1. (facing) 
He was walking along the opposite side of the road.Iba por la acera de enfrente.
2. (contrary) 
a. contrario 
Chocó con un auto que venía en dirección contraria.He crashed into a car coming in the opposite direction.
b. opuesto 
Ellos representan los dos polos opuestos de la política francesa.They represent the two opposite poles of politics in France.
3. (location) 
a. enfrente 
The hotel is situated directly opposite.El hotel está situado justo enfrente.
4. (the contrary) 
Was she annoyed? - Quite the opposite.¿Estaba enojada? - Todo lo contrario.
5. (facing) 
There is a charming little forest opposite the house.Hay un pequeño bosque encantador enfrente de la casa.
b. frente a 
He was sitting opposite me.Estaba sentado frente a mí.
1. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
the opposite of…lo contrario de…
2. (page, shore) 
a. opuesto(a) 
the opposite side of the streetel otro lado de la calle
3. (opinion) 
a. contrario(a) 
in the opposite directionen dirección contaria
the opposite sexel sexo opuesto
4. (general) 
a. enfrente 
the house oppositela casa de enfrente
5. (general) 
a. enfrente de 
opposite [ˈɒpəzɪt]
I looked at the director, sitting opposite miré al director que estaba sentado enfrente (de mí); please fill in the box opposite por favor, rellene la casilla de al lado
they live directly or immediately opposite viven justo enfrente
she drew up a chair opposite and sat down opposite is the church
(also opposite to)
2 (across from) frente a; enfrente de
opposite the library frente a or enfrente de la biblioteca; Lynn was sitting opposite him Lynn estaba sentada frente a él or enfrente de él; they sat opposite one another se sentaron uno frente a(l) otro; se sentaron frente a frente
a house opposite the school The hotel is opposite a railway station they live opposite us
3 (next to) junto a; al lado de
opposite his name was a question mark junto a or al lado de su nombre había una interrogación; to play opposite sb (Teat) aparecer junto a algn
1 (in position) de enfrente
the house opposite la casa de enfrente
on the opposite bank en la ribera opuesta
on the opposite page en la página opuesta or de al lado
to be facing the opposite way estar mirando al otro lado; estar de cara al otro lado
the children and I were facing the opposite way we were facing the opposite way, and I couldn't see what they were doing they were facing the opposite way (to me) he stood on the opposite bank the man opposite lifted down her case `see map on opposite page'
2 (far) [+end, corner] opuesto
we sat at opposite ends of the sofa nos sentamos cada uno a un extremo del sofá; nos sentamos en extremos opuestos del sofá
3 (contrary) contrario; opuesto
in the opposite direction en dirección contraria or opuesta; en sentido contrario or opuesto
it had the opposite effect produjo el efecto contrario or opuesto
opposite number homólogoahomóloga (m) (f);a homóloga
Mr Burlatsky had been invited by his European parliament opposite number
the opposite sex el otro sexo; el sexo opuesto
they were on opposite sides in the war lucharon en bandos contrarios or opuestos en la guerra
she presented the opposite view presentó el punto de vista contrario or opuesto
we take the opposite view nosotros pensamos lo contrario
Then the same car returned from the opposite direction
the opposite lo contrario
she said the exact oppositeshe said just the opposite dijo exactamente lo contrario
my brother is just the opposite mi hermano es justo lo contrario
it's the opposite of what we wanted es lo contrario de lo que queríamos
he says the opposite of everything I say me lleva la contraria en todo
hot is the opposite of cold, interesting is the opposite of boring, etc what's the opposite of dark?
quite the opposite! ¡todo lo contrario!
the opposite is true la verdad es todo lo contrario
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