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1. (period of time) 
a. el mes (M) 
August is usually the hottest month of the year around here.Normalmente, agosto es el mes más caliente del año por aquí.
1. (general) 
a. el mes (M) 
in the month of Augusten el mes de agosto
in the summer/winter monthsen los meses de verano/invierno
a month agohace un mes
a ten-month-old babyun bebé or
once a monthuna vez al mes
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
never in a month of Sundaysni aunque viva cien años
month [mʌnθ]
mes (m)
in the month of May en el mes de mayo; a deposit of two months' rent un depósito equivalente a dos meses de alquiler; a month's unlimited rail travel uso ilimitado del tren por el periodo de un mes; an eight-month-old baby un bebé de ocho meses
she had six lovers in as many months
three times a month tres veces al mes
30 dollars a month 30 dólares al mes; 30 dólares mensuales
at the beginning of the month a principios de mes
I get paid by the month me pagan mensualmente
to be paid [by] the month
what or which day of the month is it? ¿a cuántos estamos?
at the end of the month a fin or finales de mes
every month todos los meses
we brought Ted home for one weekend every month Pat has a facial every month the mortgage has to be paid every month
she was here for a month estuvo aquí un mes
it went on for months duró meses y meses
I was able to walk for the first time in months por primera vez después de meses pude andar
I'm off to Mexico in a month's time or in a month me voy a México dentro de un mes
last month el mes pasado
sales went up by 0.1 per cent last month she left last month
a month later al mes; un mes más tarde
next month el mes que viene
see you next month! the trial is due to begin next month an exhibition which opens this month at London's Design Museum
six months pregnant embarazada de seis meses
in recent months en los últimos meses
hundreds of Albanians have fled to Italy in recent months
this month este mes
it's that time of the month tiene/tengo la regla
Della had migraines at that time of the month don't just dismiss the anger as "that time of the month"
not or never in a month of Sundays ni de casualidad
never in a month of Sundays was that going to work it'll never work - not in a month of Sundays he hadn't laid eyes on his sons in a month of Sundays
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