienes una copia de la partitura para violín para el concierto de esta noche?
10. (installment) 
a. la parte (F) 
Have you read the third part of the book?¿Te has leído la tercera parte del libro?
b. el episodio (M) (TV, radio) 
All the parts of this series were excellent.Todos los episodios de esta serie eran excelentes.
c. el fascículo (M) (of serialized book) 
The tenth part was published in November 1950.El décimo fascículo se publicó en noviembre de 1950.
11. (area) 
a. parte 
What part of Spain are you from?¿De qué parte de España eres?
12. (thing) 
a. no direct translation 
That's the easy part.Eso es lo fácil.
The hard part was saying goodbye to her.Lo difícil fue despedirme de ella.
transitive verb
13. (to separate) 
a. separar 
I don't want to part the puppy from its mom.No quiero separar al cachorro de su madre.
14. (to divide hair) 
The groom parts his hair on the left.El novio se peina con la raya a la izquierda.
15. (to open) 
a. abrir 
The doctor parted the curtains slightly.El doctor abrió un poco las cortinas.
intransitive verb
16. (to move apart) 
a. apartarse 
The clouds parted and the sun came out.Las nubes se apartaron y salió el sol.
b. abrirse 
Her lips parted as if she wanted to say something.Sus labios se abrieron como si quisiera decir algo.
17. (to leave) 
a. separarse 
Anna can't bear the idea of parting from him.Anna no soporta la idea de separarse de él.
18. (to break) 
a. romperse 
At that moment, the rope parted.En ese momento, se rompió la cuerda.
19. (partly) 
a. en parte 
He was part embarrassed and part excited.Estaba en parte avergonzado y en parte emocionado.
20. (incomplete) 
a. parcial 
Would you accept a part payment?¿Aceptarías un pago parcial?
1. (portion, element) 
a. la parte (F) 
2. (of machine) 
a. la pieza (F) 
the parts of the bodylas partes del cuerpo
parts of speechcategorías gramaticales
(spare) partsrecambios mpl, piezas de recambio refacciones fpl,, repuestos
part twosegunda parte
in that part of the worlden esa parte del mundo
in these partspor aquí
good in partsbueno(a) a ratos
the worst part was when she started laughinglo peor fue cuando empezó a reírse
the difficult part is rememberinglo difícil es acordarse
for the best or greater part of five yearsdurante casi cinco años
the greater part of the populationla mayor parte de la población
to be or form part of somethingser or formar parte de algo
it's all part of growing upforma parte del proceso de crecimiento
it is part and parcel of…es parte integrante de…
in parten parte, parcialmente
for the most parten su mayor parte
in part exchangecomo parte del pago
part ownercopropietario(a) m,f
3. (role) 
a. el papel (M) 
4. (theater) 
a. no direct translation 
to play a partinterpretar un papel
to take part (in something)participar or tomar parte (en algo)
to have or play a large part in somethingtener un papel importante en algo
I want no part of or in itno quiero tener nada que ver con eso
5. (side) 
a. no direct translation 
to take somebody's parttomar partido por or ponerse de parte de alguien
on the part of…por parte de…
for my partpor mi parte
6. (in hair) (United States) 
a. la raya (F) 
b. la carrera (F) () 
7. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
she's part Spanishes medio española
it's part silk, part cottones de seda y algodón
transitive verb
8. (fighters, lovers) 
a. separar 
9. (curtains) 
a. abrir, descorrer 
to part one's hairhacerse raya or
to part companysepararse
intransitive verb
10. (separate) 
a. separarse 
to part (as) friendsquedar como amigos
to part with somethingdesprenderse de algo
part [pɑːt]
1 (portion, proportion) parte (f)
the parts of the body las partes del cuerpo; it was all part of the job todo formaba parte del trabajo; this was only part of the story esta no era la historia completa; esto solo era parte de la historia; part of me wanted to apologize por un lado quería pedir perdón; una parte de mí quería pedir perdón
respect is a very important part of any relationship these customs are very much a part of our culture she had her own life and he was not part of it you're part of the family now remove the handle part they were able to walk part of the way together Woodhead spent part of his childhood in Kenya voting on whether to remain part of the Union or become independent I was a part of the team and wanted to remain a part of the team it has become so much a part of my life that I can't imagine things any other way why she hated him I don't know; part of it was that he had insulted her
it went on for the best part of an hour continuó durante casi una hora
the [best]/[worst] part
you haven't heard the best part yet todavía no has oído lo mejor
the [worst] part is over for the [better] part of the day we spent the better part of an hour searching the [difficult] [hard] part the most difficult part was saying goodbye finding the money would be the hard part
in the early part of this century a principios de este siglo
to [form] part of sth the volume forms part of a collection meat did not form part of their diet economic measures must form part of any solution milk of magnesia should form part of your holiday medical kit the [funny] part
the funny part of it is that nobody seemed to notice lo gracioso es que nadie pareció darse cuenta
a good part of sth gran parte de algo
children's needs account for a good part of the family budget
in great part en gran parte
thanks, in large part, to her help the change is due, in large part, to consumer demand this is in great part due to ... it was due, in great part, to the laws of nature we live in a society which is in large part determined by the underlying structure of our ethical beliefs the effect of the play depends in large part on the masterly use of dramatic irony no one noticed, in large part because it was convenient a large part of Linda's day is spent on the telephone the [greater] part of it is done she spent the greater part of her life helping the poor
in part en parte
you may repay the loan in whole or in part to pay a debt in part the levels of blood glucose depend in part on what you eat and when you eat in part this was due to fear of trade union and employee reactions the improvement was brought about in part by the Trade Union Movement
the book is good in parts hay partes del libro que son buenas; el libro es bueno en partes
a large part of sth gran parte de algo
in large part en gran parte
in the [latter] part of the year
for the most part (proportion) en su mayor parte; (number) en su mayoría; (usually) por lo general
for the most part, this is still unexplored terrain en su mayor parte, este es un territorio aún no explorado; the locals are, for the most part, very friendly los habitantes son, en su mayoría, muy simpáticos; the work is, for the most part, quite well paid el trabajo está, por lo general, bastante bien pagado
the staff, for the most part, are highly professional for the most part the Germans kept out of local disputes the New Guinea forest is, for the most part, dark and wet Democrats, for the most part, toed the party line professors, for the most part, are firmly committed to teaching, not research he is now resident, for the most part, in Boston for the most part the Germans kept out of local disputes part of the [furniture] I was accepted by the group as more or less part of the furniture very quickly the camera became part of the furniture, quite unobtrusive television has become part of the furniture of almost every household in the country
a man of (many) parts un hombre de muchas facetas
to be part and parcel of sth ser parte integrante de algo
suffering and death are part and parcel of life el sufrimiento y la muerte son parte integrante de la vida
it's part and parcel of the scheme accepting that sort of criticism is part and parcel of the job these things happen to be part and parcel of my everyday reality these conflicts are part and parcel of the political process
2 (measure) parte (f)
one part alcohol to two parts water una parte de alcohol por cada dos partes de agua; mix together equal parts of salt and flour mezcle partes iguales de sal y harina
a concentration of only five parts per million it's three parts gone a scotch bottle, three parts empty use turpentine and linseed oil, three parts to two
3 (share, role)
if only he could conceal his part in the accident he felt a sense of relief that his part in this business was now over he was arrested for his part in the demonstrations
to do one's part poner de su parte
each one did his part everyone can do their part to help the war effort they say they're willing to do their part to help balance the budget parents must do their part to make sure their children attend school I have thought of a way to save Dolly, if only Dolly can do her part to [have] no part in sth/doing sth want nothing to do with I wanted to discuss it with her but she was having no part of it she said she would have no part in concealing the truth they would have no part in donations to political parties they've insisted they'll have no part in a process they say is not relevant to Estonia play no part in
he had no part in stealing it no intervino or no participó en el robo
to [play] a part (in sth/doing sth)
work plays an important part in her life el trabajo juega un papel importante en su vida
racism played no part in the riots local people have an important part to play we believe she may have played a part in hiding the cash
to take part (in sth) tomar parte (en algo); participar (en algo)
are you taking part? I took part in one or two school plays he was forbidden to take part in dangerous sports he took part in the raid on Dresden some of the patients were asked to take part in an experiment thousands of students have taken part in demonstrations I asked her if she'd take part in a discussion about the uprising they want to take an active part in their country's affairs he denied that he took any part in the cover-up to [want] no part of sth
I want no part of this no quiero tener nada que ver con esto
I know exactly what he's going to propose and I want no part of it what some other clubs do is unfortunate, but we want no part of it he wanted no part of what he viewed as trivial arguments
4 (Teat) (Cine) papel (m)
he was just right for the part Alf Sjoberg offered her a large part in the play he was directing I knew the part by heart
to look the part vestir el cargo
to play the part of Hamlet hacer el papel de Hamlet
he's just playing a part está fingiendo
he was playing a part and she knew it [what] part do you play?
5 (region) [of city] parte (f); zona (f); [of country, world] región (f)
I don't know this part of London very well no conozco esta parte or esta zona de Londres muy bien; a lovely part of the country una región hermosa del país; what part of Spain are you from? ¿de qué parte de España eres?; delegates from all parts of the country delegados de todos los rincones del país
they drew on experience and knowledge from all parts of the organization there were cheers from all parts of the hall
in some parts of the world en algunas regiones del mundo; in this/that part of the world en esta/esa región
in this part of the world he knew storms could spring up out of nowhere smuggling is regarded as an honourable occupation in this part of the world I don't know much about the situation in that part of the world I like that part of Cape Town what part are you from?
in foreign parts en el extranjero
explorers returning from their travels in foreign parts
in or round these parts por aquí; por estos pagos (informal)
he's not from these parts no es de por aquí
the biggest thief in these parts what are you doing in these parts? he's the only person round these parts who would know look me up if you're ever in these parts round these parts they're known as teacakes he has been called simply "Master" in these parts since he was a boy
6 (side)
[for] my part
for my part, I do not agree en lo que a mí se refiere or por mi parte, no estoy de acuerdo
the soldiers, for their part, agreed not to disrupt the election campaign Christopher's family despised my family, and they, for their part, hated Christopher's
to take sth in good part tomarse algo bien
/he took our teasing in good part/, knowing it was not meant seriously he had accepted his misfortune in good part I agonized over having to pass on to Pasternak even the sort of objections with which I could not myself agree, but /he took it all in good part/ [on] sb's part
it was bad organization on their part fue mala organización por su parte
a mistake on the part of my brother there is opposition on the part of some I consider this a gross oversight on your part techniques on their part to keep us from knowing exactly what's going on there is no need for any further instructions on my part there have been numerous instances of excessive force on the part of security police it will arouse deep suspicions on the part of our allies
to take sb's part ponerse de parte de algn; tomar partido por algn
she had through loyalty taken Rose's part Hugh was defending her - we could see that he was taking her part in this
7 (Mec) pieza (f)
a group of workers who make parts for generators how easy is it to get replacement parts if something goes wrong? spare parts for military equipment
8 (Gram) parte (f)
part of speech parte (f) de la oración; categoría (f) gramatical
what part of speech is "of"? ¿qué parte de la oración es "de"?; ¿a qué categoría gramatical pertenece "de"?
principal parts of a [verb]
9 (Mús) parte (f)
the soprano part la parte de soprano
a song in four partsa four-part song una canción a cuatro voces
10 (instalment) [of journal] número (m); [of serialized publication] fascículo (m); (TV) (Rad) (episode) parte (f)
Part One is out now and available from all good newsagents British Medical Journal, vol. 129, part 3 Part Two, Chapter One a serial in six parts a six-part serial /after the break, in part three/, we'll be looking at some answers to these questions
11 (US) (in hair) raya (f)
side/center part raya (f) al lado/al medio
(partly) en parte
it is part fiction and part fact es en parte ficción y en parte realidad; contiene partes ficticias y partes reales; the cake was part eaten el pastel estaba empezado or medio comido; she is part French tiene algo de sangre francesa
it is part brass and part copper the television producer today has to be part news person, part educator several people looked over the part-Jacobean, part-Georgian building
transitive verb
1 (separate) separar
when couples are parted for long periods we will never be parted to part [company] (with sth) the trailer parted company with the car her blouse and her skirt had parted company the soles of his shoes had parted company with the uppers I parted company with my horse when we were jumping a fence I watched as my water-skis made their way calmly towards the lake shore, /having parted company with my feet at the moment of impact/ to part [company] (with sb) /this is where we part company/; Stratford is that way where I part company with from Max is on the question of private education we have agreed to part company after differences of opinion to part sb [from] sb
it would kill her to be parted from him le mataría estar separada de él
the problems that arise /when parents are parted from their children/ she had an irrational fear of being parted from him she did not want to be parted from her children to part sb [from] sth
market traders try to part the tourists from their money los dueños de los puestos en los mercados intentan sacar dinero de los turistas
he was parted from his clothes and all his cash when he lost at cards that night
2 (open) [+curtains] abrir; correr; [+legs, lips] abrir
I parted the curtains to see who was at the door the body lay on its back, the legs slightly parted he gently parted her thighs his lips were parted in a half smile he smiled without parting his lips he parted the grass with his hand I parted the venetian blind slats with my fingers it's as difficult as parting the Red Sea part your child's hair quickly to discover any moving lice he parted the sheep's wool to show us the thickness the force of the wind parted the guy ropes to part sth in [two]
3 (divide)
to part one's hair on the left/right peinarse con raya a la izquierda/derecha
his hair was parted at the side/in the middle tenía raya al lado/al medio
she has thin black hair parted in down the middle men often part their hair on the right black hair, neatly parted and braided into plaits
intransitive verb
1 (separate) [+people] separarse
they couldn't bear to part no soportaban la idea de separarse; we parted on good terms lo dejamos como amigos
we will never part they said they would never part can't we part as friends? the best of friends must part
to part from sb separarse de algn
I parted from my wife with no recriminations
2 (move to one side) [+crowd, clouds] apartarse
the crowd parted before them the crowds parted as the police moved in the clouds parted to reveal a sunlit blue sky the branches parted at the summit the trees parted like curtains to reveal a spectacular view just as silently as the fog had parted it closed in again
3 (open) [+lips, curtains] abrirse
Ralph's lips parted in a delighted smile the curtains parted and light flooded in
4 (break) [+rope] romperse; partirse
the tow rope parted under the strain in one of the gusts, both starboard main shrouds parted with a noise like a pistol shot
part exchange (n)
they take your old car in part exchange aceptan tu coche viejo como parte del pago; they offer part exchange on older vehicles aceptan vehículos más antiguos como parte del pago de uno nuevo
the company wooed buyers with part-exchange offers they have offered defender Andy Linigham to Oldham in a /part-exchange deal/
part owner (n) copropietarioacopropietaria (m) (f);a copropietaria
now you can become a part owner of the enterprise that you've been an employee of the BBC is part owner of the new channel
part payment (n) pago (m) parcial
to accept sth as part payment for sth aceptar algo como parte del pago or como pago parcial de algo
part song (n) canción (f) a varias voces
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