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Past participle ofpack. There are other translations for this conjugation.


An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (full of people)
a. atestado de gente
The day of his funeral the church was packed.El día de su entierro la iglesia estaba atestada de gente.
b. lleno de gente
The bar was already packed by the time we got there.El bar ya estaba lleno de gente cuando llegamos.
c. abarrotado
It's packed in here. We'll never find a seat.Esto está abarrotado. No vamos a encontrar asientos.
d. repleto
The train was packed. I had to stand all the way home.El tren estaba repleto. Tuve que ir de pie en todo el trayecto a casa.
e. a rebosar
Two packed lifeboats managed to get away from the ship.Dos botes salvavidas a rebosar lograron escaparse del barco.
f. de bote en bote
The hall was always packed for his lectures.La sala siempre estaba de bote en bote en sus conferencias.
2. (full)
a. repleto
When he opened it, the case was packed with hundred-dollar bills.Cuando la abrió, la maleta estaba repleta de billetes de cien dólares.
b. lleno
The book is beautifully illustrated and packed with information.El libro tiene unas ilustraciones bellas y está lleno de información.
c. a rebosar
Her cupboards were packed with useless bits and pieces.Sus armarios estaban a rebosar de cachivaches.
3. (compacted)
a. compacto
The going was not too difficult over the hard packed snow.No era tan difícil avanzar sobre la nieve dura y compacta.
4. (having one's bags packed)
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
Are you packed? We have to leave in half an hour.¿Ya te has hecho las maletas? Tenemos que salir en media hora.
You have to be packed and ready to leave at 8 am.Tienen que tener las maletas listas y estar preparados para salir a las 8 am.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (crowded)
a. abarrotado(a)
packed lunchcomida preparada de casa
packed [pækt]
1 (crowded) (with people, vehicles) lleno; repleto; a rebosar; (more emph) atestado
the theatre was packed
the bus was packed (with people) el autobús estaba lleno or repleto or a rebosar or atestado (de gente)
the court was packed with protesters
the lecture was packed la conferencia llenó la sala a rebosar
Carlton showed no sign of emotion as the guilty verdicts were announced to a packed [courtroom] A packed commuter [train] was delayed for nearly an hour yesterday the streets were packed with cars and motorbikes the Costa Brava is packed with tourists la Costa Brava está llena de turistas la Costa Brava está atestada de turistas > to be packed solid tight the [restaurant] was packed tight the car park was packed solid to play to packed [houses]
the show played to packed houses for 12 weeks el espectáculo tuvo lleno completo durante 12 semanas; the place was packed (out) el local estaba repleto or a tope (informal) or hasta arriba (informal)
to be packed like sardines we spend too much time packed like sardines on the underground
2 (filled) lleno; repleto
the [car] was packed with explosives These [yogurts] are packed with tasty and nutritious ingredients ...[jets] packed with electronic devices... he wrote up this visit in 110 densely packed pages
crates packed with books cajones (m) de embalaje llenos or repletos de libros
apples are packed with vitamins all the drawers were packed with clothes
the book is packed with interesting facts el libro está lleno de datos interesantes; packed full of sth repleto de algo; completamente lleno de algo
the book is packed full of information pomegranates have a red, sweet and sour pulp packed full of seeds
3 (with luggage ready)
she was packed and ready to leave ya había hecho la(s) maleta(s) y estaba lista para irse
4 (compressed) [+snow]
the snow was packed hard la nieve se había convertido en una masa compacta
the papers were packed tightly in the box
packed lunch (n) bolsa (f) de bocadillos
I usually take a packed lunch to work me suelo preparar algo de comida y llevarla al trabajo; me suelo preparar unos bocadillos y llevarlos al trabajo
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