1. (of one's birth) 
a. nativo 
Her native language is Chinese.Su idioma nativo es el chino.
b. natal 
Carlos left his native land when he was a baby.Carlos se fue de su tierra natal cuando era bebé.
c. materno 
Since he grew up in Switzerland, Henri has two native languages.Como se crió en Suiza, Henri tiene dos lenguas maternas.
2. (of plants or animals) 
Our native cactus species produces a delicious fruit.Nuestra especie de cactus autóctona produce una fruta deliciosa.
The noni plant is native to India.La planta de noni es originaria de la India.
3. (innate) 
a. natural 
She has a native talent for spotting deception.Tiene un talento natural para identificar el engaño.
b. innato 
A professional coach noticed his native ability in soccer when he was only 14.Un entrenador profesional se fijó en su habilidad innata para el fútbol cuando tenía apenas 14 años.
4. (indigenous) 
a. indígena 
He conducted anthropological research among native peoples in the rainforest of the Philippines.Realizó investigaciones antropológicas de los pueblos indígenas de la selva tropical de Filipinas.
5. (pejorative) (indigenous person) 
The natives have a primitive mating ritual.Los indígenas tienen un rito primitivo de apareamiento.
The picture displayed the colorful outfits of the natives on Borneo.La foto muestra los atuendos coloridos de los nativos en Borneo.
6. (person born in a country or town) 
She's a native of Armenia, but she's lived in Mexico since she was three years old.Es nativa de Armenia, pero vive en México desde los tres años.
Mr. Rodriguez, a native of Manzanillo, is the hotel's general director.El Sr. Rodríguez, natural de Manzanillo, es el director general del hotel.
1. (of country, town) 
a. el natural mf, nativo(a) (M)la natural mf, nativo(a) (F) 
I am a native of Edinburghsoy natural de Edimburgo
the koala is a native of Australiael koala es originario de Australia
she speaks English like a nativesu inglés es perfecto
2. (general) 
a. natal, nativo(a) 
he returned to his native Londonregresó a su Londres natal
Native Americanindio(a) americano(a)
native landtierra natal
native languagelengua materna
native speakerhablante nativo(a)
I'm not a native speaker of Spanishmi lengua materna no es el español
native [ˈneɪtɪv]
1 (of one's birth) [+town, country, soil] natal
Mother Teresa visited her native Albania His work is almost unknown in his native land
native Britons los nacidos en Gran Bretaña
2 (indigenous) [+inhabitant, culture, population] indígena
She was forced to reassess her attitudes towards the native inhabitants
the native peoples of the Amazon los pueblos indígenas del Amazonas; to go native adoptar las costumbres del lugar
/a few hippies gone native/ walked about with babies in papooses
[+plant, animal, species] autóctono; originario del lugar
The native squirrel will be extinct in ten years or so Native plants have been replaced by clover or wheat
to be native to ser originario de
These animals that are native to South America and Asia
3 (innate) [+ability, talent] natural; innato
We have our native inborn talent, yet we hardly use it
native wit ingenio (m)
I got through A levels just on a bit of native wit
1 (referring to birth or nationality) nativoanativa (m) (f);a nativa
immigrants will have the same rights as British natives
he speaks German like a native habla alemán como un nativo; he was a native of Seville nació en Sevilla
2 (member of indigenous people) indígena (m)
...bands of black natives wandering over the veldt.
3 (plant, animal)
to be a native of ser originario de
the coconut palm is a native of Malaysia
native country native land (n) patria (f)
native language (n) lengua (f) materna
native son (n) hijo (m) predilecto
Tupelo is proud of its most famous native son
native speaker (n) hablante (m) nativoanativa;a nativa
a Spanish native speaker a native speaker of Spanish un hablante nativo de español
native tongue (n)
native language See culture box in entry native.
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